Mar 31, 2011


Okay guys.  This happened.

Don't you all love that I'm an utter, complete idiot?  I know it must be somewhat entertaining. ,

I think Mark Zuckerberg needs to get on letting me initiate a one-sided relationship with JT.  I've loved him for about 11 years now and the least he could do is let me make it FBO (Facebook Official, y'all). 

Hope that explains why my relationship status on Facebook was schizo for a good hour.   

I told my mom about my attempts and I had to explain that if I was friends with Justin on Facebook, he'd get a message saying, "Kirbie Johnson says you are her boyfriend."  And then he would have to approve the relationship before it displays on his profile, as well as mine.   You all know how it goes.

It's hilarious to me that you get that exact message in your inbox when you start a new relationship on Facebook.  I wouldn't be surprised if they started sending break-up emails.   "So-and-so has broken up with you.  It's done. Move on.  Seriously.  We're going to block them for you for a nine month trial period until you do move on, and will display above your education info that he cheated on you.  Skeezeball. As John Mayer said, 'Friends, Lovers or Nothing.'  You're nothing to him anymore.  There is no undoing this.  You have no choice."  Maybe I went too far with that one...?

Anyway, Mom goes, "What if Justin got that request and saw your picture and thought it would be fun to be in a relationship with you on Facebook!"  Do you all understand where I get my 'anything can happen' attitude?  I did let her know that he didn't actually get the request because I am not friends with him, and he doesn't even have an account (I know these things).  Her response?

"Well, he made a damn movie about it!  Don't you think he should have one?"

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