Mar 28, 2011

Stop smoking... seriously

Yes, I am talking to you!  First of all, how sick is smoking?  It's so disgusting.  Just stop it already.  Not only does it make you wreak and gives you terrible breath, but it's obviously not conducive to living a healthy life.

My wonderful grandmother passed away from COPD, which is a pairing of chronic bronchitis and emphysema.  She lived years beyond what the doctors expected, but her life could have been saved if she knew the risks of smoking at a young age.

I'm a huge proponent of not smoking.  Even if it's in a social atmosphere, it needs to be stopped.  Smoking cigarettes should be banned, for everyone's well-being, given not only does the smoke affect the smoker, but also those around them.

Since we're all well-aware of smoking risks, there's no reason it should be going on!  But kicking the habit can be tough.  Well, I've found a solution for you all to try!

SmokeStik is an electronic cigarette that utilizes Cartomizer technology.  It simulates the feel of smoking a cigarette, including "smoke" (which is actually water vapor) but without the tar, tobacco and chemicals of a real cigarette.

Since it doesn't generate smoke or a flame, you can smoke it anywhere without worrying about fire codes or second-hand smoke laws.  It tastes like a cigarette with tobacco flavoring and even includes Nicotine if you choose to include it. 

You charge the cigarette to reuse it, which elimates waste and keeps costs down. 

Katherine Heigl swears by SmokeStik and even has her own design on the site -- The Pitbull, in which all proceeds go to her dog rescue foundation, The Compassion Revolution.

You can buy online at

Happy non-smoking!

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