Feb 22, 2011

Re: Real Talk with Kirbie J


Funny how I write about my anxieties and then God sends me a message of peace!

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was listening to my morning podcast.  I switch between Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer (BTW, if you have any other recommendations, send them to me!), and today Joyce's message was entitled "Faithfulness and Patience." 

Go figure, right?

Her sermon talks about how we need to stay faithful, because what kind of example are we setting as Christians if we give up on our beliefs once we go through one trial (or one thousand)?

Those words dug into my heart because just last night I was typing about how I feel sad that I'm questioning my belief in having a work/love balance.  Just because I moved and have been going through some personal changes doesn't mean that I should instantly start questioning my belief in having an awesome job and a wonderful family.  I mean, even on Saturday I wrote about "God planning so."  I should take my own advice... I mean really, I'm my own therapist.

She then made a great metaphor about babies and their pacifiers.  When you're weening your baby from the thing that pacifies it, whether it be a bottle or not, it's hard for both parties; the ween-ie nad the ween-er.  (Made for a hilarious few minutes in the sermon.)  (Side note: I do not have a baby. The baby dolls that would cry gave me may-jah anxiety as a kid.) While the ween-ie might scream and cry and hoot and holler the first night, it will settle down as time goes on.  After five or six days, they become accustomed to life without their comforting pacifier.  They learn to comfort themselves.

How easy would it be as the ween-er to give in when the ween-ie is crying and making a fuss?  It might be a struggle for awhile, but soon enough you'll have peace.  Both of you will.

So don't give up on those beliefs just because you're entering a stage in life that is confusing, causes anxiety, makes you hurt or isn't easy.  Peace is waiting for you, just remain faithful.

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