Mar 20, 2011

Behind every strong man...

... is a stronger woman.

I was researching Brad Stevens yesterday after the Butler win.  Not for stats or anything basketball related, but since he's a precious college basketball coach, I was obviously inclined to wonder if he was single.

He's not.

BUT, I read a great story about his wife, Tracy.  She encouraged Brad (then as his girlfriend) to take the volunteer job at Butler and quit his well-paying job at Eli Lilly --- she must be a developer.  He was only 23.  He paid bills by working at Applebees (maybe the worst food chain known to mankind) and lived in his friend's basement, while Tracy went to school to get a law degree in order to provide for their future family.

We all know how the story ends, but it took some struggle and time to get there.

I think this shows an immense amount of faith and confidence.  First, that Tracy had so much faith in Brad that she supported him quitting his job to volunteer; second that Brad did it all in the first place.

It also shows that when you are meant to do something, you cannot be stopped.  Brad loved basketball and played at DePauw although he acknowledged his skills weren't as great as other players -- but he still loved the game.  Everything fell into place for him, and now he's not only been to the Final Four, he's been there as the coach.

If that isn't sexy, I don't know what is.  Like I've said time and time again,  I'm all about a good looking and skillful coach.  You can't deny that kind of talent!

Go after your passion.  Sometimes it's brought into your life not in the way you imagined (ex: playing ball), but in the way that you're destined for (coaching ball).

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