Jan 13, 2011


Well guys, I figure as much as I rant (and rave) about you, it's time I start doing consistent posts on all things men.  That's when, in my head, I was like "WE NEED A MENTERVENTION!" And I was totally proud of myself for coming up with a witty title as such, however, I Googled it and was saddened to read that Jezebel actually started using that word to define categories in their posts.  Granted there are only two posts under the category, but still, it *kind of* stole my thunder.

So... where do I begin with these Menterventions?  First off, what is a Mentervention?  Much like an intervention, it's where the time has come to say something about the shenanigans you may or may not be trying to pull.  I'm going to be the one who stands up for all the ladies.  The one who throws my pride aside (go figure) and tells it like most women see it.  I'm not saying I'm the delegated woman who speaks the truth, nor that anyone actually agrees with me.  But for the most part, they do, and they will.  Consider what I say in these Mentervention posts the gospel.

Anyway, this was just the introduction... I can't wait to do my first Mentervention!

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