Mar 31, 2011

Mercury is in retrograde

March 30th initiated Mercury Retrograde for the first time in 2011.  It lasts through May 11th, when the post-retrograde ends.

What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife and hide ya husbands.  Sh*t will hit the fan.  Mercury Retrograde deals with astrology -- when a planet appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac (however, it's just an optical illusion). 

They say not to start any new ventures during this period and/or to stay put, as anything "new" will fail, whether it be a job, a relocation or a new relationship, and that old issues from the past willl rear their ugly heads and will be forced to be dealt with.  Essentially, everything is out of our control during this phase, bringing forth unforseen changes, which can put us off track.  (This explains my colleague's recent and unexpected department change, and why I have been dealing with seriously cray-cray temps the past few days.)  Since we're creatures that love to be in control, this phase with Mecury can really throw us for a loop.  It's essentially PMS for the planet at least three times a year. 
So back up all your hard drives, keep your bank account padded and be prepared!  I am not a huge astrology believer, but there's no denying that every time Merc goes retro, I'm affected in some fashion.

I didn't believe in Mercury Retrograde or even know what it was until 2007, when my beloved boss, Celine, told me about it.  Everything was going haywire ate the office: printers breaking, hard drives crashing, etc.  Maybe the worst thing ever for an advertising agency.  "Is Mercury in retrograde?" she asked. 

It most certainly was!  Anytime things are going nuts, I'm  always inclined to Google if Mercury is in it's retro phase.

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