Jan 20, 2011

Patting myself on the back

Like my new banner?!  This might be grade school crap to some people, but today I practiced my signature, scanned it in and edited it in Photoshop!  That's right, the "Kirbie" is my actual sig!  I'm pretty amazed that you can do this kind of thing on a computer.  Blowing. My. Mind.

Here's the original sheet:

Then I cropped my favorite:

Used the Magic Wand to select my name, inverse the selection and clear the background; then inverse selected again and used the paintbrush tool to change the color.

Voila!  Then I made a new document, created a new layer and gave it a stroke layer style of 1 pixel.  I obviously rotated it for the banner.

Anyway... I'm pretty jazzed about it so I had to share with someone.  Someone being the internets!

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