Feb 21, 2011

"Where Have All the Good Men Gone?"

Saturday, I was checking out my Twitter timeline and four people retweeted this article form the Wall Street Journal -- "Where Have All the Good Men Gone?"  Guys and girls alike retweeted, so I decided to read for myself.

In my opinion, this is the same song, second verse to an article I wrote back November, "An Open Letter to Men..." Basically, Kay S. Hymowitz discusses how men are living an "extended adolescence."  

It's an interesting read.  I just hope that the guys who read this article understand where women are coming from and don't think their behavior is cute or appropriate.  I mean, I love the saying "young at heart," but keeping a 24-7 "27 going on 19" mentality is really, really sad.  Women love passionate men who they can have a blast with; men who make them feel young, but are also strong, responsible protectors whom act their age when it comes to how they treat women, personal matters, or how they act in relationships.  

What do you think?  Are all the good men gone?  Have times changed the standard of how men are supposed to act?

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