Mar 22, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

It's a big week for me for many reasons, and some pretty fun things have happened thus far. 

-- I might have a new writing gig!  I'll obviously keep my baby (this blog), but this new opportunity would allow me to write nationally and for a big name!  Fingers crossed!

-- I write for as the WeHo Beauty Examiner, but recently got an additional title: LA Salon Guide Examiner.  I'm uber excited because that means I get to test out different salons (hair, nail, etc.) around Los Angeles, review them and make new beauty contacts.  It's definitely a #winning situation!

.... Which brings me to my next item:

-- I'm on to Round Three of the Charlie Sheen Sexual Slave Contest Internship.  I think it's hilarious, but like any good candidate I've done my research and realize that this whole thing is actually a big fat scam, where pays Charlie to advertise for an intern on their site.  Not to mention they are interviewing randoms all over the nation, and we all (should) know that if you want an internship in LA, the #1 rule is to claim to or actually live here.  So while I doubt Charlie and him team actually saw my 75 character or less response to why I should be the new Tiger Blood Intern ("Because I can rip people to shreds"), it's still comical that I get random e-mails announcing that I've moved on.   I mean, can you imagine if it was for real?  Little ol' me traveling around like a gypsy with Charlie Sheen, wearing bullet proof vests to protect myself from my own boss.  I told my mom that I felt like I was supposed to move to LA to "save" people (go figure), like Brit Brit of La Loca Lohan.  You know, engage them by going on some crazy drinking spree around LA and then stage an intervention of sorts by taking them to church on Sunday (Brentwood Presby maybe?).   Let them know I really care about them, have a come to Jesus, the whole nine yards.  Well, I think I've found my charity case.  I can see it now.  "Texas gal wrangles in Charlie Sheen."  I could totally play up the accent, maybe cry a few tears (no doubt that I would -- I imagine it would be a truly sad and terrifying experience).  I'd wear cowboy boots everday and blog about how I had to escape a gaggle of druglords after mistakenly thinking their cocaine was powdered sugar and made icing for Charlie's "10 Days Sober" cake.  Too much?

-- I LOVE Drybar and today I did a post on their upcoming WeHo event, Blow! Bow! Bash!  To my surprise, after I had sent the article to their publicist, I received the absolute nicest e-mail from their CEO, Michael. 

"Hi Kirbie,

I'm not just saying this because you wrote nice things about us, but I really really love your writing style.

I have such a newfound appreciation for how difficult good writing is to find. So just wanted to say thank you - both for the nice mention, but also for being so talented at what you do!


I was absolutely floored by this, mostly because it's a rarity that someone at his level even responds to someone like me -- I write for, it's by no means Allure or InStyle or Glamour.  However, Michael is not only CEO of Drybar, but he used to be Vice President of Brand Marketing at Yahoo! and founded his own marketing company.  I want to make writing and journalism my full-time job someday, and getting an e-mail like this is encouragement to say the least.  

-- I worked the Milk + Bookies event yesterday and holy children, it was adorable!!!  Possibly my favorite event yet.  It was a book fair of sorts, where celebrities came with their families.  Readers included Jack Black, Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Josh Holloway (Lost), Maya Rudolph, and Jason Biggs among others.  There were chocolate fountains and of course cookies and milk, with beanbags to lounge on, a DJ, arts and crafts.  Children aren't weren't really my thing, but I'm proud to announce I no longer shake when a baby cries.  It used to give me huge anxiety attacks and now I'm a seasoned pro. 
Some little guy ran straight into a glass door when he saw DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.  I have no idea where his parents were, but he hit the thing hard and started to cry.  Enter maternal instincts: I picked the little guy up and rocked him until he stopped crying. I'M GOING TO BE A MOTHER SOMEDAY, Y'ALL!  Yes, this is considered a huge feat in my book because as small child I developed a disdain for crying babies, mostly due to the "Oopsie Daisy!" doll (or perhaps my newborn brother whose crying never ceased) that would crawl, fall and cry for minutes on end until you picked her up.  I couldn't deal with it.  I'd run the hell away.  She also looked like a freak of nature, so maybe that's why I was scared.  Personally, I preferred Baby Shivers because she was quiet, looked like a legit real baby and even smelled like one!
I learned a lot about celebrity parents at the event.  Ashlee Simpson was there with Bronx and she's a super mom.  Really.  Very doting, calm and collected.  Not like the brief hour we saw them means anything, but still.  Bronx is absolutely adorable, and Jack Black's kids -- you would know they were his even if he wasn't around.  They look just like him but with blonde hair (well, one does) and they have the absolute BEST personalities!  We were all cracking up.  Check out the coverage links to see his little tykes... spitting image, no?
Julie Bowen was there with her three kids (two of whom are twins) and I have to hand it to her -- she's got motherhood down pat.  She was trying to tell a story and one of her kids started to get fussy and she, as if she was talking to an adult, goes, "Oh honey, no.  We don't have time for this.  Sit."  It was hilarious and amazing all at the same time -- he listened!  I now have so much more respect for mothers with more than one kid.  They climb all over you, are loud, made weird noises, talk about random crap and most of the time you have no idea what they're saying.  Meanwhile, Julie still managed to pull off some great interviews while her three kiddos hung all over her.  It was unbelievable.  Moms really are super-women.
I was responsible for DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.  Next time I babysit I will be throwing in a few Yo-G-G videos because the kids went absolutely mad when they saw him.  It was like the second coming of Jesus or something.  I've gotta hand it to him, the guy probably went in for an audition and thought "Great, I'm going to be on some kids show in a neon jumpsuit" and now he's definitely making some bank.  It was tres adorable seeing all the kids' faces light up when he walked into the room!  They recognized him instantly.
After he read, we got Lance to meet little Bronx.  It was SO ADORABLE, I can't even tell you.  I know I keep saying adorable, but bare with me.  I haven't seen so many tiny children in awhile.  They just warm your heart!  Anyway, there should be a pic of Ashlee, Lance and Bronx together somewhere in that link (above).
I think the best part of the day was when I was talking to Jack's kid (I didn't get his name) and some little boy came up and grabbed onto my purse strap.  I looked down and had to do a double take because I honestly thought I was looking at my 18-year-old brother when he was four.  Just the way his little head was shaped and how his hair was buzzed and his blue eyes.  I almost teared up but restrained myself.  He just came up and held on the to the strap like it was no big deal.  I think that's the best thing about kids: they're so unassuming.

E! featuring Josh Holloway reading and Milk + Bookies
Maya Rudolph's baby bump in the LA Times
Ashlee walks the red with baby Bronx -- Just Jared
Ash and DJ Lance Rock Yo Gabba Gabb-ing -- PopSugar Australia
Perez Hilton covers 2nd Annual Milk + Bookies

Here are some personal pics:

Unintentionally got a shot of Josh Holloway from Lost
Big wall made out of books
Peacock, all made out of books!
Story room lounge scenery -- that bear is all books as well 
If you look close, you can see Ashlee & Bronx 

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