Feb 14, 2011

"I'll be your escort!" -- Grammys, Part I

There's so much to discuss about Grammy weekend that I'm breaking this shiz up.   You're welcome in advance.

One of the perks of my job is that I got the privilege to work Grammy weekend, including the pre-show.  I need to say this, not because I should, but because it's true: everyone who worked this weekend did a wonderful job and The Recording Academy was represented well this year.  They are truly a pleasure to work with and anyone affiliated with the Academy deserves a pat on the back.  It was not an easy feat.

So first off, where do I even begin?  I guess with the actual show.  My thoughts are:

- Boring, boring, boring.  Where is all the magic and pizazz?  Can we get some of that for next year?
- I love Gaga, but give it a rest girlfriend.  I am slightly disappointed in her new single, considering it doesn't sound as original as she tries to be, and frankly I'm shocked (except not really) at her behavior at the pre-show, which I'll get to later.
- Everyone has their opinion on Justin Bieber, but his performance livened up the show and the kid is so damn lovable! I still hate Usher.
- How cute was it when they panned to Will and Jada while Jaden was rapping?  Presh.
- Nobody knows who Esperanza Spaulding is, but she is a jazz bassist and singer and frankly is incredibly talented.  You don't win Grammys because you have 1,000,000 Beliebers supporting you.  We all love JB, Drake, Mumford & Sons and Florence, but think about it: some of these artists are gaining speed quickly while others have a huge fan base already.  Esperanza needed this!  Her career is going to change after tonight, and now everyone will know her name.  It's like in life when you wonder why things aren't going your way, when you seem to be doing everything right.  Sometimes, other people need that promotion, that award, or whatever, more than you do.
- Eminem needs some four cheese ravioli with ground up Lexapro in it -- you can crack a smile, you just won for outstanding work. 
- I don't agree with Lady Gaga's win.  Bad Romance was from The Fame Monster, and it wasn't even a full album -- just an add-on to an already released piece of work.  While I enjoy her music, John Mayer should have won for Battle Studies.
- I had a revelation tonight: "I figured out my one credential for men: swagger!"  If they have it, I'm all over it.  Ex: Biebs, Drake, any rapper pretty much
- John Mayer is making the molester 'stache work.  I can't say I would walk away if he propositioned me for some kind of late-night rendezvous.  I'm embarrassed admitting that, but the man does have a way with the ladies... even looking like Capt. Jack Sparrow.
- Babs Streisand looks great for 68 but that song put me to sleep.
- Drake = hot.  Rihanna looked good, but I was expecting a bigger and better performance than gyrating and tribal dancing.  It just felt unfinished when she ended.
- Everyone needs to hop off Lady Antebellum's jock.  That is a DAMN GOOD SONG!  And record for that matter.  Furthermore,  expand your horizons and dabble in other genres of music, you might actually like it.
-  While most are quick to hate on the presenters and their crappy delivery skills, it should be noted that there was (obviously) a teleprompter issue.  Most of these people are pros and can read.  So don't shoot the literal messenger.
-  Katy Perry looked beautiful, sounded great and I love that she not only did a pretty song ("Not Like the Movies" -- download it!) but also threw in her K.P. flare with "Teenage Dream."  Oh yeah, and that Nicole Kidman was shown full-blown singing along.  Amaze.
-  Mumford & Sons + Avett Brothers = dream team.  I didn't realize how handsome they all were in addition to great musicians.  Bob Dylan sounds like he needs and inhaler.  Or an oxygen tank.
- Mick Jagger.  Can't say more than that.

I didn't even finish watching the show because I'm so exhausted.  I'll have up some deets from the Barbra Steisand MusiCares event as well as the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala and of course all the scoop about who I walked down the carpet!  It has been a dream come true being a part of this weekend and I cannot wait to see what other great things are in store this year!

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