Jan 28, 2011

Update: I am living

I've neglected this little blog for a solid day!  Wah! Thank you guys for taking my quiz.  Most of you took it seriously and I appreciate it; for the two who were mega douchelords, I'm not really surprised.

I've been swamped with work and preparing for class, as well as fitting in some fitness and "me" time.  I've come down with a minor cold or something and I need to get better stat -- cue me jugging gallons of OJ.

I have a lot of ideas I want to post in February and I'm super excited about them!  Of course, I'll be posting my commentary on the results of the survey -- some surprising, some not.  Turns out a lot of you dudes have some emotional turmoil going on that most women overlook.  Good to know.

Thanks again, I'm looking at the numbers and it looks like this month was brought in my largest audience yet!  Wahoo!

-- Kirbie

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