Mar 7, 2011

Bachelorette: Tell All

Well crap.  I feel terrible about how badly I made fun of Michelle.  I mean, I wasn't that bad... but still.  I pretty much called her crazy every week and wondered if she was just acting.

Turns out about 80% of the girls in the house REALLY liked Michelle!  And she's just ridiculously sarcastic.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of sarcasm... but I was not reading it AT ALL on the edits of the show!

Watching her on this tell-all was blowing my mind because I ended up really liking her and even siding with her!  And when all the decent girls on the show can to her defense I was like, whaaaaaaaaat?  IT WAS CRAZY!  Like I was living in some alternate universe!  But touche, Michelle, I'm sorry I gave you so much crap.  She is the prettiest girl in the house... side-by-side with Emily. :)

HOLY ASHLEY H.  Who is this person?  First off, talk about a great makeover!  She looks way better than she did with the strawberry blonde crap she had going on.  I'm still not sold on her yet as the new Bachelorette, except I kind of started to like her when she got kicked off -- she wasn't all lollipops and roses, she was real about how she felt when Brad kicked her off.  I mean, he told her "You're exceptional" while he was breaking up with her.  Not the route to go.  Just make it a clean break: "It's not going to work between us" would have sufficed.

Ashley S. is so precious, I absolutely hate watching the recap of her crying when Brad lets her go!  It's just so. incredibly. sad.  Except I don't get why she needs even more closure from Brad.  What does he have to say? He let her know it wasn't going to work between them.  That she was going to be a great wife, just not for him.  What else does she need?  A kick in the stomach?  He'd be with you if he wanted to be... end of story.  Just accept the facts and move on, cause he certainly did!

OH Women Tell All, you never fail to disappoint!  Thanks for the entertainment for my Monday night.

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