Feb 3, 2011

Men's Gifts for Valentine's, Part II

Ladies, don't worry, I'm not neglecting you.  I'll have some suggestions for the guys either tomorrow or Monday, in the form of a video blog.  Holla.

Does he enjoy a good cup of joe in the morning? Help him save time and money with this single-cup coffee brewer! (Also brews hot chocolate, tea, cider and iced beverage options.)

Mini Bar, $69.99
Maybe he's still in college or perhaps he's just starting out.  Regardless, this gift is fun and has great enteratinment value!

Allows him to watch all his favorite movies and shows as if he's watching it on a theater screen and is compatible with Apple products.

Do you have a gamer on your hands?  Surprise him with this all-in-one chair!  Speakers are built into the headrest and comes with an integrated wireless receiver, so it can transmit to eight chairs at once!  It folds, so it can be transported and stored if needed.  Also perfect for movies.

Massage, $60 - $200
This sounds kind of hokey, but guys will definitely enjoy a massage even if they didn't ask for one.  Be careful that he isn't crazy ticklish or weird about people touching him.  If he's nervous, book a couples massage so you both can benefit and he'll be more at ease.  Or, take a massage class with him so you can learn the art of massage and can give him one in the privacy of your own home!  A lot of spas will have discounted packages for Valentine's, but if you're trying to book a massage for the day of, you better have booked it like two weeks ago.  Don't expect to call the day before and get an appointment (or even two weeks before).  Preparation is key! 

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Katelin said...

OMG. I'm such a gypsy, I was thinking of spending like $25. AHAHHAA

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