Jan 6, 2011

Scratch on eye and I can't sleep.

I'll get to my super-human abilities to break glass with my bare hands later.  But I can't sleep right now.  And when all else fails, I get on Youtube and watch Jimmy Kimmel's channel.  Not that he'd put me to sleep, but at least I'l get a few laughs in.

JK is my top favorite FO SHO.  I absolutely loved "I'm F--king Ben Affleck" and since then his videos keep getting better.  Have you guys watched Josh Groban sing Kanye's tweets?  It's nothing short of amazing.

Here are my two favorite videos from Jimmy:

1.)  Crying 3-year-old Bieber Lover meets Bieber.  Belieb.

2.)  The Handsome Men's Club

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