Jan 4, 2011

What I would do with mega-millions

Tonight, someone may potentially win $331 MILLION dollars in the Mega Million drawing. 

I'm sure everyone does this, but I always think about what I would do with that much money. 

Well, first off, I'd have to check my numbers a 331 million times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on myself.  I'd be in disbelief.

I wouldn't tell anyone, not even my parents, until the money was in the bank.  Then I would:
  • Take care of my own.  That means Mom and Dad are getting a large lump some so Dad can retire early if he chooses.  I'd pay off my student loans and pay for Nick's education.  I'd repay my aunts and uncles for everything they've done for me over the past two years.  Then I would buy myself a condo in LA and Dallas. (No use in wasting money with rentals.)
  • I'd quit my job and find one that allowed me to focus solely on my writing and my hosting career to make sure it was successful.  Heck, I'm probably start my own business.
  • I'd revamp this blog in a nano-second and spend money to advertise it.
  • I'd donate a large portion to charities I follow and ministries I support (Samartian's Purse, Joel Osteen, etc).  I would invest in Truth, a campaign used to inform the public regarding the facts about smoking.  Did you know that over 2,000 have lost their lives this year from smoking?  Four days in and 2,000 people are dead.  This subject is very close to my heart because my precious grandmother Bess Clemens-Booher passed away in 2005 from COPD, a disease that's a mix of chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.  Smoking will kill you, or at least ruin your quality of life.
  • I'd give an unsuspecting stranger $100 at least once a day.
  • TCU is close to my heart, and you can bet I'd donate a large portion every year to the school for scholarship money, specifically for Advertising/PR student and the journalism school (the best college in my opinion).
  • In regards to time, I'd upgrade my gym membership to a better gym and focus on getting in the best shape possible.  I'd volunteer at the women's shelter and children's hospital at least two times a week. 
  • I'd go all out on my friend's and familys Christmas and birthday gifts.
  • A large portion would obviously be in stock and savings.  Duh.
  • You can bet I'd save a certain amount for a wedding and my (future) children's college funds. 
While that may seem like a lot, I can't really say there's any material possesion I'd love to have, except the condo.  What would you do with the money?  Give it all away?  Keep it?  I am lucky to have the life I have, but I would definitely want to make sure my family was taken care of before donating it all away. They're the most important people, right?

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