Mar 31, 2011


Just like everyone else on June 5th, 2009 (I didn't even look that up.  That's my crazy-awesome memory for ya!), I headed to see The Hangover.  

I loved the friggen thing.  It made me want to go to Vegas SOOOOOO bad.  Like, beyond bad.  I had never been.  And then, a year later (exactly), I went to Vegas with 10 of my best girlfriends.  Fun was had. Hangovers were looming in the air.  We faked a Bachelorette party, ended up in some suite with a basketball court with a bunch of guys we didn't know (real smart), and we even got into some altercations with some men that were a little too friendly.  I stayed up until 7:00 am for the first time in my life.  Needless to say, we had a REALLY good time.  I remember being drunk, but not the sloppy, pathetic, drunk that you frequently see on the strip.  We all managed to keep our wits about us and kept in mind that we all needed to stick together, that none of us wanted to throw up, and needed to make sure we had our hotel key on us, but we may or may not have had bribery material for all of our rehearsal dinner speeches: we entered in bikini contests at the pool, we rolled around on the floor of the casino, walked barefoot at some point, and engaged in what I like to call the "baby seal" -- things we all needed to be rather intoxicated to partake in.

{Now guys, you know I give you hell.  And the reason you don't like it is because most of the time I'm right. (You all have told me this various times.) So I hope that I don't come off as a she-woman man hater, because I don't hate men.  I really don't.  I'm a very loving chick.  But I just tell it like it is.  You can't blame me for that, right?  Please take everything with a grain of salt before you read on.  While this may apply to most men, everyone has their own circumstance.  It may apply to you, it may not.}

Of course I'm excited for The Hangover 2, but then again I'm dreading it.  While women can keep it classy (using that term loosely) and the worst thing we (well, my friends at least) can do is end up with some strangers to party, guys go beyond logical reasoning, go beyond morals and go beyond any sense of dignity.  I mean, that's a normal Saturday for some dudes.  But then they see this movie and it's like something in their head goes off like, "DING! I WANT TO GET A TATOO ON ONE SIDE OF MY FACE AND MAYBE MARRY A HOOKER.  THOSE ARE GREAT IDEAS AND WILL MAKE ME LIVE IN INFAMY AMONG MY FRIENDS AND PEOPLE I DON'T EVEN KNOW! AND THEN I'LL ROOFIE ALL MY FRIENDS TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS! YEAH! IT'S GONNA BE HILARIOUS!"  

I'm not a man, so I can't be for sure.  But what I do know is that men today are retrograding (much like Mercury -- except it's not an illusion, it's the real deal).  They're going backwards in maturity and to them it's all fun and games and getting hammered beyond what's reasonable, and legal in most cases.  So by seeing this movie, not only is Bangkok their next ideal destination for a vaycay, you can bet they're going to try to accomplish some of the shennanery in their own city first so they can have something awesome to relay during the weekly email chain.  I am 100% sure I am accurate on all of that.  

Alas, this is why I love Ed Helm's character, Stu.  He's the straight-laced dentist who actually wants to stray away from making a mockery of his life, but gets dragged into some seriously funny crap.  Kind of like business in the front, party in the back... and he's hilarious, but that's besides the point.

So yeah.  Sue me that I actually fear for mankind to see this movie.  I am scared for their future, their self-respect, their livers and their next STD checkup.  But alas I am excited to see it all go down on screen... because it's a movie.  And movies are pretend.  

Mercury is in retrograde

March 30th initiated Mercury Retrograde for the first time in 2011.  It lasts through May 11th, when the post-retrograde ends.

What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife and hide ya husbands.  Sh*t will hit the fan.  Mercury Retrograde deals with astrology -- when a planet appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac (however, it's just an optical illusion). 

They say not to start any new ventures during this period and/or to stay put, as anything "new" will fail, whether it be a job, a relocation or a new relationship, and that old issues from the past willl rear their ugly heads and will be forced to be dealt with.  Essentially, everything is out of our control during this phase, bringing forth unforseen changes, which can put us off track.  (This explains my colleague's recent and unexpected department change, and why I have been dealing with seriously cray-cray temps the past few days.)  Since we're creatures that love to be in control, this phase with Mecury can really throw us for a loop.  It's essentially PMS for the planet at least three times a year. 
So back up all your hard drives, keep your bank account padded and be prepared!  I am not a huge astrology believer, but there's no denying that every time Merc goes retro, I'm affected in some fashion.

I didn't believe in Mercury Retrograde or even know what it was until 2007, when my beloved boss, Celine, told me about it.  Everything was going haywire ate the office: printers breaking, hard drives crashing, etc.  Maybe the worst thing ever for an advertising agency.  "Is Mercury in retrograde?" she asked. 

It most certainly was!  Anytime things are going nuts, I'm  always inclined to Google if Mercury is in it's retro phase.


Okay guys.  This happened.

Don't you all love that I'm an utter, complete idiot?  I know it must be somewhat entertaining. ,

Mar 30, 2011

It's coming...

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Bits and pieces

- Today I was talking with a coworker about Teen Mom.  He had mentioned the beat down that's all over TMZ (I haven't seen it yet), and then we got to talking about Gary and Amber and how hysterically atrocious they both are.  Ex: Gary is always showing off approximately four inches of butt crack, while Amber has her baby's head tatooed on her ribcage.  I mean... there really isn't much else I can say about that.

Then, said coworker said he said he LOVES Gary because he (Gary) is such a slob and wants to do a show called "Gary of Love."  I'm not going to lie, this would be comedy gold.  Imagine all the crap those contestants would go through.  Actually, just think of the contestants in general.  Fun times.  I already came up with a challenge.

Gary: "As you all know, I am a victim of domestic violence.  My ex, Amber, is Grade A crazy.  Therefore, I need a woman who knows how to protect not only herself, but me as well."  Then the girls all go to some jiu-jitzu class to learn some basic technique and the real challenge happens when the beat down on each other.

Mar 29, 2011

MENtervention: Los Angeles

Instead of a MENtervention, I want to discuss a different aspect of dating today.  So this is like CSI: Miami of sorts, instead I'm trying  to solve dating conundrums, not murders.

MENtervention:  Los Angeles

SO.  I'm thinking as I am laying here in bed.  I'm 24, I'm living in a big city.  Shouldn't dating be easy?

One would think... one who is probably 20-years-old.  I remember thinking how the real world was going to be a dating extravaganza!  Was I wrong... so, soooooooooo wrong.  And slightly delusional.

Dating back in college was awesome because, in my case, I knew mostly everyone.  I mean, that could be good or bad -- date one guy and break up, then you're banned from his entire circle of friends. But it was nice because you were constantly doing something that was conducive to dating: going to a mixer, hitting up a house party, formal, class, extra-curricular, etc.  It wasn't forced or awkward.  It was a part of life. 

Mar 28, 2011

Nine lives like a kitty-kat

If you're looking for some good cardio music or girls' night out jams, I have some recommendations!  And yes, this blog post is from Britney Spears' song, "How I Roll."  I haven't lost my mind. :)

  • No Sleep - Wiz Khalifa
  • How I Roll - Britney Spears
  • Best Love Song - T.Pain featuring Chris Brown
  • I Wanna Go - Britney Spears
  • He About to Lose Me - Britney Spears
  • We'll Be Alright - Travie McCoy
  • Inside Out - Britney Spears
Yeah, it's pretty Britney-esque.  I'm totally feeling her new album!  There's no "Toxic" or anything on there... but it's pretty good.

Stop smoking... seriously

Yes, I am talking to you!  First of all, how sick is smoking?  It's so disgusting.  Just stop it already.  Not only does it make you wreak and gives you terrible breath, but it's obviously not conducive to living a healthy life.

My wonderful grandmother passed away from COPD, which is a pairing of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.  She lived years beyond what the doctors expected, but her life could have been saved if she knew the risks of smoking at a young age.

I'm a huge proponent of not smoking.  Even if it's in a social atmosphere, it needs to be stopped.  Smoking cigarettes should be banned, for everyone's well-being, given not only does the smoke affect the smoker, but also those around them.

Since we're all well-aware of smoking risks, there's no reason it should be going on!  But kicking the habit can be tough.  Well, I've found a solution for you all to try!

SmokeStik is an electronic cigarette that utilizes Cartomizer technology.  It simulates the feel of smoking a cigarette, including "smoke" (which is actually water vapor) but without the tar, tobacco and chemicals of a real cigarette.

Since it doesn't generate smoke or a flame, you can smoke it anywhere without worrying about fire codes or second-hand smoke laws.  It tastes like a cigarette with tobacco flavoring and even includes Nicotine if you choose to include it. 

You charge the cigarette to reuse it, which elimates waste and keeps costs down. 

Katherine Heigl swears by SmokeStik and even has her own design on the site -- The Pitbull, in which all proceeds go to her dog rescue foundation, The Compassion Revolution.

You can buy online at

Happy non-smoking!

Mar 27, 2011

Terry Shanahan is awesome

Today on my Facebook Newsfeed, I saw that one of my friends made a comment on a video by Terry Shanahan.  So of course I was wondering to myself, "Why is this in my Newsfeed?"  I always wonder why Facebook thinks some things are so important... but anyway, I went ahead and watched the video.

Well folks, my life has been changed. Terry, apparently, is a nutritionist of sorts?  I'm still confused on his actual title, but he makes meals for Kyle Korver so that's reason enough for me to take him seriously.  (His website says he is a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and works with CrossFit athletes.) 

He made a meal that consisted of a chicken leg, asparagus and a yam.  Yes, that's all.  And then in a six minute magical video, he shows you how he makes it all.  And one thing that really interested me is that he used Coconut Oil.  I love coconuts!  Terry says that Coconut Oil has a ton of health benefits (again, I'm inclined to believe him) so I literally wondered out loud, "What kind of health benefits are there, Terry?!"

I didn't get an answer from the video, so I Googled it.  Apparently, not only is it good for your diet (prevents heart diseases, increases metabolism, etc.) BUT it provides beauty benefits -- you can apply it topically to your hair as a treatment, you can use it as a massage oil to reduce stress, reduces wrinkles, treats psoriasis and eczema, and more.

Of course I run to the nearest Whole Foods and buy a jar of it, along with ingredients to make this delish dinner that Terry prepared in the vid.

I don't need to get into how to make it all -- just watch the video for yourself -- but look at my pretty meal!  Yes, it looks meager because I ate most of the asparagus and yams before the pic.  And I bought chicken breasts, not legs.  But let me just say I love Coconut Oil!  It made the yams taste AMAZE, as well as the asparagus.  I'm going to make the best mom and wife some day... all thanks to YouTube.  The best part has to be that I made enough to last me until Wednesday and I have more ingredients left over to make a fresh batch at the end of the week.

Perhaps I should give Terry a call?  Huge ups to him!

Then because I couldn't resist at the store, I got some stuff to make strawberry shortcake.  I did it old school with the little cake cups instead of angel food cake because it reminds me of my childhood.  I also threw in raspberries for some extra flavor.  


  • Go to the nearest grocery store and pick up these little cake cups.  They come in packs of four and are usually right by the strawberries.

so cheap but soooo good
  • Buy a carton of raspberries and strawberries.  
  • Wash them both and leave them a little damp; dice up the strawberries and place both berries in a Ziploc container.  
  • Sprinkle sweetener on top.  You can use regular sugar or whatever you'd like.  I used two Stevia packets (a natural sugar substitute).
  • Let the berries sit in the fridge.  This will allow their juices to release, creating an amazing berry syrup.
  • After it's sat in the fridge about an hour (or longer), you can take it out and use some of the syrup to pour on top of the cake. 
  • Then throw up a heaping spoonful (or three) of berries.

  • Top with whipped cream.  I like Cool Whip Lite!
Tah-dah!  It's so easy but so so so so GOOD.  Thanks Mom for making this every year around Easter and in the summer.

So see?  Have a nutritious dinner and then indulge with this spring treat!

Mar 25, 2011

Teeny Titties: Abercrombie Kids has something for you!

Note: I hate the words 'tits' and 'titties', but I really could not pass up a title like that.  Sorry.

Photo from A&F Quarterly, via
Abercrombie & Fitch has created yet another uproar with the introduction of their new bikini top for Abercrombie Kids, the "push up."  Since writing this post, the section under swimwear titled "push up" has been removed, and the top, named Ashley, is now under the title of "triangle tops." 

Parents have apparently gone ape on A&F, considering Abercrombie Kids is targeted towards 7 to 14-year-old children. 

Here's what I think. 

Abercrombie isn't immune to all kinds of bad PR, including legal woes like discriminating against ethnic minorities and an employee with autism, violation of privacy (a 16-year-old being taped in a dressing room by an employee), along with sexually explicit photos of teen models in A&F Quarterly (I remember this being similar to softcore porn when I was in high school) and a whole slew of other things that were offensive both racially and sexually.  (Ex: selling pre-teen thongs with "Wink Wink" and "Eye Candy" on them).

Here's my thing.  Abercrombie isn't  going to change their brand.  They're known to most people as the staple in their middle and high school wardrobe, with stores blaring overbearing music and wreaking of Woods cologne.  They're also a push-the-envelope store, where they see how far they can take things, whether it be inappropriate taglines on tees or suggestive photography.  This has been going on for ten years or more, so if you don't want your child exposed to sexually forward attire, like a shirt that says, "Female Students Wanted for Sexual Research" or, in this case, a push-up bikini for seven-year-olds, then don't let your kids wear their clothes.  Simple as that.  As a parent, you provide food, shelter and clothes for their naked bodies.  Take charge and make sure they're not buying anything inappropriate for their age.  Or, if you don't want them seeing any of it, don't let them go in!  If anything, make them aware of the sweatshop practices they have going on... that should be enough to deter them.  But, I will say when I was younger, Abercrombie was the place to buy my wardrobe (although it was infrequent).  It was expensive-Cali style clothing that everyone was dying to have, especially since "Summer Girls" had just become a huge hit.  And there were not (if any) as many sexually suggestive clothing items back in the day.

Furthermore, where does Abercrombie Kids get off (no pun intended) on offering children at this age a push-up swimsuit top?  I mean, let's get real here: their target market doesn't even have boobs!  Bee stings if anything!  Most of them, once they get some yabbos, head on over to the "big kid" A&F store.  Shouldn't they have just put it in A&F to begin with?

I remember being in 3rd grade and wanting boobs SO BAD.  I would stuff my bra at home.  Yes, I'm admitting this.  Of course, it was only at home -- imagine if I took my happy a$$ to school with my training bra filled with Bcup ta-tas!  That would be hilarious.  I SWEAR there is a point to this public humilation, bear with me.  When I did develop, I was mortified because I had before everyone else, including my friends, so I was trying everything to hide them: wearing two sports bras at at time, overly baggy tops, taping them (ouch).  Then again, back in 1999 when I was 13, being sexy wasn't something I was exposed to.  Sure, I wanted to be Britney Spears, but only because she was pretty, a great dancer and dating Justin Timberlake.  Not because she had giants breasts and sang about getting hit.

Which brings us to this question: in a day where sex is overly innundating our media, and sex tapes are a launchpad for fame, should businesses be held socially -- and morally --  responsible for their content?  Especially if they target children?  Or is this just a freedom of speech kind of ordeal?

I have to say answer with "yes."  We need to maintain children's innocence as much as we can (not like I have one)!  As someone who has a little brother, I think about if he was still 14-years-old.  I don't want him walking into a store reading a shirt about "sexual research."  And regarding the ethnically racist garb A&F provides, I don't think he would have understood the racist content, which would be terrible if he showed up at his favorite Chinese restaurant wearing it.  Not to mention one day I hope to be a mom, and I don't want my seven-year-old asking me to buy her a push-up swimsuit top for her non-existant breasts, because all her friends have one.  I don't even want to think about that.  I don't want to comprehend that the sole reason to own a push up bra is to draw attention to your cleavage, thus catching the eye of a man or two (or just to make you feel good about yourself -- I have a few great recommendatinos if you need any) and that my seven-year-old would essentially be wearing one without understanding the idea behind it all -- or in a worst case scenario, she does understand and I've essentially raise a slorebag.  No thank you!

Gives meaning to "temporary"

I get it.  I really do.  I have been there.  I've had the best of times; I've had the worst of the worst of times. 

I'm talking about internships... and temps.

Let me take that back.  I've never been a temp.  But man, I know exactly what not to do after training these few.

Our job is this: greet guests, answer a million phone lines and transfer them accordingly, book meetings, keep everything stocked in the kitchen and supply closet, etc..  Fairly simple.  It takes some effort, but it's not rocket science.  After my colleague got promoted last week, we were left without someone to cover her desk, so we thus had to hire a temp.

Our first one was sweet enough, but seemed timid.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt until she asked me where the save button was in Microsoft Excel.  I mean, REALLY?  I'm not tooting my own horn because I know other people will say the same -- I've been using Microsoft Office since, I don't know, I was 13?  Maybe even before?  Actually, I have proof -- I have a Word document on my computer from 4th grade when I wrote a Spice Girls-oriented magazine.  It's not. that. hard.

Turns out girlfriend was only 19, but she's going to have problems beyond her young age.  (Granted, I don't know her personal situation, if she's ever had access to a computer, whatever -- but if you are going to work in an office, it's assumed you know how to work with these programs, yeah?)

I've learned so much about people and my boss since the vacancy popped up.  Every time he tells me to tell them something, I say, "I'm not their boss," and he says, "Like hell you aren't!"  So he's been giving me a lesson in management -- and quick.  Yes, my resume says I was a manager of a spa and salon.  This is the truth.  But I've only had one talk where I had to sit down with someone and be like, "Hey, this isn't going to work out.  See ya." (With more tact, of course.)  Wednesday, we're blew through temp number two, all at my own disposal.  It's kind of terrifying and empowering, but trust me, I'm the biggest cheerleader for newbies because I sooooo remember how terrible it was working at a corporate agency, not knowing anyone, and not being offered any help or sympathy.

Really.  I do know this.  It was the summer before my senior year and for three months of hell I worked at a place that I should I have been thrilled about, but wasn't.  I had just endured the whole MTV fiasco (you can find it somewhere on this blog) and had to settle for a bummer, albeit paid, internship.  When I started my first day, my super(visor) didn't even come by my desk to introduce herself.  I don't even remember how I found my desk.  But a mere four hours later she gave me a quick "Hey!" before I was off to lunch by myself.

About four week into my misery, I was transferred to another department because their intern's dad worked in real estsate and it was a conflict of interest, so they swapped us out.  I was excited, thinking I may get actual tasks and feel responsible, but instead I was handed over to what might be the literal Satan of bosses.  She looked like Angela from The Office with brown hair and even kind of talked like her (but that didn't make her Satan).  She also had just bought a Hummer admist our national economic downturn because "It was pretty!" and she liked big cars.  She arrived notoriously late every day (something that was frowned upon) and when I was practicing my intern presentation to her, she critiqued my clothes instead of my subject matter.  I wish I was kidding.

The sh*t hit the fan when one of my intern comrades overheard her talking to her boss about me -- and badly -- in front of an entire group of people.  This was after I had yet ANOTHER meeting about my intern presentation.  They told me that I needed to not present on the topic I was interested in learning about -- celebrity branding -- but I should do something towards the likes of "What I learned at ____ ____ _____."  To clarify, I learned that most interns that weren't in the publicity department hated this gig, that my boss was a first class idiot, and that instead of having any class or wit about them, my supervisors were really 13-year-old girls disguised as distinguished account executives.  How do you like them apples?

So once I realized my boss had no consideration for me,  I went to HR immediately and told of all the crap she pulled that summer and notified the intern coordinator, who said he was going to have a chat with them about their "disrespect" and to give him a call so we could follow up after my internship ended.

I never did.

SO yeah, I really empathize with the interns and temps.  I told my boss I'd like to do an introduction for everyone, make them a packet to get them started off on the right foot, and if anything they'd have a face in the company to come to when they were desperate.  All went off without a hitch.  And for the most part, our interns are fabulous.  We have a ton -- around 30 or so.   But then we get a few duds and it's like... how are you still in college getting a degree with this lack of common sense?  I have one that calls me every day explaining who she is.  I don't have short term memory loss.   She also asks me if certain people work for us, when she has a phone list to consult. 

This leads me to our recently booted temp: come on, girlfriend!  It takes seriously two minutes to scan a phone list and get familiar with some of the names.  She calls me at least three times an hour asking if so-and-so works here and what their extension is.  While I enjoy being a 411 operator, you can take a gander at that sheet of paper with all the pretty numbers on it!  Not hard!

She also had been calling my boss the wrong name for three days straight.  At first she didn't even know his name.  "Some guy came over here and went in the closet."  You mean... your boss?  The guy that is going to sign your paysheet?  The one you met upon arrival?  She showed up an hour late her first day because her alarm didn't go off, and on her last day (she didn't know it was) she informed me that she had a court hearing at 10:45 the next day -- will Nick (real name: Mark) have a problem with her leaving?  Nope.  Not to all.  'Cause ya ain't coming back, sister.

I know the job can be stressful, but instead of answering a question with "I don't know, I'm just a temp," why try something like, "I'm not positive, I'm new, but I can find out the answer!"  And then call me.  Is it really that hard?  Is it? I need answers.

Needless to say I'm working a lot harder and have a better appreciation for diligent people with common sense.

Mar 24, 2011

It's a mad, mad world

Last night started with me sitting in bed with pimple cream on my face around 9:00 and ended with some flying midget bartenders.

Gotta love Los Angeles!

Taryn's power of persuasion got me to join her at Beacher's Madhouse -- a club most notably in Vegas and New York.  It's official opening was last night and needless to say... it was a literal madhouse.

Where do I even start?  I had the most bizarre experience of my life.  I say this often, but really, the past three weeks... not really sure what's going on upstairs, but I've been having quite a few interesting experiences.

Let's see.  Beacher's is located in The Roosevelt Hotel, which houses Teddy's and Spare Room.  I love Teddy's, however I can never get into Spare Room because the place has tighter security than Obama, but last night the club gods let us in.  It was probably because it was a Wednesday, mostly because of the crew we were with.  I really like this place -- has a vintage feel, is a bar -- not a club, and has two bowling lanes which is pretty awesome.  The coolest part is probably the awesome vintage bowling shoes.

After a drink or two we decided to go down and brave Beacher's Madhouse.  Our promoter friend JP invited us, but the group we were with had a table, so luckily I didn't have to subject myself to Hollywood caste system humilation and we walked in without any fuss. 

I've gotta hand it to the owners, the place lived up to the name.  Immediately upon entry there was a giant dude on stilts, drag queens, people in animal costumes, and midgets.  Yes, I use the term midget because that is what they are referred to there -- they're notoriously known for their Midget Bar and Flying Midget Bartenders, who are hoisted and flown around the entire club with Christmas lights strung on them.  Needless to say it was a circus.

When we got there, we landed at a table with Hayden Panetierre, Vanessa Hudgens (coming from the Sucker Punch premiere) and Dane Cook.  And then, out of nowhere, Jon Hamm appeared. 

Pause: I feel like I need to say something.  I can talk about seeing these people because it's not like we were getting chummy and having a conversation.  They were just at the table.  Trust me, I'm not that girl who's going around exaggering crap to make myself feel better.  I always hate when people are like "I hung out with _______ last night!" and really they just saw them in the bathroom for a hot minute. 
Also, I'm not above being starstruck.  I don't think I'm hot sh*t,  I mean, I'm no one.  Just a bystander in this crazy town, getting to experience all the ups and downs LA has to offer.  One upside for me is, of course, the celebrities, considering I absolutely love everything entertainment related.  You see these people in the media and it's cool getting to see them in person, because they're just living their life but in the limelight.   I'm not going to freak out over it.  However, I'm a commoner.   For example: I can say, "Holy crap, we were at Leonardo Dicarpio's table last Friday," and it's not going to matter because it's not like I know him, so I wouldn't consider it "selling out" or inappropriate.  I'm simply observing.  If I had gotten into a convo with someone, you can bet I would be sparing those details because there's nothing more obnoxious than people who are friends with someone in the spotlight and all they do is talk about it and name drop.  Gag.  I think what I'm really trying to say here is that while I tell stories like this, I'm not a tell-all, and I know what to talk about publicly and what needs to be kept private.  I want to live my life with tact, dignity and consideration for others... so I hope you guys don't think I'm acting like a name-dropper or some kind of douche for talking about my sightings, because I'm just a chick who gets a thrill out of these types of situations, because if I were back home it would never have happened.  However, I know most of you who read like hearing about this stuff, so I fulfill that with tiny tidbits here and there.  I don't even know why I feel the need to explain myself, but alas I am.  Thanks for letting me stand on that soapbox. :)

Anyway, in between flying midget bartenders, contortionists and dance routines to a mash up of "Party Like a Rock Star" and "The Oompa Loompa Song," we decided to bail and ended up in some hotel suite with Paris and Nicky Hilton, Kelly Osbourne (who was dressed up as Snow White for the opening), David Arquette and Dane Cook.  I was sitting in a chair observing this with a new friend when we both wondered, "What are we doing here?"  I felt like a fly on the wall.

So that was my night in a nutshell.  Crazy how I was supposed to be in bed eating Kraft Mac and Cheese.

Mar 23, 2011

Do not be anxious about your life

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. As it is written, “He has distributed freely, he has given to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.” He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.  2 Corinthians 9:8-10 ESV 

I hear this over and over again, almost daily, and it's so true.  If you sow seeds of good, you will be blessed in abundance.  By living your life for the welfare of and love towards other people, you will begin to forget any transgression, hurt or injustice brought against you, allowing yourself to be free of fear, worry and pain.  Seeing everyone through the eyes of love not only works out for us personally but more so for the person you're looking at.  Focus on how others may feel or what might be going on in their life and offer love, support and hope.

 And he said to his disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing. Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds! And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest? ...  Luke 12:22-31 ESV

I love this verse because when I start to worry about any aspect of my life: career, relationships, family, finances, and so on, I read it and remember that God will provide, no matter what.  Sometimes I get caught up in this big world and forget that I am not the world's.  I'm a child of His, and he never disappoints.  He's always there, moving and shaking behind the scenes.  Whether it be something as literal as shelter or food, or something that can be as simple and complicated like an answer, revelation, or peace of mind, he will provide it.  Just seeking him out, leaning on him and asking for his interaction in my life has helped me tremendously, regardless if the situation or circumstance was something petty or something dire.  
Take the saying "If you don't ask you can't receive" to heart and ask Him for any help or support you may need.  It's helped me out and that's why I post about all this stuff!

Mar 22, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

It's a big week for me for many reasons, and some pretty fun things have happened thus far. 

-- I might have a new writing gig!  I'll obviously keep my baby (this blog), but this new opportunity would allow me to write nationally and for a big name!  Fingers crossed!

-- I write for as the WeHo Beauty Examiner, but recently got an additional title: LA Salon Guide Examiner.  I'm uber excited because that means I get to test out different salons (hair, nail, etc.) around Los Angeles, review them and make new beauty contacts.  It's definitely a #winning situation!

.... Which brings me to my next item:

-- I'm on to Round Three of the Charlie Sheen Sexual Slave Contest Internship.  I think it's hilarious, but like any good candidate I've done my research and realize that this whole thing is actually a big fat scam, where pays Charlie to advertise for an intern on their site.  Not to mention they are interviewing randoms all over the nation, and we all (should) know that if you want an internship in LA, the #1 rule is to claim to or actually live here.  So while I doubt Charlie and him team actually saw my 75 character or less response to why I should be the new Tiger Blood Intern ("Because I can rip people to shreds"), it's still comical that I get random e-mails announcing that I've moved on.   I mean, can you imagine if it was for real?  Little ol' me traveling around like a gypsy with Charlie Sheen, wearing bullet proof vests to protect myself from my own boss.  I told my mom that I felt like I was supposed to move to LA to "save" people (go figure), like Brit Brit of La Loca Lohan.  You know, engage them by going on some crazy drinking spree around LA and then stage an intervention of sorts by taking them to church on Sunday (Brentwood Presby maybe?).   Let them know I really care about them, have a come to Jesus, the whole nine yards.  Well, I think I've found my charity case.  I can see it now.  "Texas gal wrangles in Charlie Sheen."  I could totally play up the accent, maybe cry a few tears (no doubt that I would -- I imagine it would be a truly sad and terrifying experience).  I'd wear cowboy boots everday and blog about how I had to escape a gaggle of druglords after mistakenly thinking their cocaine was powdered sugar and made icing for Charlie's "10 Days Sober" cake.  Too much?

-- I LOVE Drybar and today I did a post on their upcoming WeHo event, Blow! Bow! Bash!  To my surprise, after I had sent the article to their publicist, I received the absolute nicest e-mail from their CEO, Michael. 

"Hi Kirbie,

I'm not just saying this because you wrote nice things about us, but I really really love your writing style.

I have such a newfound appreciation for how difficult good writing is to find. So just wanted to say thank you - both for the nice mention, but also for being so talented at what you do!


I was absolutely floored by this, mostly because it's a rarity that someone at his level even responds to someone like me -- I write for, it's by no means Allure or InStyle or Glamour.  However, Michael is not only CEO of Drybar, but he used to be Vice President of Brand Marketing at Yahoo! and founded his own marketing company.  I want to make writing and journalism my full-time job someday, and getting an e-mail like this is encouragement to say the least.  

-- I worked the Milk + Bookies event yesterday and holy children, it was adorable!!!  Possibly my favorite event yet.  It was a book fair of sorts, where celebrities came with their families.  Readers included Jack Black, Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Josh Holloway (Lost), Maya Rudolph, and Jason Biggs among others.  There were chocolate fountains and of course cookies and milk, with beanbags to lounge on, a DJ, arts and crafts.  Children aren't weren't really my thing, but I'm proud to announce I no longer shake when a baby cries.  It used to give me huge anxiety attacks and now I'm a seasoned pro. 
Some little guy ran straight into a glass door when he saw DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.  I have no idea where his parents were, but he hit the thing hard and started to cry.  Enter maternal instincts: I picked the little guy up and rocked him until he stopped crying. I'M GOING TO BE A MOTHER SOMEDAY, Y'ALL!  Yes, this is considered a huge feat in my book because as small child I developed a disdain for crying babies, mostly due to the "Oopsie Daisy!" doll (or perhaps my newborn brother whose crying never ceased) that would crawl, fall and cry for minutes on end until you picked her up.  I couldn't deal with it.  I'd run the hell away.  She also looked like a freak of nature, so maybe that's why I was scared.  Personally, I preferred Baby Shivers because she was quiet, looked like a legit real baby and even smelled like one!
I learned a lot about celebrity parents at the event.  Ashlee Simpson was there with Bronx and she's a super mom.  Really.  Very doting, calm and collected.  Not like the brief hour we saw them means anything, but still.  Bronx is absolutely adorable, and Jack Black's kids -- you would know they were his even if he wasn't around.  They look just like him but with blonde hair (well, one does) and they have the absolute BEST personalities!  We were all cracking up.  Check out the coverage links to see his little tykes... spitting image, no?
Julie Bowen was there with her three kids (two of whom are twins) and I have to hand it to her -- she's got motherhood down pat.  She was trying to tell a story and one of her kids started to get fussy and she, as if she was talking to an adult, goes, "Oh honey, no.  We don't have time for this.  Sit."  It was hilarious and amazing all at the same time -- he listened!  I now have so much more respect for mothers with more than one kid.  They climb all over you, are loud, made weird noises, talk about random crap and most of the time you have no idea what they're saying.  Meanwhile, Julie still managed to pull off some great interviews while her three kiddos hung all over her.  It was unbelievable.  Moms really are super-women.
I was responsible for DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.  Next time I babysit I will be throwing in a few Yo-G-G videos because the kids went absolutely mad when they saw him.  It was like the second coming of Jesus or something.  I've gotta hand it to him, the guy probably went in for an audition and thought "Great, I'm going to be on some kids show in a neon jumpsuit" and now he's definitely making some bank.  It was tres adorable seeing all the kids' faces light up when he walked into the room!  They recognized him instantly.
After he read, we got Lance to meet little Bronx.  It was SO ADORABLE, I can't even tell you.  I know I keep saying adorable, but bare with me.  I haven't seen so many tiny children in awhile.  They just warm your heart!  Anyway, there should be a pic of Ashlee, Lance and Bronx together somewhere in that link (above).
I think the best part of the day was when I was talking to Jack's kid (I didn't get his name) and some little boy came up and grabbed onto my purse strap.  I looked down and had to do a double take because I honestly thought I was looking at my 18-year-old brother when he was four.  Just the way his little head was shaped and how his hair was buzzed and his blue eyes.  I almost teared up but restrained myself.  He just came up and held on the to the strap like it was no big deal.  I think that's the best thing about kids: they're so unassuming.

E! featuring Josh Holloway reading and Milk + Bookies
Maya Rudolph's baby bump in the LA Times
Ashlee walks the red with baby Bronx -- Just Jared
Ash and DJ Lance Rock Yo Gabba Gabb-ing -- PopSugar Australia
Perez Hilton covers 2nd Annual Milk + Bookies

Here are some personal pics:

Unintentionally got a shot of Josh Holloway from Lost
Big wall made out of books
Peacock, all made out of books!
Story room lounge scenery -- that bear is all books as well 
If you look close, you can see Ashlee & Bronx 

Mar 21, 2011

MENtervention: NO, we won't.

What's the deal with men?  Especially in LA?  I guess I can't just narrow it down to "men in LA" because I'm positive (actually, I know for a fact) that men around the country are pulling the same crap on other innocent women.  But in this case, let's use LA.

Guys, when it comes to the chase, NO, we won't.  We're putting our foot down.  We will not text you, make the first move, call you -- that's why it's called courting: you are to court the lady.  Indefinitely.  

Several of my girlfriends always ask the same questions:  should I text him?  If so, when?  Will he think I'm not interested if I don't make a move?  

Note to the ladies: NO!  Because if they have a pair between their legs, they should know that it's their full-time job to make the effort towards us.  Sure, sending a harmless "Had a great time!" after a date is alright, but it's always better if it follows a previous text from the him.  

These days, an unfortunate amount of women lose their dignity somewhere between lonely-town and desperate-ville.  The innocence and importance of intimacy (whether it be a kiss or sex) is thrown out the window for attention; and thus men treat said women as if they're disposable.  The roles in courtship have slowly been reversed.

Women are now being forced to think that it's their job to keep the spark alive, chase after the man, and dig up some romance.  In some cases, we're being forced to think that we have to wear the pants: be the strong ones, the one who "fixes" things, the one who keeps everything smooth and happy.  And it's all because guys are getting more and more lazy, and women are getting more insecure.  They ladies believe that if they don't make a move, that the guy won't reach out and will move on to a chick who is less work.

I'm sorry, but this is just pathetic.  Guys, any girl worth having is hard work.  You can breeze through as many easy lays as you'd like, but when it comes down to it, one day you're going to find a woman who is absolutely amazing and you'll want to be with her and only her -- and you'll have to explain all of the skanks you "conquered" because you were horny immature, selfish and wanted a good time.  Practice some self restraint, think about your future and act accordingly.  I mean, have some pride in yourself for crying out loud.

If you're interested in a girl, it's your job to make the moves and obtain her.  Everyone has to give a little, but as a man, you need to take the reigns and be in charge.  Women not only deserve it, but they enjoy it and find it attractive. (PS: "taking the reigns" doesn't mean you court a woman via Facebook or text.  Get a grip.)

Mar 20, 2011

Not my will, Thy will

"Too often the fog of the flesh blocks out our ability to see God's plan.  Our selfishness pushes away His hand because we want our way.  Our location and our situation become irksome assignments, and life becomes barren and cold.
The only way to find happiness in the grind of life is to do so by faith.  A faith-filled life means all the difference in how we view everything around us.  It affects our attitudes towards people, toward location, toward situation, toward circumstances, toward ourselves.  only then do our feet become swift to do 
what is right."

Being always of good courage... we walk by faith, not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:6-7

(From Charles Swindoll's Bedside Blessings)

Keep the faith... this verse has been helping me tremendously the past couple of days!

Behind every strong man...

... is a stronger woman.

I was researching Brad Stevens yesterday after the Butler win.  Not for stats or anything basketball related, but since he's a precious college basketball coach, I was obviously inclined to wonder if he was single.

He's not.

BUT, I read a great story about his wife, Tracy.  She encouraged Brad (then as his girlfriend) to take the volunteer job at Butler and quit his well-paying job at Eli Lilly --- she must be a developer.  He was only 23.  He paid bills by working at Applebees (maybe the worst food chain known to mankind) and lived in his friend's basement, while Tracy went to school to get a law degree in order to provide for their future family.

We all know how the story ends, but it took some struggle and time to get there.

I think this shows an immense amount of faith and confidence.  First, that Tracy had so much faith in Brad that she supported him quitting his job to volunteer; second that Brad did it all in the first place.

It also shows that when you are meant to do something, you cannot be stopped.  Brad loved basketball and played at DePauw although he acknowledged his skills weren't as great as other players -- but he still loved the game.  Everything fell into place for him, and now he's not only been to the Final Four, he's been there as the coach.

If that isn't sexy, I don't know what is.  Like I've said time and time again,  I'm all about a good looking and skillful coach.  You can't deny that kind of talent!

Go after your passion.  Sometimes it's brought into your life not in the way you imagined (ex: playing ball), but in the way that you're destined for (coaching ball).

Mar 17, 2011

well DAMN.

Anyone have a Lexapro?  I'm officially depressed.  I had Old Dominion making a sweep into the ELITE EIGHT!  Maybe I'm crazy, but I prefer it that way.  THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE NEXT BUTLER.  Obviously not.

And wow.  Come on Louisville!  Have some dignity! I'm so pissed right now, I can't see straight. 

Much like women experience PMS, men experience MMS (March Madness Syndrome).  Now you all can sympthize with us when we're enraged for no good reason. 

Here's my bracket so you guys can gauge how idiotic (or not) I am.  I really had faith in ODU and now it's all gone!  I feel like I've been stood up on a date!  Wah!

Penn State didn't beat Temple so I might as well stick a fork in myself...

Click to enlarge

What Women Want: The Survey

Before I dive in to the findings, for all of you who sent me messages criticizing my question of "is marriage becoming extinct?" check out this article from Dr. Stan Katz on an article from CNN, stating that (sadly) marriage is becoming obsolete for millenials.  Whether you believe it or not, the emphasis on marriage to start a family is becoming more and more archaic to our generation.


52 responses total

1) Age

72% were between the age of 23-27
17% were 18-22 (presumably an undergrad)
11% were 28 or older

2) I am most concerned about:

Majority rules that a career is what most women are concerned about.  Other answers included staying in shape because they were either a) already in a commitmed relationship, b) had a great career or c) both.

"A few years ago I would have answered finding love, but now I've found it! Next I would put my career. While it's not everything in life, it's more important than how you look. Your career, whether it's in an office, being a mom, or it changes, is part of what defines you." (Participant was 28 or older)

"I am in love, I know I spend more time working at my career than working out, so I suppose that I am more concerned with my career. Keeping my skin young and youthful doesn't seem to be in the same ball park as the others :D" (Participant is 23-27)

"i want to be in love/married more than a lot of things in my life. this also seems like something that i thought i would have at this point in my life... and i wonder why i don't."  (Participant 23-27)

3) My past relationships have ended because:

Most agreed that their ex was not the right guy for them, however, an overwhelming amount of responses stated that their ex just wasn't the right one for them right now.  Timing is everything, right?

"He clearly wasn't the right guy because neither of us would have done the things we did if he was."

"I'm married now so I can say with certainty that every guy before my husband wasn't right for me."

"We grew up and grew apart."

4) If I could change one thing physically about myself, it would be:

This one was all over the place.  Participants put everything from their knees to their hair to having less freckles and smaller pores.  However, the top three things women would want to change about themselves physically are:

Their weight (should have been obvious)
Their stomach -- most want it more toned and flat
Their butt -- some complain it's too big, others say it's not perky enough

5) I'm turned off by:

Lack of ambition = less attraction.  It's not that we want to stay home and let him do all the work, it's moreso we want him to want better for himself.

"C'mon. I'm 23 and at this point any guy I date should have a job."

"Everybody wants somebody with drive. If they don't even have goals for themself, why should I expect anything else with me?"

"It is a priority of mine to work and provide for myself and I expect the same from a guy."

Most women also agree that it's aggrevating and boring when someone kisses-up or agrees with you 100% of the time.  We know we aren't perfect, so show some of your own ideas, beliefs and opinions!  We like to be challenged and to learn, and dating a guy who agrees with us 100% of the time doesn't do either.

6) I've slept with:

I don't know why I'm surprised, and I applaud the people who haven't slept with anyone.  For those who are virgins, five out of six are waiting for marriage, and one possibly is, but definitely is waiting until they're in love (good choice!).  Several of the nine that have only slept with one person are married, and both partners waited until marriage.

For the 3 or mores, most answered they were in a relationship, and for those that were flings, they mentioned they were "just for fun," or "young and stupid."

7) The first thing I notice on a man (or woman) is:

Smiles get your far, gentlemen.  Why do you think everyone loves John Krasinksi?  :)

8) I want men to know:

There were several themes to this answer. 

These are my confessions (tell the truth).
"That honesty is the best policy. If the girl is not the one, tell her that (nicely of course), rather than stringing her along. She'd rather hear you are not into her than feel insecure about the relationship for months/years when she's noticing you are not all there. She deserves happiness too and needs to move on so she can find the one."

"Quit with the cheating. It's UNREAL how common I feel like it is. If you are done/unhappy with the relationship, grow some balls and say so."

"...we just want them to be HONEST."

"Women aren't as fragile as we may tell us the truth, the whole truth, from the get's just better in the long run."

"Be honest and open. Don't fake happiness."

"They should just be upfront about the type of relationship they're looking for.".

Consider us equal.
"That gender roles are becoming less relevant for them, too. It's not just women stepping into a "man's world", men need to be open to the idea of evolving as well and become well-rounded in terms of their participation in child-rearing, domestic life, etc. I'm not saying every man needs to be comfortable with the idea of living their lives as a "Mr. Mom." But I do think people need to realize that all duties in a relationship are a personal choice and broad-sweeping views of gender norms are not helpful."

At the end of the day, we're women.
"The little things you do are more important than presents or big romantic gestures."

"Just because women are equal partners doesn't mean he doesn't need to step up and take responsibility for things."

"...make me feel special."

"I want men to learn the perfect balance of being the stable relationship guy but also the fun, exciting, unpredictable guy. It seems like there are mostly just the extremes out there. Girls need the exciting part in a relationship to stay interested. Yes sometimes we like to sit at home with you and drink wine and watch movies and be boring, but I also want you to take charge and be exciting. Find the balance."

"Even though it's the 21st century, and women want equality, we still want to be treated well. Often, we want you to initiate things - call us, open the door for us, etc, and we will do nice things for you too. You don't have to buy expensive things all the time, and don't rely solely on social networking either. Chivalry and romance are still the best way to get a girl and keep her."

"We want to be surprised with little and big things, it lets us know you are thinking about us."

Real talk
"I'm not just a fucking booty call. Thanks." (Totally laughed out loud at this one.  Kudos.)

"Being a frat star is not necessarily attractive."  (Contrary to popular belief, they're all glorified frat stars well into adulthood.  Perhaps indefinitely. Sorry!)

"They need to grow up."

"More than likely your girlfriend is going to dislike at least one of your friends. It sucks, but we can't always love all the people you love to hang out with."

"We really are not a complicated as you make us out to be."

"Porn can really hurt your sex life.  A little self control now can make it really, really wonderful later."

"Some girls who act the most outgoing are the most insecure and just want attention! Be wary of getting sucked in!"

"We are not all jealous, clingy, annoying drama queens."

"I am right... most of the time! More than they give us credit for."

"Read underlying hints." (Check out some MENterventions for help.)

Don't try to change me.
"The real me. Not the one they would like me to be."

"I am happy with who I am, so don't waste time making me feel like I should be someone else." (Side note: Guys, this is true on so many levels.  We know you guys have crushes and fantasize about whatever, but the thing we are searching for is the feeling that we are more than enough for you.  You're not settling to be with us, you're not trying to change or mold us into something or someone else.  You think we are amazing as ourselves.)

"We want to know you love us exactly as we are." (See?)

Laughter is the best medicine.
"Humor is the biggest turn on."

"Your sense of humor is the sexiest thing about you." (AMEN.  There is nothing more unattractive than a guy who has a terrible sense of humor about himself and life in general -- or, if he's so into himself that he takes himself too seriously.  Comedic relief is necessary in relationships, so being able to make us laugh is something we don't always acknowledge but certainly respect and appreciate.)

9) If I could look like anyone, it would be:
Most women picked "other," with Kim Kardashian as a lead contender for the available choices.  They picked Kim because she is "successful, beautiful and isn't a bean pole."  They appreciated her curves and her work ethic.  Interesting that while it was a question about physical appearance, women swayed towards Kim for her career.
As for the others, they chose them because they felt they all had amazing bodies.
Out of the "other" responses, there were various women thrown into the pot, but the top woman was Jennifer Aniston, over people like Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, and Adriana Lima.  Anne Hathaway was the second most mentioned, but most noteably almost every answer read as follows: "_______ _______ because she is effortlessly/naturally beautiful." 
However, as as tie with Jen, women said they didn't want to look like anyone else.  They wanted to look like themselves, but maybe more toned or a few pounds lighter.  And no, Angelina Jolie was not mentioned.

10) My thoughts on marriage are:

"Marriage is a God-created institution designed to bring Him glory and to help each partner become who He created them to be."

Don't Rush.
"I'm excited to meet the person I'm supposed to marry, but I'm not in any kind of rush."

"Wait until you are for sure...don't rush marriage.  It will happen when it's suppose to at the right time. It's not something you dabble with just for fun."

"I want to get married, but not right now.  I'm too young.  I want to start my career and be able to support myself before I get married."

"It's an antiquated practice that's largely misused/understood b/c we're all brought up w/the Disney ideal of "happily where after". It's a commitment to another person, which doesn't require a piece of paper or expensive chapel wedding to make it last."

"It's not for everyone and should be a decision made when the timing is right, not a life-long goal to attain."

It's forever.
"It is forever, it is not to be entered without serious consideration and it is imperative that one's spouse is to be treated with honor, submission, respect and consideration. Getting married just to get your needs met or just because 'it's the next step in our relationship' is not good enough."

We're scared.
"It is something that I want for my life but scares me. As we evolve and change throughout our lives it seems like it will be hard to be with the same person and still have things in common."

"It scares the crap out of me, but I still want it."

Not for everyone.
"...If you are needy, untrustworthy, too independent and/or jealous, then marriage is not for you. It’s a compromise, you have to be willing to give up a little but because you want to, not because you feel like you have to."

Divorce is not an option.
"I never, EVER want to get divorced, so I'm willing to wait as long as I need to to be 100% sure that the person I marry is the one. I would rather be 50 and single, than 50 and married to the wrong person."

It's hard, but...
"It's wonderful! Yes, there are challenges but it's totally worth it."

"It's something I only plan to do once. It's not going to be a cake takes compromise and work.  

My thoughts might be best summed up in the song 'Love is not a Fight' by Warren Barfield."

"It's beautiful and it's hard work. People these days are lazy and thinking they're going to feel that initial passion forever."

You're my best friend.
"I was not interested in marriage at all until I found my husband.. For us, marriage is committing to your best friend. That simple. If you do that, it works."

"It's great when you are ready. Don't rush it. Marry your best friend. Always be honest. Take one day at a time!"

And that concludes the results and findings.  You can see that we as women are emotional beings who rely heavily on our heart, yet we have strong ambition and need for companionship.   We're scared and excited for the future, and in the end we all want to be loved without limits.

What do you think?  What do you agree or disagree with?  Do you feel the same way?  Guys, was this insightful at all?

Mar 16, 2011

Love and marriage go together like a...?
Well, well, well.  This survey was maybe even more fun (and insightful) than the last!  But can I just say that the tone of this one is also more... bitter? Stern?  Aggressive?  While men offered insights and seemed (for the most part) calm, cool and collected, women seem a little bit pissed.

Here's what I can gather:
-  All of us have had a shit-tay ex-boyfriend (or two)
-  We all want to be thinner.  Period.
-  If we're in a relationship, we're not content with our career; if we're climbing up the corporate latter, we're dissatifisfied with our love life (if we're between the ages of 23-37)
- We all want to be in love and find happiness, but we're scared of marriage, and even more scared of ending up alone.

However, let me dig into the real issue here: marriage.  When it came to answering their thoughts on this subject, women pretty much lay it all out:  It's a struggle, and it's forever; it's become more of an institution than a relationship, etc.  People are slowly dissolving the idea of a union because once something gets too hard, they want to throw their hands up.  Most women who wrote about their idea of marriage consistently said it would take work and that they only want it to happen once, but they're scared.

This made me think: much like generations progress and transform, is marriage going extinct? 

I'm a Christian and in the bible it states that divorce shouldn't be an option, with the exception for adultery.  However, I am having a really hard time with that.  Let me explain.  I was raised in a single family unit, however my both of my parents were married before they married each other and to me, they got divorced with good reason, not to mention I would have have the loving and stable family upbringing I did had my mom stayed with my biological father -- to mention, I wouldn't have met my Dad (Randy).  So, I can't sit here and say that if my husband made me scared, physically abused me or my children that I would put up the fight to be with him.  I don't wish upon anyone a divorce, because I think today it's becoming an excuse for people to jump into marriage without thinking of the consequences and focus on having some lavish wedding and making babies. 

It's not to be denied: marriage has been turned into an ideal and is constantly ignored as a relationship.  It's something perpetuated to men and women as the one thing where everything is essentially perfect. You've found 'The One.'  However, it should be reiterated that the term actually means, "The One who you will stand by through thick and thin," not "The One who removes all difficulties and problems."  It's "The One" relationship that you plan on making last forever, because you see the potential in that person to be a good and fair husband/wife/mother/father.  Just like it takes hard work to get a career going and stable, it's the same for a marriage (all coming from someone who is very much not married, to take it with a grain of salt). 

So, is the idea of marriage becoming extinct?  Much like segregation has been eradicated from social standards, women are allowed to vote and are receiving more college degrees than men, and so on, is the concept of marrying one person for the rest of your life something that will be extinct in the next few decades? 

Personally, I don't believe so.  There are a ton of couples living in Delusion Land, but a majority couples, I feel, go into marriage under the impression that it is through thick and thin, bad or good, and so on.  But that was my Carrie Bradshaw moment and felt compelled to ask. :)
Wow.  What a doozy.  If anything, this survey showed me that we as women are all more alike then we think.  We're all going through a little bit of emotional overload at this phase in our life, and we're all concerned about the same things.  I'm going to post some of the more insightful answers (and some of my favorite) to those questions... in the next post! Powered by Blogger.
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