Feb 25, 2011

Not worthy (of full posts)

-  Giuliana Rancic is up to her old tricks again... we both had posts today on Oscar hair trends!  You can read mine on Examiner.com* and hers via e-mail when you sign up for FabFitFun, her new lifestyle site.  *PS Please 'Like' the article and tweet it if you love me!  It's all about exposure, people.

-  Giuliana also has a great promo going on for Kate Bosworth's jewelry site, JewelMint.  I'm OBSESSED.  You fill out a "fashion profile" that picks and chooses pieces for you based on your personal style.  Cool right?  Here are some of the picks I got and yep, I love them all.  I mean, how did they know I was named after a character on Dynasty?  Looks like they're trying to work the psychological aspect of buyer response... and it worked.  Just purchased these 80s-inspired earrings for just $9.00 with Giuliana's discount code!

Sammy Jo Carrington would LOVE these!


This was my top match.  A heart and a dagger.  Go figure.

Perfect purple for TCU (or the royal wedding).  Love the gold on the bracelets!

-  Now that I'm on a jewelry kick, here are some favs from Max & Chloe.  I'm dying over the Texas necklace by Kris Nations! 


An outfit inspired by this Texas necklace:

-  Did you guys see LaLa's Loubs at Carmelo's debut with the Knicks? Holy hell.  By the way, Media Takeout is hilarious.  

- Charlie Sheen has lost his mind.  I still can't believe he made $2 million an episode!!!!!  Take about a degenerate, not thinking about how his abuse issues will affect his costars and the crew.  Honestly he needs a Xanex and a muzzle given his current situation... he's the new Michael Lohan!

- Can I just talk to you about how annoying it is to be blonde?  I love having blonde hair but this is getting ridiculous.  I work at a front desk and it seems as if every other person that walks in questions me about something I say or do because I'm blonde.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  I'm obviously enraged by this, as it has gone on for too long.  Thank you for letting me rant.

- No Mentervention this week.  There were quite a few things that got me reeling, however I figured it would be rude and offensive to people I know (or know of), considering some of the crapola is coming straight from them.  Consider this my unadvertised and passive-aggressive way notifying some people in my life to get a reality check.  There will be one posted on Monday, as per usual.

Thanks for reading, guys!

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