Jan 2, 2011

"Little Sisters of the Poor"

I've heard it all before, so nothing really phases me.  However, as a proud Horned Frog and Texas Christian University alum, there are things that need to be said.

First, yesterday was a huge day for a lot of people.  Not just for our school, but the other great schools thriving and not getting the respect they deserve.  I can't tell you how many people told me we'd lose to Wisconsin, or how we were "terrible," or "not very good."  That we had an easy conference.  Guys, we blew (most) of our opponents out of the water in terms of points, and when it came to the ranked teams, we did the same (ahem, Utah).

Yesterday could not have gone any better.  I was never comfortable during the game.  We were constantly fighting for what we wanted.  It was a true pleasure to play against the Badgers, a great team as well.  The stats and numbers were against us, but in the end we were the playmakers.  We had the agility and we were that game.  Everyone is quick to say that we only beat W by two points, but we held that team back, we pushed ahead as much as we could -- against people twice our size.  I barely spoke the first half because I was so nauseated... when their team walked out on that field, I thought we were about to witness a massacre.  In the end, it didn't matter about how big or fast they might have been.  TCU is a great team.  We proved that.  We didn't have anything handed to us.  #3 v. #5.  The victory wouldn't have been as sweet without those struggling moments.

Here's some thoughts on everything that was said and done yesterday:

Every team has their fair share of terrible fans.  I don't know if a majority of Wisconsin fans were born in a barn or are antisocial, but the rivalry between us and the Badgers wasn't a friendly one.  Their fans were either incoherently drunk or duds.  Case and point: I had the (dis)pleasure of sitting in the Wisconsin section.  We had great seats and I was so excited to be there.  I tried to make nice with the Badgers around me, but none of them would talk to me, let alone look me in the eye.  Not to mention everyone around us would tell our group to sit down.

Listen, I don't go to bowl games (or any game for that matter) to sit.  You're dealing with Texas here.  We go big.  And if you can't see, then stand up.  That's the proper manners of football.  Sorry you're a fair-weather fan and you don't support you team even when they're down a touchdown, but don't ask me to sit because I'm obstructing your view by cheering.

Also, where's the class, Badgers?  During the opening ceremonies, a purple heart was being awarded.  I am not able to name who that person was because before the ceremony could finish, the stadium filled with 75% Badger fans started chanting "GO BADGERS!"  Tasteless.  Also, you guys watching at home didn't see this but a Wisconsin fan managed to jump over the railing and ran around on the field at one point.  What an idiot.  Finally, after the trophy ceremony, Wisconsin's band took over the field and started in with the "Fifth Quarter," a tradition they do every game regardless of if they won or lost.  TCU was still on the field, with our band, and we were relishing our win.  I don't care if it's tradition or not, put your tail between your legs and exit quietly.  They had no business carrying on like that.  Even if they did, they should have waited until our team celebrated our victory appropriately.  I mean, I've never seen a team so excited and thrilled to lose.

I won't even get into what was said and done to us after the game.  I will say that the Badgers admitted that while they took over most of the stadium, our fans were the loudest.  I have never heard them that loud!  You would have thought we had the entire stadium to ourselves!

Second, TCU has a chant which says, "We're going to beat the hell out of you!"  Some clever Badger decided to turn around and ask me what the "C in TCU" meant to us.  It means Christian, and frankly we're just stating the obvious: we're going to beat the Hell out of you, either way you look at it.

"Eww! Whose mascot is a horned frog?  Is that even Christian enough?"  
This is laughable but I'll address it.  First off, Bless your heart.  Our mascot is something we are proud of.  Just like any team, we are thrilled to be lizards (that's what a horned frog is, BTW).  Furthermore, what do you want our mascot to be? Jesus Christ himself?!  Hop off our jock already and let us enjoy the fact that we are in our first Rose Bowl Game EVER.

Which leads me to this: someone said at the LA Times (his name is not important enough for me to look up) our fans were acting like a bunch of Elmo and Barney fans, just "entirely too thrilled" to be there.  Hello?  Do you hear yourself?  When did it become shameful to be absolutely ecstatic to be headed to the Rose Bowl, furthermore, our first Rose Bowl?

Bottom line:  TCU deals with the cards we're dealt.  My six years of being a Horned Frog success have been somewhat overshadowed by people saying that we were never good enough.  That we had an easy schedule.  We don't have what it takes.  But we never let that get us down.  Do we still have work to do?  Of course.  But we aren't sore losers and certainly aren't arrogant winners.

Proud? Definitely.

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Unknown said...

Hello --
Congrats on the win! I'm a UW Alum and am bummed by the loss but more importantly, want to make sure a handful of rowdy and classless fans do not give you the wrong impression of the University of Wisconsin. Enjoy the great year and good luck in the Big East.

All the best, Bill

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