Mar 3, 2011

If you run with stars, you'll succeed

Sow good seeds

One of the hardest things, for me at least, is recognizing when it's "my time."  Just like anyone else, I hold a healthy amount of confidence but, again, just like any 20-something, I get really get anxious about my future.

I have to reaffirm myself every so often that just because other people are succeeding doesn't take away from me being successful.  But how hard is it to see people you barely know or people you know the best skyrocketing and accomplishing their dreams while you're still patiently waiting for that "big break"?

On Twitter a few days ago, Maston Kipp retweeted a comment that simply stated, "Be the person you wish to attract."  This really resonated with me for some reason.  I know everyone says to be your best self and if you run with dogs you'll get fleas, but this statement really changed my entire attitude for the day.  I was more patient when people asked me the same question I've answered about 100 times before.  I was (more) proactive.  I went to the gym (althought my immune system really has turned in it's two week notice) and worked really hard in class... to the point that it pains me to squat in any shape, way or form.  I went home and deep cleaned the entire apartment.  I reached out to some friends I hadn't heard from in awhile and called my Mom.  I ate a healthy dinner (and indugled a little with dessert).

This is the type of person I want to attract.  Not just in terms of a mate, but also my friends! I feel like, right now, I already have plenty of these people in my life though.  My friends are all doing great things: they're in law school, med school, are taking care of babies in the NICU or nursing people back to health.  They're  hosting online and on a major cable channel.  They're appearing on TV, producing, planning events and publicizing clients.  Not to mention these people take care of themselves.  They like to have fun, they like to eat dessert; they're normal, real people.  But at the same time, they enjoy a good workout and learning about the rest of the world. 

Don't get down of yourself when you see others rising above.  Perhaps they needed that boost to help them after some really tough struggles. More than likely, it's not your time yet.  You still have things to learn and absorb to prepare you for the greater blessings in store.   Just remember to be thankful for what you have and that you have people around you that are loving their job and their life, and be sure to support them.  You reap what you sow! 

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