Jan 12, 2011

Twitter Tips from MediaLeaders

Kanye tweets: just go with it.

Today I had the pleasure to sit in on an hour-long Twitter bootcamp, presented by MediaLeaders (http://medialeaders.com).   I love Twitter and utilize it not only to tweet random thoughts like the rest of the world, but to promote my blog and to network.  Josh, our presenter, did a great job at explaining the platform to new users and providing useful info to veterans (such as myself).

So, here are some tips I picked up from the bootcamp that you all should utilize as well! 

Remove "www" from your vocabulary.
There is no need to include World Wide Web on your links anymore -- it takes up unnecessary characters (especially on Twitter).  However, always include http:// when using a link.

Include your Twitter handle on your e-mail signature and business cards.
If you're using Twitter as a networking tool, your blog or to promote a business, include your handle on your e-mails or biz cards. 

Ex:  Follow Me on Twitter!  http://twitter.com/kirbiej  <-- Notice that it creates a hyperlink automatically.

Tweet early.
You know how Perez Hilton got to his level of popularity?  Because homeboy woke up at 4:00 every morning to write his posts so he could be on east coast time.  If your client or product's primary audience is in a certain time zone, tweet accordingly to reach those markets.

Plan your Tweets.
This is more for corporate clients or businesses, but don't 'fly by the seat of your pants' when tweeting.  Make a spreadsheet and calculate every Tweet you send out, taking note of any links, the characters and when it should be sent.  Always have two pairs of eyes look over it for content and understanding.

Utilize your Twitter resources.
I hate Follow Fridays because people misuse it.  FF's aren't supposed to be "Hey yall! Follow 6,000 of my closest friends!" and then send out 17 tweets with six people in each one.  It's idiotic.  That many people didn't affect you this week.  Follow Friday is meant to be a thank you card of sorts.  If you own a business with a standout customer, thank them on FF by listing them.  Worked with a great vendor?  Put 'em down.  How about recognizing a phenomenal employee? Do it!  For me, I like to share with my friends and followers people that I find funny, engaging or people who support a great cause.
Another great resource is HootSuite.  If you need to send out a Tweet at 5:00 a.m. but you'll be asleep, HootSuite has pending tweets for you, that are scheduled for sending at specific times.  It also provides you remote access, so you can access it from any computer (unlike Tweetdeck which is a software you install and can only access on your home computer). 

Be light, bright and polite.
If you're a professional and using Twitter in that capacity, don't be down or derogatory.  If you're being yourself on Twitter, disregard.

Schedule 2-7 tweets per day -- do not tweet more than once every 15 minutes.
That includes retweeting -- I follow Justin Bieber, but I'm always one second away from unfollowing him because he's constantly retweeting some 13-year-olds "I love you" declaration to him. Granted, it's a great PR tactic and perfect for interacting with his fans, but he should just write them a few characters instead of annoying the heck out of everyone.  I unfollowed Diddy because he speaks in caps and tweeted once every five seconds.  So be smart with your tweets, when you send them and what you send in them.

Twitlonger is unnecessary.
The point of Twitter is to get concise messages, under 140 characters, about what's going on in your Twitter stream.  If you can't say what you need in 140 or less, reword or rethink your post.  Otherwise, you could just write an e-mail or a blog of what you need to say.  And Twitter is a social medium meant to be quick and immediate.  Why would you want to click on an external link to read an entire tweet? 
Also, abbrevations are not useful either.  If you can't spell everything out and say what needs to be said without abbreves, don't say it.  It gts rlly annying whn ppl wrte lke ths, leaving out various vowels.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get to tweeting!

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