Mar 9, 2011

Daylight come and me want a chai latte...

Day one DOWN.  Yep.  No sweets for this chick.  It took all of my EVER-LIVING MIGHT to not step foot into Starbucks.  I mean, really, it was a huge struggle.  Much like the sound of ESPN can rock me to sleep (I have no idea why), Starbucks has that soothing effect to my soul.

Alas, I politely declined my urges and made it through the day without any sweets or Starbs.

Tomorrow won't be as easy, because it's our President's birthday and we're celebrating with a cake from Sweet Lady Jane.  Their best one: The Triple Berry Shortcake.  I DIE.  I die I die I die!  The thing has like, full, plump raspberries and blackberries inside it with fresh whipped cream and strawberries.  It's all I ate when I worked at Fekkai...

And tonight, while I was eating my dinner of freeze-dried pineapple and salmon with salsa, I was envisioning eating three or four Dove Chocolates at a time.  Like, "Mmmmm, this sal- I mean, large helping of Dove Chocolate is DELICIOUS!"  Yeah, it didn't work out too well.

Anyway, to all of you ladies who have taken my survey, THANK YOU!  It's going to make for a great post.  And on that note: dearest douchebag that took the time out of their day to fill out a woman's survey with answers that all stated "stupid woman" in some way,  you're a first class idiot.  I mean really?

I'm also working on a post that I think might start an actual discussion on this blog (hopefully).  It's a "Devil's Advocate" ordeal that I got to thinking about today.  I don't agree with anything I'm going to discuss, but it should elicit a "You're a flaming liberal!" comment from my extremely conservative parents.  So we'll see how THAT goes...

Off to watch this Modern Family rerun.  Be sure to tell your lady friends to do my survey!!! :)

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