Jan 13, 2011

Somebody's getting fired

... not exactly.  But I'm about to start firing people from my life if they cannot get this straight:

Just because I write a blog, doesn't mean I am a snitch.  I'm not a tell-all.  I do have class and dignity about me.  This blog is not a "gossip" site.  It's a BLOG! About me! And what I think. 

Therefore, it's INCREDIBLY offensive when you say, "Don't tell anyone that!" or "Don't write a blog post about it!"  Irks. Me. To. No. End.  It doesn't just bother me that you're asking me not to write it, but that you would think I am careless enough to announce private information on here.  I try not to get offended, because one part of life is not letting what other people say or do to break your confidence.  But it does sting when some my own friends say this type of thing to me.  It makes me wonder if they think I'm a joke or if I'm someone they even trust, and it's embarrassing.

I'm 24-years-old.  You think that I don't have the discretion to know what and what not to post about?  Granted, this blog is mine and I talk about personal things going on in my life, however, there are plenty of interesting things that I would love to blog about but I can't.  And some things I just won't blog about.  For instance, I don't blog about relationships.  You might be thinking, "but Kirbie, you blog all the time about relationships."  Yes, I do.  However, they aren't my own.  I might reflect on past relationships, but I've never given you guys the full monty on my nonexistent love life.  I'm always writing based on the past, what I've see in the media, or what has happened to my friends.  This is not a Carrie Bradshaw column, where I write about Mr. Big and if "men are freaks" after going on a few dates.  Side note: perhaps that's why Carrie was perpetually single (more or less) in the series?  She'll go on a date (or a few) and then is running to the computer to dump out her heart to all of New York.  And nobody wants to live in fear that they're about to exposed to the whole world for every flaw and indescrepency they have.  The original Taylor Swift, if you will.  And alas, I report on entertainment and celebrities, but I am not Perez Hilton.  I'm not putting people out with the trash.

Contrary to popular belief, I have common sense.  I know what's appropriate and what isn't.  I have to say that a majority of that has to do with the fact of how I was raised.

Granted, I do love me some good high school gossip.  Who's sister is a harlet, who had a baby, who is still working at GHS and is vicariously living through the students because they have no life.  Ah, yes.  Love it.  But plenty of you know that my job is to keep up with the entertainment business, and a lot of the stuff I hear can't be made public knowledge.

Not like this blog is mainstream for anyone to care or not, but you get what I mean. 

And while I do write about personal things, I very much try not to write about my relationships (at least when I'm in them.)  Some things are fine to share.  For instance, I could be like "Babis made the funniest joke last night!" or refer them in a positive light... but other than that I'm not laying every card on the table for.  This ain't the Taylor Swift Variety Hour.  Most of my inspiration comes from friends and what they're going through (all annonymously, of course).  As for my shenanigans, I write about them because, well, they're mine, but there have been plenty of times where I've deleted a post before publishing or thought to myself  "Back away from the keyboard."

Some things are better left unsaid.  So do me a favor and treat me like an adult and not like a complete idiot.

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