Jan 17, 2011

"I still have my golden globes!" Part I

Every woman knows that the Golden Globes are pretty much the Superbowl of Award Shows.  Scratch that.  It's like Junior/Senior prom,  bringing not just film stars (a la the Oscars), but also the television crowd.  So people like Steven Spielberg and Natalie Portman are mixed upon Gossip Girls like Leighton Meester and TV veterans such as Peggy Bundy (not her real name.  I'm too lazy to look it up right now.  But the woman one a Globe last night for Sons of Anarchy after waiting YEARS to win -- she was previously nominated for Married With Children).  Anyway, they all gather at the luxurious Beverly Hilton for a night of awards, but mostly a night of drinking.  

This is the one award show I would LOVE to go to -- everyone is there.  They sit at tables like a nice rehearsal dinner, don't have to worry about seat fillers, everyone's cracking jokes and enjoying a bev, and there is no audience.  So while that aspect sucks, it makes the party elite, which is why everyone wants to go.

My new apartment is roughly 30 seconds from the Beverly Hilton.  I drove by it about six times yesterday running various errands, and every time I drove by my heart sank a tiny bit, seeing the decor and setup for the parties that would be going on that night.  I'm convincing myself that this blog will take my places and  I'll (eventually) be in like Flinn at these parties.

So, needless to say every woman watches to check out the attire.  Most girls tune in for the preshow and then spend the actual show getting ready to go out instead of watch.  However, this year the show was worth watching because it was hosted by Ricky Gervais.  The man is bloody nuts.  Last year, he hosted the show and came on stage with a beer and cracked a few jokes about Mel Gibson.  It was HILARIOUS.  I can't find his comments about him but here is his monologue from 2010:

The best thing about Ricky is that he says what everyone else is thinking, and I hope they keep him for years to come.

Okay.  So.  Let's get down to the dirty: who looked fabulous and who looked like a pirate hooker?  Here are my opinions.  Note: I don't care about designers, I care about how everyone looks and puts things together.  I am not a renowned fashionista by any means, so I find it hilarious that I'm about to criticize some people for what they're wearing, but then again it comes with the territory.

Emma Stone, for the WIN!

Holy hell.  I'm sorry, I've already started reconsider the male species -- AND THEN she had to go and wear THIS little number by Calvin Klein in honeysuckle (pantone's color of the year) and I'm convinced that maybe I should give up on men altogether.  Just kidding!  I looked at my computer background of Garret Hedlund.  Back to normal.  Anyway, Emma looks FLAWLESS.  She's rocking the blonde hair, her natural color, and the spray tan looks phenom.  I also enjoyed her playful looks with Robert Downey Jr. as he's talking about sleeping with her.  Hilarious.  She is my pick for best dressed.

Close second goes to January Jones.  She wasn't nominated, but she already has some Golden Globes to take home anyway.  I love the red, I love the cut, and I love what she said to Ryan Seacrest when he told her he was going to have trouble looking at her face: "Well Ryan, I didn't wear this dress for nothing."  Great rebound after her disaster of a dress at the Globes last year.

Dianna Agron in J. Mendel
Dianna is a Saint.  Is she anointed yet?  This Jewish beauty is rocking the old Hollywood glam style and I absolutely love how pristine her skin looks with her nude dress.  I love her and I don't think she can do any wrong.  She looked amazing at the Emmy's last year and equally gorgeous at the Globes.

Sarah Hylund from Modern Family
Girlfriend is only 20.  Do I feel like this outfit is age appropriate?  No.  Do I think she looks gorgeous?  Yes!  I love this look.  As long as it's not an every day ordeal, I think it's fine that she played dress up.

Amber Riley from Glee
Amber looks FEROCIOUS.  Her stylist deserves an award -- they always put her in the most glam dresses.  Her bags are definitely making a statement without taking away form her gorgeous smile, and the dress is flattering, provides support and hugs in all the right places.  Bravo.

I love Olivia Wilde but this dress is a hot mess.  It reminds me of those dresses you find at the tacky prom stores.  I don't know, maybe it would have worked without all the bling?  Her shoes were heinous with the ensemble (not pictured).  Sorry doll, you're beautiful but this look was a downer.

I don't know what Megan Fox did to her face, but please, for the love, STOP IT.  Just stop.  I can't tell if this is a 45-year-old with too much plastic surgery or a 16-year-old.  The dress isn't doing it for me at all -- I get it, I said this was like prom, but don't dress like it.  Dress like you're on the red carpet, please.

I'm the first person to praise Sandra Bullock because a) I think she's amazing and b) I think she's a great role model for women everywhere, but this dress makes her look 80 and the bangs are blah.  Her face is sooo gorgeous.  Why hide it?

Natalie Portman, I know you're pregnant, so I'll cut you some slack.  Great job with the empire waist to help show off your tummy.  But this rose is simply horrendous!  I would have loved to have seen you in the hot color for the show, green.

Lea Michele.  I think she's gorgeous, but this dress?  Woof.  I'm not a fan in the slightest.  I like simple dresses.  Maybe some bling, maybe some big, poofy shoulder pads, but extra fabric always puts me in a terrible mood.  She looks like she's wearing a parachute.  Love the color though.  PS: I got a huge kick out of her reactions when Glee would win.  They were priceless.  You could see her thinking to herself, "They're winning because of me!  I'm gorgeous."  Gotta love her.

Part II comes tomorrow where I'll discuss what after parties we hit up!  'Til then...

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