Jan 24, 2011

Things that happened this weekend that I liked

I finally feel like LA is my home.  This is typical, considering it usually takes me a year and a half to accept a major change.  When I moved to Fort Worth for college, I wasn't living in the present.  I had a boyfriend that went to a University six hours away, so a majority of the time I was on the phone with him or flying out to see him.  Or I was going back to Austin, a place I desperately missed.  However, once I started to meet new people and branch out, I found Fort Worth was truly amazing and wish I would have recognized that sooner!  I made some true friends there, and every time I think of a place I'm comforted by, I think of Fort Weezy, specifically when I'm grocery shopping.  How I wish the Tom Thumb on Hulen was still down the street from me!  Or that Central Market was just a 15 minute drive away!  Please friends, if you have a Central Market (or an HEB for that matter) in your area, UTILIZE THEM!  You'll never know what you had until it's gone...  

Well, same goes for now.  I feel like I'm finally living presently in Los Angeles, while before I was constantly thinking about my next trip back home to Texas.  Sure, there are the obnoxious LA types, but most of us are transplants, without agendas, who are genuinely nice people. 

A part of this new-found comfort has come from my friends.  Ironically, they're all people I know from Texas!  It's such a huge Texas network out here and it's kind of bizarre how some of the friends I have made are connected to my friends back home.  We've all been spending a lot of time getting rowdy or just hanging out -- this weekend was spent partaking in dinner at The Grove and then going to see No Strings Attached; Saturday I went to The Den for some dancing, and Sunday we grilled out over at Taryn's. 

Speaking of No Strings Attached, I had rather low expectations for the movie, admitting to my friends I was embarrassed to ask if they wanted to see it with me.  Turns out we all had the same feelings.  I mean, how can an Ashton Kutcher movie be that great?  Well, let me just tell you: it's not a typical chick flick.  The lead female (Natalie Portman) is actually anti-romance and anti-relationship, and Ashton's character is the one who is going through all the emotions. 

The ending, which I thought would be cheesy as all get out, actually WASN'T!!! It grabbed my cold heart (not really) and made it beat again.  So that was thrilling. 

So, the question of the night: can sex friends stay best friends?  Everyone knows this answer: NO.  Why?  Because one of the people in the relationship ends up taking things more seriously than the other.  I mean, most serious couples are the ones having sex, so of course you're going to put those feelings along with the act.  It's only natural!  Especially with a 'friend.'  Don't hook up with your friends unless you want some serious emotions to join you.

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