Jan 24, 2011

Bachelor Week 4 Recap

Unfortunately, this recap is unfit considering I fell asleep for part of the show and overpowered any sound from the TV by blasting Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never."

Brad kissed Britt, Ashley H. saw it and got pissed, had a mental meltdown and now thinks all is ruined with Brad.  Michelle went on a solo date with BW where they repelled down a building.  Chantal O. faced her fear of the ocean and got to walk on the bottom of the sea with him.  Insert simile quote here: "Falling in love is a lot like facing my fear of the ocean.  If you let yourself, you can open up the door to a whole new world."

Honestly, I thought they were going to start playing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.  ABC is owned by Disney...

Now I'm sitting here watching the rose ceremony.  Emily, Michelle and Britt got a rose on their solo dates.  I have no idea who four of these girls are.  Ashley H. looks like she just committed murder and is getting her sentence from the judge, except really she just got a rose.

Brad went ahead and eliminated three of the not-so-attractive chicks, aka three girls I thought were extras.

We're down to the meat: most women who are left are key players.  This is when the real crazy antics start. If you guys haven't figured out who wins yet... you've gotta be blind.  But I won't ruin it for you :)

Apparently Michelle gave herself a black eye.  I don't really get what happened, but I think that one chick who nobody knows said it best when she said "Michelle will do anything for attention."  I REALLY cannot figure this girl out.  Is she acting?  Is she not?  She was a huge priss on the date and it was more of her trying to sell herself than her and Brad hitting it off.  "I am so down for stuff like this, I could sit in the back yard and talk about myself talk to you all night."  Uh, so could thousands of other people, Michelle...

OH HELL.  They're headed to Vegas next week!!!!!  This is going to be superb.  First off, I have never been to Vegas with a loved one.  I always used to hound my ex about going together and he always said Vegas was for friends, and now I'm starting to think that was a smart decision.  I wouldn't say Vegas was exactly conducive to relationships.

SO, let's pair (even more) copious amounts of alcohol with a group of women all pining over the same man.  It's just too easy at this point.

What I'm looking forward to:  they're going to a race track next week, which is going to be terrible because Emily's late fiance was a race car driver.  So great job, Bachelor producers, for being real a-holes and subjecting her to that kind of terror all over again.  I'm sure she'll handle it with grace like she always does.

And that's a wrap.

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