Mar 4, 2011


I know they say that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery... but I'm have a rather hard time being flattered.  Rather, I'm majorly pissed off.

Guess what?  If you take things from my site and post them as your own, it's called plagarism.  You know, the thing that can get you kicked out of college.  If you want credentials and want anyone to think you're original, stop taking my blog(s) (that I work on and come up with myself) and start speaking your own mind.  Much like Lady Gaga mimicking Madonna*: you're not fooling anyone. (*I'm not claiming to be at the caliber of these people.  Just an example, folks.)

Am I just being obnoxious about this?  This blog is my baby.  I don't appreciate people taking posts, verbatim, and then adding in comments here and there and thinking those are their own thoughts and words.  THEY'RE NOT!

I'm going to pray for the next three hours that I can get over this real quick.  Until then, I hope you can live with the fact that you are a stealer.


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