Feb 4, 2011

Men's Valentine's Gifts Part III: Under $100

Nobody wants to break the bank.  Make him a nice meal, give him a small gift and save some lingerie for later. :)

The Beer Machine, $99.95
I can see the pride beaming already.  "Babe, I made my own beer!"  Add it to his other list of drinking hobbies...

Just for fun.  Great for photo-opps.

Crocheted Apple Cover, $13 (with shipping)
Does he eat apples (or any round-ish fruit, really) every day?  Does he take them with him places?  Get him a cover to keep it from getting bruised!  You can request a certain size and different colors. 

Digital Alcohol Detector by Backtrack, $79.95
I think this is hilarious and would probably buy one for every male in my life (if I had $80 to spare for all of 'em).  I don't see them using it to keep themselves from driving -- they're smart enough to take taxis -- but more so to register who was the most drunk.  Consider it entertainment for the party.

Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card, any denomination under $100
Who DOESN'T love Dick's Sporting Goods?  Thinking of Nike Dri-Fit even gets me all hot and bothered!  You don't have to go crazy, just pick up a small gift card for him to put towards a new pair of shoes or basketball shorts.  He'll be happy.

Kiehl's Cross-Terrain "Dry-Run" Foot Cream, $17.50
I know I've praised this stuff before, but seriously, it's amazing.  If he does anything that revolves around sweaty feet (he's in athlete, he's in construction, he's nervous 24/7), this is the creme de la creme of foot creams.  Keeps his feet hydrated and blister free!  He might not ask for this stuff, but he'll be happy to have it.

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