Mar 7, 2011

Charlie Sheen Overload

I applied for Charlie Sheen's internship.

What, you didn't?

I know it sounds kind of crazy.  I mean, I would be subjecting myself to harm and probably a whole crackload of drugs and alcohol.  But the experience would be priceless, and if I can do social media for Charlie Sheen, I can do it FOR ANYONE.  Not to mention it's paid, and those a few and far between.  I'd reckon to assume that it might be paid pretty well considering he's already lost his mind.

Here's why he should hire me:

- I could be a new muse or "goddess" if you will (in a non-sexual way, of course)
- God knows how involved I am with social media
- I'm pretty good at spinning things to the benefit I need -- i.e. I make a great publicist
- I'm a built-in babysitter... if he ever gets custody of his kids.
- It would be hilarious.  HIL-AR-I-OUS.
- And the number one sole reason I should get his internship is because... my MENterventions would probably serve him well.  Not to mention they'd be more entertaining.  I could totally get some good stories to work off of.

I followed him and then stopped following him, given his a history of violence towards women (remember that time he shot Kelly Preston?  Don't judge a person by their past, I suppose.  Also, ladies, this would be considered a FLAMING RED FLAG if I were going to date this man.  Or considering working for him...  tomato, tomAto.)

Alright Charles, make it happen.  I'll find out March 14th if I passed the 75 character limit application.

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