Mar 17, 2011

well DAMN.

Anyone have a Lexapro?  I'm officially depressed.  I had Old Dominion making a sweep into the ELITE EIGHT!  Maybe I'm crazy, but I prefer it that way.  THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE NEXT BUTLER.  Obviously not.

And wow.  Come on Louisville!  Have some dignity! I'm so pissed right now, I can't see straight. 

Much like women experience PMS, men experience MMS (March Madness Syndrome).  Now you all can sympthize with us when we're enraged for no good reason. 

Here's my bracket so you guys can gauge how idiotic (or not) I am.  I really had faith in ODU and now it's all gone!  I feel like I've been stood up on a date!  Wah!

Penn State didn't beat Temple so I might as well stick a fork in myself...

Click to enlarge

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