Feb 9, 2011

Advice to the Men this Valentine's

I've been on your side guys, really.  I have.  I did that survey to alert the women who read this blog what you're really thinking.  I'm doing gift guides so they can buy you fun gifts.  But what kind of woman would I be if I didn't tell the men what they should be doing? 

Here are a few vital essentials you can count on:

   There are a ridiculous amount of V-Day geared deals up on these sites -- everything from discounted gourmet dinners, half-price couples massages and  reduced limo fares.  Take advantage of spoiling your love without breaking the bank! 

- If you live in Los Angeles, buy her flowers from Empty Vase
  The best florist in LA by far.  Check out these beautiful roses!  A detailed floral arrangement delivered to her work can get you far. :)  Note: If you're just starting out dating or in a new relationship, flowers are a wise choice.  Sweet, but not over the top.  Heck, flowers are good no matter what!  If you're not sure where she works, ask a friend to get that info for you so there's an element of surprise.  Also, there are a crap-ton of discounted flower bouquets on Groupon and LivingSocial, so there really ain't no excuse not to send her her favorite flower, y'all!

-  You don't have to get all fancy
 One year, a boyfriend of mine went out and bought me a pair of earrings.  They weren't diamonds or anything like that.  I had lost one half of the pair and I was pretty sad about it because they were my favorite.  He went out and found the earrings and bought them for me so I could have a complete set!  That meant so much to me, because he had listened and remembered me being sad about losing one, then took the initiative to find them to make me happy.  I can hear the collective "aww" now.  And I think the earrings were only like $20.  Nothing cray-cray. 
I know you'd prefer her to cook you dinner, but why not throw on your oven mitts and cook her a meal?  Thoughtful and impressive.  Even writing her a letter (yes, hand-written) and burning her a CD of songs that remind you of her/the two of you is sentimental and will make her feel special.  The ideas are endless:  take her to where you took her on your first date.  Write her a song/poem.  Find a picture you like of the two of you, frame it and then write her a letter about why that's your favorite picture.  Get creative here, guys!  It's what keeps the spice alive.  If she has to work, grab her spare car key and set a bouquet of flowers (chocolates, whatever) on her carseat.  Take her lunch and spend that hour with her.   

- Pampering is appreciated
(Most) Women loooooooooooooove massages, facials, manis, pedis, etc.  I'm going to be blunt: if you're trying to book both of you a couples massage for this weekend, V-Day itself, or next weekend, you should have booked three weeks ago.  You're going to have to settle with a gift certificate and let her use it at her leisure, because (having worked in one) spas will be a madhouse the next two weeks, given our day of love this year falls on a Monday.  But you can always switch things up and give her a luxurious back or foot massage yourself...

So guys, just do your thing.  We know you have that romantic "Prince Charming" somewhere inside of you, or else we wouldn't have picked you in the first place.

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