Jan 5, 2011

"At the risk of sounding indelicate..."


That was the title of the e-mail I received today before all hell broke loose at the office.

We get a lot of free products here, and many employees choose to share the wealth they're given.  Apparently, today, a "life-changing" product was delivered.  Not my words, Tim Gunn's words.

A previous client of ours created Saxx, a boxer brief (yes, they really are called Saxx) that includes "comfort side panels."  This means nothing to me, especially since I'm a woman, but I am always looking for products to promote on the blog so I mosied to the kitchen to take a gander.

Every woman in this office went nuts (no pun intended... seriously) because apparently their husbands are OBSESSED with these boxer briefs.  Here's what the back of the box says:

"Saxx provide men with contact free comfort, support and great feel. 

Designed with a breathable thin mesh, Saxx Comfort Side Panels contour to the natural shape of men.

Never restrictive or tight, they offer support when needed and keep men cool and dry. 

Saxx revolutionary design creates an unduplicated environment of comfort."

There are three types: everyday, performance and bamboo -- I happened to pick up the bamboo option.  It's made with bamboo cotton, which is lightweight, sustainable, feels soft and is "very comfortable."  It offers naturally anti-microbial material and moisture wicking properties, to keep men cool and dry.  (I'm laughing out loud as I write this.)  Pretty much it's a green underwear option for men that feels like Nike's Dry Fit line.  I assume you guys would lean towards the performance option, which is great for athletes (think Under Armour for your parts down under).

If you go online, the site claims that Saxx are the "Evolution of Men's Underwear."  I don't have these manly parts, so I didn't understand why you guys need comfort side panels until one woman with plenty of experience with her husband informed me and three others singles what the deal was.  I've been enlightened in ways I never wanted to be.  UPDATE: So those side panels?  They're used to... how do I say this... "contain" your manly area away from your legs.  It's a mesh sack (for the love) that separates. You know.  So you don't stick.  Or something?  I. don't. know.  I'm a woman.  We don't have to worry about these shenanigans.

Anyway, this might be laughable and something you think I'm ridiculous to post about... OR I could have turned you guys on to a whole new ball game (honestly, these puns are not intended and apparently ever-flowing) of underwear.

I happen to have pair in large (waist 36''-38'') if any of you want them.  Otherwise someone is getting them as a gag gift and they can thank me later. ;)

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Nate said...

i want to leave my KGTHW first comment on this post because it's hilarious. unfortunately i can't think of an appropriate comment...

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