Feb 23, 2011

Care packages: necessary

In an effort to remove all sense of adulthood from my life (I just looked up car insurance quotes -- WOOF), I got to thinking of the good ol' care package.  This blog is mostly self gratifying, but I figure will help a few of you out as well.

First off, care packages are not just meant to be sent by parents to their kids. Girls, this would be the perfect present for a homesick sibling who just started college (where care packages are most sent and most appreciated), or even for a boyfriend in serious need (i.e. he's sick, he's stressed, whatever).  Or for a friend who's feeling down in the dumps.  But yes, mostly it's from Mom or Dad and sent to you while you're in the deepest of holes.  Doesn't really matter, anyone will appreciate a care package because DUH, who doesn't like free crap?! 

The ones you can buy online are chock full of candy and food, but why buy it when you can make one?  Puts the "care" aspect into play.  Also, we can't live off peanut M&M's and Sour Patch Kids alone!
My suggestions:

1.  GAS CARD.  That song by Sugarland goes, and I quote, "Dear Mom and Dad, please send money."  No, Mom and Dad, don't send me money. Send me a gas card, so that I use it on gas alone, and not on going out to the bars.  If money is alotted towards a specific purpose, I'll have less of a chance spending it on unnecesary things like iTunes or eating take-out.

2.  Speaking of... GIFT CARDS!  iTunes GC's are actually a super idea because I a lot of college kids spend a majority of my their money buying music. Don't pirate music, people.  It's obnoxious.  Especially if you're in entertainment!  I still don't understand how some of us are actively using Limewire in 2011... boggles my mind.

In college, my parents got me like a million gift cards for my favorite restaurants before I went back to school in the fall and winter:  Einstein Bros. (the best for breakfast or lunch -- their sister company out here is Noah's Bagels, FYI), Potbelly's (It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: I'd buy those bags of mini chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and gain 10 pounds in a week),  Target (covers food, prescriptions and beauty products), Starbucks (I would say I don't need any more of these, but really, who doesn't need Starbucks gift cards?!), and then the occassional Whataburger (perfect for a HBCB {I feel sad for you if you don't understand that abbreve} or a potato, egg and cheese taquito) and Subway gift cards. 

3.  What's a care package without food?  Mom would make these pretzel-hershey kiss-M&M things for every holiday, in festive colors, and people would rummage through my room in the Theta house to find them because they were SO DELICIOUS.  Send things that travel well, like rice cakes, almonds, trail mix, cookies (Molly -- what was the name of those delicious bars your grandmother {or someone} made?  Hello Dollies?).  Try to incorporate some healthy food with the completely fattening junk.  One of my favorite low-calorie and scrumptious snacks are Pretzel Crisps.

4.  Emergen-C or any type of health aid.  Let's be honest, if you're sending/making a care package, it's because desperate times call for desperate measures.  More than likely this person is going through finals, is sick, is stressed, or really needs a pick-me-up.   These scenarios will all work a number on their immune system, so throw in a few packets of Emergen-C, along with Motrin PM (to help them sleep) and some Echinacea supreme to help them revitalize.

5.  Earbuds.  I go through three pairs of earbuds a year because I use them so much.  I found some eBay store that sells the really high-quality Apple pair that are in-ear and usually run for like $39.99 but sell for only $7.00 online.  Nobody will be mad that you send them an extra set of earbuds.

6.  Jiffy Lube gift cards.  The last thing I want to spend my money on?  A oil change.  Woof.

7.  MAGAZINES!  I think magazines are seriously underestimated in their joy value, because what girl doesn't love reading in bed when she's sick or while she's traveling OR while getting a pedicure?

8.  Gum.  (Everyone needs it a some point.)

9.  Other random ideas:  printer ink, desk supplies, thank you cards, phone accessories, koozies, appropriate clothing (scarves, beanies, sweaters, whatever).

10.  Lastly, a nice note to remind them why you did it and that you love them!

Pretty much a care package is an assortment of random crap that is sent because you "care" or because you want the person to "feel cared for" or want them to "take care of themselves."  Random crap with "care" incorporated? Done and done.

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Kforce said...

Hey kirbs! Another good option to send care packages to would be to the armed forces currently overseas. They definitely would be extremely appreciated. If you don't know of a service member personally, to send one to there are tons of organizations that you can find on the internet that would match you up with a unit or a soldier.

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