Feb 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Mix: For the single ladies...

Yeah, I made a Single Ladies mix and didn't even include "Single Ladies."  I mean, I don't want to be cliche or anything.  

1.  This song speaks the truth.  At least for right now. 
2.  Always play this before a Girl's Night Out.  Just a simple reminder that all you really need are a few good friends.
3.  Old school Janet.  Makes you want to dance, makes you want to run, makes you want to strut.  An essential anthem for women.
4.  Why can't AlphaBeat be available on iTunes?  It's literally like trying to find the Bermuda Triangle to get your hands on their CD.  It's amazing though.  It's very 80s, very upbeat and totally addictive.
5.  Robyn was a staple in my cd player back in the day, and now with all her new music coming out, I'm happy to say I was a fan from the start.  Her voice is beautiful yet uniquely heartbreaking.  I love "Handle Me" because she's being a smarta$$ to a guy who thinks he's awesome.  Another good one from her is "Hang With Me."
6.  I wish I knew how to pop & lock solely because of this song.  It's nearly impossible for me to hear it and not envision some kind of choreographed spectacle in my head.
7.  I'm a sucker for a good cover and I'm also a sucker for things that you think might suck but actually turn out to be awesome.  Leighton Meester = great on this track.
8.  Lady Gaga is equivalent to Madonna when it comes to empowering songs about women.  I completely lost my shiz when she performed this at her December '09 concert.  She's kind of weird, a tad foul, and definitely shocking, but she pumps out some great music.
9.  This song will be infinitely remembered as the Kappa Alpha Theta song to me.  When I went through rush my freshman year, third round was embedded in my brain by that Journey song -- it was blaring at high volume, after all.  
10.  Do you guys ever wish you could make music videos for a living?  I do.  And this song is one I'd remake in a heartbeat.  Teased 80s hair, bright neon wardrobe, radical dance moves... it would be stellar.
11.  I keep reverting back to old memories, but isn't that what music is all about?  I remember first hearing this song and it terrifying me.  Why would anyone want to be alone?  Several years later it deemed it my theme song during a time I chose to be single.  Who says you have to be in a relationship to be fulfilled?  (They are fulfilling.  But if you aren't content just being you, you won't be able to let another person in as an extension of you.)
12.  Hilary Duff.  I mean, such a guilty pleasure.  If anything it's fun to scream this song in the car with the windows down.

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