Mar 21, 2011

MENtervention: NO, we won't.

What's the deal with men?  Especially in LA?  I guess I can't just narrow it down to "men in LA" because I'm positive (actually, I know for a fact) that men around the country are pulling the same crap on other innocent women.  But in this case, let's use LA.

Guys, when it comes to the chase, NO, we won't.  We're putting our foot down.  We will not text you, make the first move, call you -- that's why it's called courting: you are to court the lady.  Indefinitely.  

Several of my girlfriends always ask the same questions:  should I text him?  If so, when?  Will he think I'm not interested if I don't make a move?  

Note to the ladies: NO!  Because if they have a pair between their legs, they should know that it's their full-time job to make the effort towards us.  Sure, sending a harmless "Had a great time!" after a date is alright, but it's always better if it follows a previous text from the him.  

These days, an unfortunate amount of women lose their dignity somewhere between lonely-town and desperate-ville.  The innocence and importance of intimacy (whether it be a kiss or sex) is thrown out the window for attention; and thus men treat said women as if they're disposable.  The roles in courtship have slowly been reversed.

Women are now being forced to think that it's their job to keep the spark alive, chase after the man, and dig up some romance.  In some cases, we're being forced to think that we have to wear the pants: be the strong ones, the one who "fixes" things, the one who keeps everything smooth and happy.  And it's all because guys are getting more and more lazy, and women are getting more insecure.  They ladies believe that if they don't make a move, that the guy won't reach out and will move on to a chick who is less work.

I'm sorry, but this is just pathetic.  Guys, any girl worth having is hard work.  You can breeze through as many easy lays as you'd like, but when it comes down to it, one day you're going to find a woman who is absolutely amazing and you'll want to be with her and only her -- and you'll have to explain all of the skanks you "conquered" because you were horny immature, selfish and wanted a good time.  Practice some self restraint, think about your future and act accordingly.  I mean, have some pride in yourself for crying out loud.

If you're interested in a girl, it's your job to make the moves and obtain her.  Everyone has to give a little, but as a man, you need to take the reigns and be in charge.  Women not only deserve it, but they enjoy it and find it attractive. (PS: "taking the reigns" doesn't mean you court a woman via Facebook or text.  Get a grip.)

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