Feb 7, 2011

Valentine's Mix: Silly Love Songs

1.  It's actually Corinne Bailey Rae (the one time I don't look it up, gah!), but I am obsessed with this cover!  Prince is my man.  Probably because 1986, my birth year, is synonymous with him.

2.  Sometimes I want to rip my hair out when listening to R&B, or as I like to call it, "baby making music." It's like, okay, we get it.  You want to take her clothes off.  You want to touch her body.  You make to make passionate love to her. BUT SERIOUSLY.  It's just a tad too slow and sexual for me.  Similar to a guy at the bar that's like, "I WANT TO SEE YOU NAKED."  No thank you.  Instead, Ne-Yo doesn't come on as strong.  He's R&B but more Top 40.  He's the guy you met through a friend and is like, "I think you're beautiful and want to take you on a date." 

3.  Michael Buble screams romance to me.  I have had many-a-dream where he is seranading me in our bedroom.  haha.  And this song will be in my wedding in some shape, way or form... you betcha.

4.  I fear for this song because it's so amazing, much like Hey Soul Sister, so it'll probably get excrutiating amounts of airplay.  (Lest we forget the Oscars last year where they played that Samsung commercial about 800 times per commercial break.)

5.  I've never seen Dream Girls, but my favorite roomie in the world, Laura, made me a break-up mix back in 2007 and this song was on it.  I'd sing it and be like, "One day I'll find a man I can sing this to!"

6.  It's the Goo Goo Dolls.  Enough said.

7.  When I was in high school I felt like I was the only one without a boyfriend.  I was.  Literally.  All my friends had some dude to buy them a mum for homecoming (actually, there is a ferociously awesome story behind one year's homecoming mishap) and I was pretty much the token "best friend" to a guy whom I had a crush on,  who was subsequently dating some seriously trashy girls.  So pretty much this stood as my theme song (until junior year).

8.  Ahhhhhhh I love Tim McGraw!  I used to listen to this in my car with the top down before football games in high school.

9.  This song is perfect for rainy weekends and cuddling in bed. :)

10.  I'm obsessed with Glee's version of this song.  Amber Riley's voice is untouchable, and personally I think this would make for an awesomely-hilarious first dance.  Cue the Tina Turner dance moves.

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