Feb 14, 2011

Final Thoughts on The GRAMMYs

Kirbie and Nat

I was telling my mom this weekend that I found the celebrity lifestyle kind of sad.  On Saturday, many stars showed up without a date to the Clive Davis party, and I was thinking how awkward that must be, going alone to a party with your publicist.  Like Miley Cyrus -- she went solo.  And Katy Perry was without Russell because he was in NYC doing SNL.  I'm sure she would have wanted him to be there for her as she would have wanted to be there for him.

But then again, that is the lifestyle they are leading.  That type of life comes with a price.  They have luxuries, but one of them isn't having the convenience most other relationships have or the privacy most people do.  And I think for them it's not a sad thing.  They worked to get to that position.  So really, it's just a sacrifice they made to enhance their lives.  I think we all have to make those at some point -- we all have to give up things to make a better life for ourself (and in some cases, our families).

I was especially thinking about this late last night, as Valentine's was approaching.  But you know what?  All of my relationships have been long distance.  I might have had a boyfriend within five minutes of me for a summer or two, but most of the time I had to fly to see them or at least drive an hour or so.  For me, this isn't a problem.  While I would have enjoyed and cherished having them closer, I also knew in my heart that I was enduring the long distance because it it was worth it, and if it wasn't I would not have continued on doing it.

While I do pray God puts a spectacular love in my life, I was never that little girl who grew up thinking about a boyfriend or marriage.  I was always thinking about my career.  If love found me, I accepted with open arms, don't get me wrong.  And I'm not knocking getting married or children, especially because one day I want a family of my own.  What I'm saying is that I don't know what's to come, or how things are going to fall together, or why things are happening as they are, but I have faith that it's happening for a reason and that it's preparing me for the best in my career and my love life.

Working these events this weekend has made me hungry for my dreams, moreso than before.  The experience was priceless and personally I really enjoyed watching the behind-the-scenes of it all.  Especially E!'s live telecast.  How they put the show together is really extraordinary, and Ryan is a true professional.  As celebrities come up to the booth, different producers are thinking up questions and writing them on poster board so Ryan can ask appropriate questions and the talent can prepare their answer accordingly.  It's fast and furious and I love that.  That was probably the most gratifying experience of them all.  That, and reading the teleprompters over at Entertainment Tonight :)  Gotta get my practice in where I can...

Anyway, I hope that this Valentine's you realize what it is that you love: whether it be a person, a hobby, an animal, a sport, a job; whatever it is, hold on tight and don't be afraid to keep your expectations and dreams alive! 

A tad shiny -- clearly not wearing TV-ready makeup!

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