Jan 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Deals

Granted V-Day is a good month away, I figured I'd get this party started early. 

Valentine's is one of those tricky days that's can go wonderfully or be a total disaster.  Everyone feels obligated to buy someone something or go on a date, and while I'm all about showing people I love them, I think that should be celebrated every day and not subject to just one day where I write them "I love you" on a paper heart.

So, perhaps you're strapped for cash but you do want to do something special.  Take my advice and sign up for these sites.  They'll save you money and give you a great deal!

  • Groupon
  • Gilt Groupe (You have to be invited, but you can request and invitation)
  • Rue La La

Guys and Girls should sign up for both.  Gilt has boutiques for men, women, the home and traveling, while Rue La La is usually female based -- however that works to the advantage of men when it comes to buying a designer gift on the cheap for your lady.  Groupon has big deals on spa services and restaurants.

Here are today's hot deals (I'll try do this everyday)

Rue La La
  • Elle Macpherson Intimates  This boutique ends in 20 hours and has items from the model's lingerie line half off!  So get ready to for a steamy night.  (Can't believe I just said that.)
Coming up on Rue La La
  • January 12th: WhiteHall Lane Winery and Vineyards
  • January 13th: Aria Resort and Casino, Rock and Republic
  • January 14th: Betsey Johnson, Graza Blanca Preserve Resort and Spa
Gilt Groupe



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