Apr 29, 2011

Mentervention for the ladies: Quarter life crisis

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to imply that every woman is chomping at the bit to get married, or that it’s all we think about. Let me assure you, it isn’t. But serious times call for serious measures, especially when you’re in a serious relationship.
There’s a theme I’ve noticed the past two years. I’ll be discussing life, love and the tribulations of dating with a girlfriend when she’ll mention a most-recent breakup she’s heard of or gone through.
Now, every situation is unique, but the common theme of these breakups?

The male’s quarter life crisis.

It goes something like this...

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The Royal Wedding: I get it

"It is possible to transform in marriage if we don't harbor the expectation to reform our partners."

Wise words, Bishop.

Alright guys, here's the deal.  I fell asleep last night with absolutely no intention of waking up for this wedding business.  But wouldn't you know that I fell asleep with the TV on and was awaken RIGHT SMACK DAB IN TIME TO WATCH THE WEDDING COMMENCE.  It's currently 3:37 a.m. pacific time and I'm listening to this Bishop give this speech.

So, what would a post be without my thoughts?

Kate looks stunning.  This isn't a surprise.  But this lot in life was not meant for anyone else except for Kate.  I mean she truly looks like a princess.  Pippa is pretty friggen hot too!

I love the bright coats that William and his men are wearing, mostly because I thought there were going to be the drab navy his father sported back in the day.  But I like that they kept things modern.

PS: totally knew Kate would go for long sleeves.  My mother told me a few months back when I got married that she was thinking a long sleeved something would do, and I looked at her half crazy.  But now that both Kate and Nicole Richie have done it, I feel like that's God's blessing.  Right?

Everyone is SO COMPOSED.  I don't see a tear anywhere.  I'd be losing it.  Then again, I haven't dated William for 10 years, and I'm not looking at it as marrying the love of my life -- I'm looking in as an outsider and getting caught up in the whole royal/princess/bigger than life ordeal.  They're all so serious and not very affectionate (yet?).

I am not a huge fan of tiaras, but I guess it's okay if you're a princess.  :)

Westminster Abbey.  I'd love to visit sometime in the near future!  Simply gorgeous.  I know if I was getting married there that the venue would be enough to trigger instant waterworks from my Mummis. (Like what I did there?)

This wedding has to be a logistics nightmare.  God bless whoever orchestrated and executed this production.

The orchestra, the choirs singing.  It's remarkable.  I am watching this and they're showing all the fans and supporters outside waving their flags and singing the hymns.  I feel like it's a movie or something, where everyone around the world is singing along at the same time.

I like that Will and Kate are keeping it real.  They're young and they're walking down this aisle chatting and smiling.  Will looks like he's won the jackpot.  His mother would be so proud!

I mean, every girl spends their wedding day wanting to feel like a Princess, and Kate looks like one AND is becoming one.  Pretty cool.

I want to give credit where it's due: Kate is 29.  She is a woman.  I am so happy to see that both she and Prince William are older because I feel like with their experience and maturity at hand, they'll prosper in marriage.  Not that you can't get married young and prosper, but I think having more life experience helps.  Will & Kate know each other inside and out, having known each other nine years before this big day.

Will to Kate: "You look beautiful."

Listen, I was the last one to get jacked about this wedding.  "So what?  It's just a wedding."  But when I go to weddings, I am constantly reminded of how beautiful it is that God created a covenant for and between two people that love each other.  That we can marry a person and dedicate our lives to cultivating, protecting and enjoying a single relationship.  I know it sounds sappy and ridiculous, but it's really a beautiful blessing to be given when the time in right.

In other words: yes, I get the hype now.  This royal wedding is meaningful because now I know how my Mother felt about Princess Diana, someone whom I never really connected with, but knew was a soul loved by so many of our mothers.  I didn't really get why.  I didn't buy into the fairy tale aspect of it all and thought it was stupid that people do.  However, it's not the fairy tale so much that Kate is marrying and becoming a princess, but that's a life most everyone I know, including myself, will never have.  I won't get married at Westminster Abbey.  It's doubtful that I'll fall in love with a literal Prince or have Sir Elton John at my wedding.  That Jay-Z and Beyonce will perform at my reception.  Or that millions of people around the world will care to watch my wedding.  It's something so idyllic that it's hard not to fall into the hype.  And watching has made me not only interested, but is showing me that a royal wedding is historic and not something to overlook.

It also is a huge compliment that the British are so thrilled to have her.  Millions of people watching and a country who is practically chomping at the bit to get a glimpse of the new royal in town?  What a fabulous welcoming.    Kate is already so popular in our culture because she's this beautiful thing with a great sense of style.  She's an icon, really.  I believe this is how our mothers felt about Diana, so now I understand where the worship comes from.  She is someone to look up to.  Like some girls might love Erin Andrews or Carrie Underwood (I wonder where I pulled those names from?),  Kate is someone who can inspire.

I think that everyone discredits this whole ordeal because women are afraid to admit they'd like to be a Princess.  I wouldn't want the structure and the soon-to-be politics that follow (or really any of the royal 'stuff'... I'm not tame enough I don't believe), but having the title of Princess before my name?  Awesome.   However this life is not in the stars for me -- can you imagine?  "Princess Kirbie"?  Yeah, not a great ring to it.  Doesn't sound very regal.

It must be a surreal day for Kate and I love seeing two people so happy!  I am sacrificing my sleep but I am glad I am witnessing this beautiful moment in history.

Except I'd be really thrilled to get invited to Prince Harry's after party!  You know that's going to be a riot.

Apr 27, 2011

Royal wedding: I haven't really cared...

I should start posting more conversations I have with my boss.

Let me paint the picture:  he's 40, he's British and he was in the military for awhile before making his way to Los Angeles to work in entertainment.  He looks exactly like Winnie the Pooh except not a bear (and I say that in the most loving way possible).  He's constantly harassing me about something and we bicker just for bickering's sake, but some of the convos are pretty hilarious.

One of the more interesting parts about him?  He is really excited about the royal wedding.  He won't admit it, but he is.  He's coming in late on Friday so he can stay up and watch the whole ordeal with his Mum.  They're going to drink tea together and watch.  Precious right?

This morning I asked him if he was getting more excited as the days passed.  "I mean, it will be nice," he says, non-chalantly.  "It's a fairy tale type of thing."

This spurred a discussion about why I think it's a crock -- this is not a "fairy tale." If we're getting serious here,  a literal fairy tale requires the heroine to be at a disadvantage in some way: she's poor, she's ugly, she has an evil stepmother, whatever.  Kate Middleton grew up wealthy and is stunningly gorgeous.  It's a story of the rich marrying even richer, and the even richer just so happens to be a Prince.

I get it.  "She's a commoner!  Now she'll be a princess!"  GREAT.  I'm just not really into it.  My boss told me that I've watched 'Pretty Woman' too many times and am just jealous that my life won't end up like that.  The guy won't be as rich or as good looking as William.

Pause: as good looking as William?  Uh... negative ghostwriter.  I prefer the ginger, thanks.  He seems more charasmatic and he's better looking.  He'll never be King, but whatevs.  As far as the "won't be as rich" part, I told my boss that was debateable. :)

NOT THAT MONEY MATTERS people. I'm just saying that I have great expectations for my life and I don't see why the man couldn't have a heart of gold and make a good living for himself. 

I'm not a huge fan of this royal stuff anyway.  I heard that it will take Kate FOUR MINUTES to walk down the aisle.  And 1,900 guests are invited.  The wedding just sounds like it's going to be boring as all get out.  Tape the reception and then you can count on me to tune in.  

 Good ol' Harry will keep things real: after the reception, there's an afterparty and whoever stays awake until 6:00 a.m. gets this luxurious 'Survivors' breakfast. 

By the way, can we discuss why it's such an ordeal that Prince William isn't going to wear a wedding band?  There's the principle of it, sure, but every human in the free world knows he's getting married.  It's the wedding of the century for crying out loud.  I feel like most men wear wedding bands to signify they're taken, and most women look for wedding bands on men to see as such.  You'd have to be deaf, blind and an ignoramus to not know that Prince William is a married man, right?

Apr 26, 2011

This post is all over the place*

*I don't know how I got from one subject to the next, but there are videos.  Turn the speakers up!

Now this video is why I love Carrie Underwood.  My friend Caitlin posted this on her wall for Easter and I wish I would have seen the actual performance when it aired on Friday!

She sang "How Great Thou Art" with Vince Gill and it's absolutely beautiful.  Vince is an old favorite, I'm a sucker for the guitar solo, and Carrie (as per usual) is amazing.  I have seen my fair share of Carrie's performances, but I haven't seen her look so happy to be singing like she is in this video.

This is why I love her!  She's such a great role model.  Not just because she is living out her dream and has a fancy rock on her finger (and an adorable husband), but because she spreads The Message.  Brings little tears to my eyes to watch it (it does to her too!).

Check out Carrie praising the good Lord with her God given talent.

Also, check this video out: a guy hired a video production company to create a fake movie trailer for a proposal!  He somehow got a theater to play it before a movie and proposed.  Credit where it's due: this is  super creative and unique.  However the 'trailer' is pretty crappy, minus the whole "it's the key to my treasure" part.  Super cheesy but who cares!  I'm sure every proposal has some cheeseball line in it.  And I don't know if I'd be too thrilled that he was proposing in front of a bunch of strangers -- I'd be to worried we were pissing off the movie patrons -- but I love what he says about while he proposes! "But most importantly..."

You have to watch to find out!

Now that I'm on a proposal kick, here are some more proposal videos.  No, I'm not looking to get married folks.  I'm just giddy over other people's happiness.  (Throwing more cheese out there for everyone.  It's true though).  

You've probably heard of the Disney Proposal by now.  Actually, probably not.  I'm just a weirdo who likes to look at marriage proposals between complete strangers.  Apparently, the Disney Proposal is a fake.  Here is the original video, followed by the vid that points out that it's simply a Disney marketing tactic:

Womp womp.  You win, Disney.

Have you seen this one?  Probably.  I cannot get through this video without crying.  It's SO SWEET.  I really hope Robbins Bros. isn't pulling a Disney, making this whole thing a fake, because it's just SO awesome.  I think I'd be concerned as to why my boyfriend was spontaneously busting into choreography, but once the little cue cards started I'd be a mess.  By the way, I don't know this dude's name, but NICE TOUCH on the Polaroid before the proposal.  Such a great moment to capture and have as a keepsake.  I'm pretty sure he got laid that night.  Can't be positive.  Actually, I can because I think it's like the law of humanity to do it when you get engaged.  (Yes, I said do it.  Yes, I know it's not the law of humanity -- ever heard of saving yourself for marriage?)

Enough about proposals.  

Let's hit up receptions for a second.  I have posted this video an inappropriate amount of times... but let's face it, it's my favorite YouTube video (after Baby Monkey riding backwards on a pig).  This will be happening at my wedding.  You better believe it -- I had this huge choreographed ordeal planned out to Enya's "Book of Days" as I walk down the aisle (chapel doors swinging open, when my bridesmaids would walk down the aisle -- the whole nine), but figured that was a tad bit dramatic, so this will have to do.  I'm already sold on the song: "My Humps."  By the way, let's forget that I've actually thought about walking down the aisle or any of that crap at all because it's 100% embarrassing, considering there needs to be a man involved for any of this to transpire.  DON'T MIND ME.  I'm an idiot.  :)

This video cracks me up every TIME because Adria is so into it and Alvin is such a great sport.  And the song selection brings it to another level. I personally hope all my friends take a hint and incorporate a choreographed dance in their weddings for entertainment value.  

I've successfully gone from God to wedding receptions featuring 70s R&B funk music.  Go me.

Apr 25, 2011

Jonathan Taylor Thomas: WHERE ART THOU?

This is a national MYSTERY.  Nobody knows where the hell Jonathan Taylor Thomas has gone.

Listen, I feel like JTT owes it to his fans to let us know what he's doing.  Are you alive?  Are you dead?  Not like you can answer, but please, a relative, a neighbor, a personal assistant -- SOMEONE COME FORWARD.  Let your presence be KNOWN.


He was born September 8th, 1981.  This will be forever engrained in my mind because I had a birthday party for him some years ago.  Yes.  I celebrated Jonathan Taylor Thomas' birthday without him being there.  We even had a cake with his face on it.  We blew out candles.  We sang him happy birthday.  It was pathetic and adorable all at the same time, and I'm sorry for subjecting my friends and family through it all.  (One thing you can't tell me is that I don't have passion.)

Real name?  Jonathan Taylor Weiss.  For whatever reason, I was not aware of this 'real', so-called last name of his.  Google wasn't prevalent when I was in third grade, so my stalking/"research" abilities were sub-par.  Sorry.

We last saw him on Kingdom Hearts 2006 as the voice of young Simba.   Yes, in addition to being the hottest Taylor kid on Home Improvement, we mustn't forget that JTT brought baby Simba to life.

By the way, can we take a second to recognize this might have been the first celebrity on Earth to make the three-letter abbreviation popular?  I mean, nobody called Rachel Leigh Cook "RLC."  And really, who normally goes by their entire name? The kid started a revolution.  Except not really, because nobody else started going by three letters.  But Devon Sawa could never reach the height of JTT's success!  He's like Prince with his symbol.  His legacy goes untouched.

We do know he left Tool Time Home Improvement to pursue his college career at Columbia,  did that really terrible  Disney movie with Jessica Biel, and a few TV shows and movies after that.  The last thing on his IMDB is that he directed a short called "The Extra."

WHERE ARE YOU JTT?  This is worse than Carmen San Diego.  Worse than BIN LADEN, I would venture to say.  Nobody knows where this kid (grown man) is.  We want our beloved JTT back!

Is it just me, or does he have a Zac Efron thing going on here?  So help me God if Zac goes MIA like this.  I'm going to need a prayer group started in that event.  Upon further investigation, he reminds me of Matthew Perry too -- who plays grown up Zac in 17 Again.  (Pretty much reaffirms my theory that my ideal man is Chandler Bing with more athleticism and 4-5 more inches on him.) 

If you have any leads or information on JTT, please send me an email.  kirbie@mentervention.com.  I'd like to get him on here for a video blog so we can discuss why he felt the need to abandon his loyal fans.

UPDATE:  According to Bec, her friend saw our beloved JTT in SILVERLAKE!!!  A mere mile drive away from my apartment?  Divine intervention, y'all...


Have you ever had a meltdown?  I have.  In fact, I had one today.  And I'm sure I'm not the only one either... which is why I felt compelled to share it with you guys.

Just ask my mother.  I called her sobbing approximately three hours after I had touched down in Los Angeles.

"Why are you upset honey?" 
"I don't know!"

It was true.  I didn't know why I was crying.  Probably because I was homesick.  Probably because I was all kinds of screwed up from the time change.  But I know I wasn't alone.  Leaving home, no matter where you're from, is difficult because we all miss the comfort and safety net that home provides.

Los Angeles is a terribly hard city to adjust to, even after being here almost two years.  I always think to myself, "I don't want to live in LA forever.  Texas is where my heart is."  But something always keeps me from moving back.

I think it's God's whisper, telling me I haven't done my time here yet.

Being home this weekend really put things into perspective for me, as it always does.  Lately, I've noticed that a lot of people out here get caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle, and they forget what's really important.  As far as persepective goes, living in LA has helped me to see through a lot of things that people do and say.  I find that those who are the most insecure end up bragging the most, and the ones that get the farthest have the most focus. 

I watched Oprah's Master Class at home this weekend and I highly recommend it to any 20-something. I am always curious as to how successful people "made it."  What their path was, how they got to where they are today.  The Master Class series takes several successful people: Jay-Z, Simon Cowell, Maya Angelou and Diane Sawyer, among others, and allows them to give their perspective on life.  Their theories, their journies, what they believe in.  It's truly inspirational.

One thing Oprah talks about in her Master Class is God's whisper and the ability to grow.  She says that God speaks in whispers, and if you don't listen or follow, they will eventually turn into those "red flags" that I have written about before (she calls them a ton of bricks).  She also discusses how she knew it was time for her to give up her talk show in Baltimore and move to Chicago -- she had simply grown and learned as much as she could from the experience.

I know, for myself, I had learned as much as I could at that time in my life from Texas, before I moved here.  I needed to venture out and learn something new.  And Los Angeles has done that for me -- still does -- and I have faith that God will let me know when my learning is done here.  Take it one day at a time and see where the path leads you.

If you're ever struggling, know there are other people around you going through the exact same thing.  The same anxieties, the same concerns, the same hopes, dreams, questions.  The best thing about today is one of my close friends let me know she has had speratic crying  outbursts as well, having come back from Texas this morning too.  Another dear friend took the words out of my mouth: "I have seriously been asking myself 'is it worth it?' the whole flight... I hate when I'm here I somehow get caught up in it and buy into the bs." 

First off, my boss let me "take a breather" since I had a moment at work and lost my shiz at the front desk.  After making fun of me crying, he told me he understood how it is to come back from home, and let me run to Starbucks (where I proceeded to call my mom and cry the whole way there and back).  And second, today I asked myself the very same thing: "is it worth it?"

I haven't asked this question in awhile.  I used to ask it every single trip from Texas and back, up until last May. But after I reached my one year anniversary with the city, I stopped asking that question because I knew the answer.  My vision was blinded a time or two, but I knew the truth.

Yes.  It is worth it.  It is worth it to me to try something new, to branch out of my comfort zone and live a life that I can look back and be proud of -- not that I did anything in LA, but that I branched out and changed things up.  If it wasn't worth it, I wouldn't have a problem moving back to Texas in a heartbeat, would I? 

Whether you moved an hour away from home or 1,000 miles away, everyone goes through these little quarter-life crises, I've decided.  It's normal and natural.

If I can offer any peace to those of us struggling in our mid-20s, let me just say this: cry it out.  I know it sounds juvenile, but it will help.  I'm fresh as a daisy now, although I did have a coworker send me an email asking if a boy had broken my heart.  NO (thank goodness).  Crying lets you release all those pent up emotions and washes them away.  I highly encourage it, although perhaps not at work, if you can help it :)

I also have to remind myself that I am very gracious for the opportunities I've been given, and that my intuition is always right.  It's never failed me before, so why would it now?  I believe intuition is God's whisper.  It will guide you in the right direction. 

And, lastly, I came up with a new philosophy.  Learn-bloom-plant.  

Learn: If you're not attaining more knowledge, what are you doing?  Whether it be branching out of your comfort zone (hanging with new people, taking a class) or learning something new from your job, friends or family, make sure you're growing.
Bloom: Flourish where you are!  Don't be down on what you wish you were doing or could be doing.  Achieve your personal best every day:  writing that project proposal, calculating those budgets, serving meals, etc.  Do your best because others will notice (Oprah makes a great point on this in her Master Class).  Think of it this way, if you can't do your best at the task or job you've been given now, what makes you think you'll be able to do your best at bigger, more complicated and important jobs?  Prove it now so you can achieve it later.
Plant:  Help others.  If there is a younger classmate that is asking you for help, tutor them!  If you have a great job and someone wants to do an informational interview with you, schedule one.  If someone asks you a question for your expertise or advice, give it your all.  Planting seeds in others provides the best benefit of all.  Remember, you reep what you sow.

Hopefully learn-bloom-plant will resonate with someone else.  I write these blogs because they're therapeutic for myself, but I hope that while I write them to fulfill my own needs, that perhaps I can offer some comfort to those who read as well.

You aren't alone!

Apr 24, 2011

NEW Mentervention site!

Hey everyone!

I decided to start the new 'site' as a blog. I think this is a great format because it is a start-up website and doesn't have a lot of content yet, so there's no need to go full-throttle when I can start it off just like this one did: as a blog!

I'm super excited and can't wait to expand!  I have posted today's Mentervention here.

Apr 22, 2011

Let it go

I had a 20-something epiphany of sorts this week. 

I'm not positive that epiphany is the right word.  Perhaps realization would be best?  Regardless, something that I had always been taught made sense.  I started to actually live this piece of advice, and I can tell you that it feels like 1,000 bricks were lifted off my shoulders.  I feel in control and incredibly powerful, even though I'm just one person in a 5'5'' frame.

One thing about me?  I'm a tiny bit stubborn and I have a lot of pride.  These things can be awesome, but they can also cause a ruckus inside my head.  I feel a tad like a walking oxy-moron.  I can't stand rthe same ol' same ol' and thrive on change and spontanaeity, however, I get angry when I see people not sticking to the rules.  For example: part of my job is to order supplies.  There is one employee who never fills out a supply order form, but they should because it would help me (and accounting) out tremendously.  I get so infuriated with this!  Like, just fill out the form.  You aren't above anyone.  Everyone else has to do it, so you should too.  It's the principle of things.

Another prime example?  When I first moved out here, I was moving and shaking, making things happen (hope I still am).  I was doing the 'acting thing' (but not really) and one of my friends told me that her friend was like, "So, what, is Kirbie now all of a sudden an actress?"  That friend in particular was (is?) an actress and felt like I was tredding on her terroritory.  Then I was told I would never be a Meryl Streep, but more of a Julia Roberts.  This is comical because A) as a child, I did want to be an actress.  I took classes, partook in plays and musicals.  I wanted to be Julia Roberts.  Then my aspirations changed, but I stil had a soft spot for acting in my heart.  B) How am I interfering in this other person's goals and dreams by doing something I want to do?  Me being successful at something doesn't mean that she couldn't be either.

So this whole thing had me in a huge tizzy until I realized I was doing this exact same thing a few weeks ago!  Don't you just love that?  God has a huge sense of humor.  I was getting upset that other people were treading on my career "territory," when it's not just mine to begin with.  I kept thinking,  "Why are they succeeding when I've worked so much harder? I want this more than they do!  And they just waltzed in and got the job."  Yes... sounds childish and ridiculous now that I type it out. 

There's a point, so bear with me.

Then there's that other part of my pride when it comes to loyalty.  If I feel someone is betraying me, making me look like a fool, and so on, I get into immediate defense mode.  I should be a contractor with the walls I (can) build.   I (would) start thinking up things in my head about how when I'm successful, they'd really be sorry!!! So dramatic, right? 

But a couple of nights ago, I was on the tredmill and was fantasizing this one scenario in my head (don't judge me).  I had just been offered a huge deal:  my website had been bought, I was going to have creative input on an upcoming tv show, and I had gotten a book deal. I'm standing there signing the contract with my mom and my dad.  As I'm envisioning this, I realize the last thing I'd doing is thinking of all the people that have hurt me.  I'm not ecstatic and saying, "Look at me now, haters!"  I'm just standing there thrilled and so proud of myself.

That's when I had the "epiphany."

Why hang on to anger and bitterness and keep pushing your fingers into your wounds?  The things that have severely hurt you, or maybe just scratched the skin, won't matter sooner or later.  They'll just be instances you learned from and made you stronger.  Not to mention, I feel that most people in life don't intentionally try to hurt others.  It's just a part of life that happens.  (Granted... I did know some spiteful people.)

Joyce Meyer reinforced this mantra during a sermon I listened to this week.  She said that having anger towards others and taking pity on yourself doesn't help.  It's not like you having these emotions changes someone else, and it's more detrimental to you than anything.  It's the devil working, making you feel like you can't be happy because you've been hurt. 

You can control your thoughts and emotions! You don't have to think certain things that can keep you down.  We can't stop what pops into our minds sometimes, but we can stop how far that thought goes.  We can redirect and regroup.

So when you hear "forgive and forget," it really is the best way to go.  I used to hear that and be like, "But HOW!  How can you forgive when someone has done you wrong?  Or has hurt you?  How can you forgive the things they said?" Or worse?  "How can I forgive myself for what I have done?"  I think watching that Amish Pride movie on Lifetime has something to do with this.  Don't laugh... I'm serious! The Amish community pushed aside their emotions -- some lost their children -- and went over to the shooter's house to offer sympathy to his wife.  I mean, I think about this all the time and I don't know how I would be able to do something like that. 

I'll attribute it all to grace. 

Forgive you enemies, forgive those you love, and forgive yourself!  Then set it free.

Apr 20, 2011

Seven blessings a day

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.  Philippians 4:11

Being content isn't about having everything you want.  It's about your perspective!  Your attitude towards life is what will shape future blessings and circumstances.  Why would God give us things we desperately want if we can't be content and satisfied with the cards we are currently dealt?  Being joyous and grateful for the life you are currently living opens doors for God to move miraculously in your life.

This means even when things aren't going well.  You must be content and keep faith that things will get better.  Having steadfast hope in God proves to Him that no matter what, you believe He has the best intentions.  When things aren't exciting and you are anxious with anticipation for the future, be patient, be happy and take a minute to rejoice with the blessings you do have.

A great way to put things in perspective?  Well, read the news.  There is so much going on in the world.  I'm personally thankful that I was born in America to a wonderful family who has done a great job in shaping my character.  Also, write down seven things a day you're thankful for: the ability to walk, that you have a roof over your head, that you have a healthy family, that you are able to pay your rent or fly home for holidays, and so on.  Doing this has helped me tremendously find true happiness in my heart, while I might not have reached some goals or dreams I have set for myself.  I've learned to bloom where I am planted and God will take care of the rest! 

I felt this was an important post, given Easter is coming up on Sunday.  I'm thankful for so many things and am excited to see what God has in store for my future!  You should feel the same way about your own life! :)

Apr 19, 2011

State of MENtervention

I gave you guys a brief preview before, but just in case you missed it, I've already bought Mentervention.com and will dedicating a site striclty to men (and the women who date them).

Kirbie, why would you do this? 

Well, first off, I'm really not trying toot my own horn by saying this, but a lot of guys have reached out to me and been like, "I really like your Menterventions." Some think they're funny, some have learned a thing or two.  So I decided why not make a site? 

Yes, it's going to be a site, not a blog (maybe both).  Therefore, it's taking more time and manpower than expected to get this thing pumped out.  I'm super critical of myself, and I am trying my best to integrate a web template into a blog format, but with pages, and things are harder than I thought. 

If I could just change the DNS info my life's problems would be solved, but Blogger hates me and doesn't want me to move to wordpress.  Steller.

In the meantime, I'm still going to be giving MENterventions on here until the site is up and running.

This is where you come in!  Do you know a guy who is really awesome and you'd love to set up with a great girl?  Is he single (yes, unfortunately I have to include that)?  Then send me his resume, a pic and a brief bio!  There will be a part of the site dedicated to bachelors and since I decided (last night) one of my callings in life is to be a new and improved Patty Stanger, I need some good leads on awesome men!  Guys, you can submit yourself as well!  Just email me at kirbie@mentervention.com.

Thank you!

Apr 18, 2011

High comedy: Kirbie tries to discuss the NBA like a pro

I'm fully aware that I'm not qualified to be throwing out blog posts like this... but that's why they're called opinions.  Everyone has 'em and while they may not be the most logical or even realistic at times, that doesn't mean I'm not going to write about it. 

So, I know I'm not an expert in the NBA or anything, but this whole Sacramento Kings debacle seems a little... exhausted

They want to relocate to Anaheim or Orange County.  This might be idiotic (I'm just a Bulls fan afterall), but why not just get rid of the team all together?

Seems like the franchise isn't profitable or gaining any progress, having a less than mediocre season going 24-58.  They hit an league-low payroll of $44 million.  While there may be rookie talent available, the only thing really keeping the team above water are the Maloofs -- not their coach, not the team chemistry, not even one particular outstanding player -- and certainly not the fans.  They can barely sell suites at Power Balance Pavillion.  They've made the playoffs once in five years, which plenty of teams have struggled with, but have also earned the titles of worst record and 3rd lowest performing and team.

With these kind of statistics, fan loyalty has been shot and aspirations to build a bigger and better stadium have also been passed by tax payers.  Evidentally, nobody wants to pay to see a team lose in a more expensive arena (they obviously don't understand the passion in Dallas Cowboys fans). 

So why is this team still around?  Can I get an answer?  I hate to say it but they might as well be extinct like the Sonics and reformulated to a new team, in a different location, with better fan support, like the Thunder.  (If it were only that simple.)

If  I were running the NBA (which sportsfans can thank God I'm not), I'd propose a weed-out system, similar to a new GRAMMY rule, which is as such:

"It is now expected that each Category shall have at least 40 distinct artist entries, up from 25. If a Category receives between 25 – 39 entries, only three recordings would receive nominations that year. Should there be fewer than 25 entries in a Category, that Category would immediately go on hiatus for the current year — no award given — and entries would be screened into the next most logical Category. If a Category receives fewer than 25 entries for three consecutive years, the Category would be discontinued, and submissions would be entered in the next most appropriate Category."

Maybe something along these lines?  To continue on to the next season, teams must either a) make playsoffs, or if they don't, b) make a certain number of wins to losses for a certain amount of years (like three to five).  If they can't pick up the slack and make some progress, they're put on hiatus.  Yeah, it might sound elementary, but it would create more selectivity, give the players another reason to work hard, and could garner more support from the fans.

Not sure how this would actually work out considering if they did get put on hiatus, how would they be taken out of it?  A lump sum is paid? They play in a league during the off-season to contend for regular season privileges again?  I know it's flawed but at least I'm thinking... right?

Not to mention everyone in Sacramento is too busy worrying about their gonads to just sink the ship and start over from scratch in a few years. 

Why is sugaring better than waxing?

I decided to find out for myself.  Yes... I documented my sugaring experience and let me say it wasn't a traumatizing as most of those experiences are!  All kidding aside, sugaring is an eco-friendly and effective hair removal service that everyone should consider.

Read more >>>

Mini vacas

This commercial gets me every time...

... but the Spanish version takes the cake.  

I cannot sleep.  I got home at 9:00, attempted to fall asleep around 11:00 and I woke up at 1:00 and have been up ever since.  I wouldn't consider myself someone with insomnia.  I'm hoping I can get to sleep soonish since I have that job thing to get up for in a few hours.  

Apr 16, 2011

iWould, wouldU?

This is happening.  

DON'T judge me.  Let me just paint this picture for you:  I'm sitting in my room at 9:33 at night, wearing nothing (read: naked) because it's hotter than three hells in here, and because LA is always allegedly blissfully 70 degrees, we don't have A/C.  Well, real A/C.  We have this puny unit in the living room that is great if you sit right in front of it, but other than that it's pretty crappy.  Don't cry for me, everyone in this town has the same thing.  I'm not in Texas anymore!  I enjoy LA's heat waves, but seriously, have you ever tried to vacuum when your apartment is near 90 degrees?  It's miserable.  

Anyway, I'm sitting here after a) making and eating (a delicious, healthy) dinner at 6:00 pm, taking a minor nap after watching the episode of the Kardashians where Kris and Bruce get in a fight about the garage for the 1000th time.  I woke up and came into my room to write when I turned on my TV and it was on Lifetime.  I can't remember how it got there but the TV movie "Amish Pride" was on and that movie really grips me into submission.  I can't do anything else when it's on.  Those Amish people forgave when they lost their own children!  That is so honorable.  

Then I felt compelled to paint, so I busted out my oils and ruined a canvas after trying to paint a quote and screwing it up royally.  Now I'm watching Erin Brockovich and debating about making a run to Ralph's to pick up some Easter cookie dough.

So yeah, now that I've given you the low-down, I think it would be wise not to judge me and my use of iWould.  

What is iWould?  Well friends, welcome to the newest form of internet matching-making.  Move over, Match.com, eHarmony, even Ashley Madison.  Whether you're just curious, looking for love or looking for an affair, iWould is going to help you out.

Here's the deal: Facebook is going to buy this app, no doubt.  It just needs to catch on with more users.  Facebook has more users than any other platform, ever... why not blow out the internet dating competition too?

So basically you can choose up to 10 people you have a crush on, like, love, whatever.  I could see my 16-year-old self loving this application, praying that my best guy friend would select me too, only to hear about him picking another hoe chick and she likes him too! YES! Yeah, I was that girl for part of high school that had a best guy friend I so desperately wanted to like me.  He did for like, a week, and then broke my heart.   (This sounds eerily like a Taylor Swift song.) 

I digress.  Anyway, pick your 10 (or less), submit, and let the waiting begin.  The list is 100% confidential and your crush/love/mistress/what-have-you will be notified only if they have you on the list too.  

I think this would be an awesome way to see how many people like you.  Just pick a bunch of people you don't like and let the magic happen.  It would get awkward explaining you don't really like them and just wanted to fulfill selfish needs for confidence, but it would be interesting.

This is also ideal for infidelity.  NOT THAT I CONDONE IT.  I don't.  But if you're a douche dude or a woman looking for a little something extra that your sig other can't provide (and by association are greedy and scum), you can choose a few people you might be interested in having an affair with and wait to see what happens.  On second thought, this might be a terrible idea.  Isn't Facebook becoming a rising factor in divorce?  To keep your boy/girlfriend out of the loop, you'd definitely have to limited profile them.  I promise that I am not a undercover cheater... seriously.  

Anyway... boredom prevails and I really want to try this application out, but it just goes against my whole "dating via Facebook" rant I went on a few MENterventions ago.  I think everyone should download the app... I expect matches from at least a few of my girlfriends and gays.  

Friends in low places

This past week, several people I care about have been having a hard time.  It's so hard when a friend or family member hurts, because you never want to see those people in any pain, agony, discomfort or harm. 

One part of life is helping others grieve, get through tragedy and allow them to feel good about themselves.  Sometimes, we're too caught up in what we feel we're lacking, not achieving or hurting from, but if we turned our energy to helping others in need, we'd be satisfied and wouldn't be draining ourselves on, well, ourselves.

Do you guys hurt when you hear your friends or family in pain?  Of course.  For me, this is something I struggle with because I can let it consume me.  I am working on worrying, and sometimes I worry too much, when I know I should keep good faith that God will take care of myself and others.  Sometimes unexpected things happen that we have no control of, but we have to take it in stride and know that God had this plan for your life and knew it was all going to happen before you did.

The best thing about any difficulty, trial or tribulation we go through?  It prepares us to help others.

I know four people in my life that have been struggling.  One has struggled almost her entire life; one for almost year, another since the summer, and once just a few days ago.  One seems to keep having trial after trial. I haven't communicated with one of them in awhile, but I know that they are anxiously awaiting the day they are free from stress and exhaustion.  The other is financially struggling, and the last is going through heartache.

It hurts me to know these people are hurting.  But what's great is God has prepared me to deal with these things and to help them.  My grandmother was ill for the last 10 years of her life, but my interaction with her taught me to empathize.  

I was overworked with school, activities and a full-time job my senior year, so I can offer a shoulder to lean on and provide love and understanding, although it took awhile for me not to be hurt as a result of their actions.  

I know what it's like to struggle financially -- believe me.  And I have been through heartache, where I felt so fearful and lost that I wasn't sure how I'd bounce back.  These things, while I wasn't aware while I was going through them, helped me to be a better friend to those in need.

For the record, I did bounce back.  We all do.  Throughout life's failures, wounds and sorrow, you will always bounce back and be better for it.  It's all happening in the first place thanks to God.  

Just keep on the lookout for those in need and remember to follow your intuition.  A lot of the time, the people that need the most are the ones who won't ask for help. 

Apr 14, 2011

Coachella Look Book '11: Short and Soft

This entire look is inspired by the need to keep cool at the festival. I just got a shirt from Seer Outfitters, Kyle Korver's clothing line, and it's UNBELIEVABLY soft!  I own a hoodie and now this tee called the Love Boatneck and they're both really comfy to wear.  They're made with the softest materials and the best part is that the money from the sold shirts goes to fund handicap ramps for those in need.  The line of shirts are all based around biblical principles and moral goodness, so if that's your kind of thing it would be a great shirt to purchase. 

Last night, when I tried it on, I was like, "This would make a great Coachella shirt," because it's lightweight.  Thus a new look was born.

The shirt would go great with denim, obviously, either in a pale blue or with something bright, like these fuschia cutoffs from J Brand.  I thought the PRPS Heirloom R.S. shorts with the fringe screamed "COACHELLA!"  so I had to include them.  Pair the oufit with a simple necklace, a feather headband (if you don't have feather extensions... or, even if you do!) like this blue one from Three Hearts, and my personal favorite, wedges. 

Hope everyone has a great time at the shows!

Coachella Look Book '11: Cropped and Bitten

Snakebite leggings, recently seen on Kim Kardashian, are all the rage.  Match a pair with a crop top in a bright color.  The crop top will be complement the design of the leggings.  Find a pair of wedge sandals and you're ready to take on 72 hours of music mania!

Apr 13, 2011

WIN a free teeth whitening kit

What's better than whitening your teeth? FREE teeth whitening!

Supersmile's Travel Kit is perfect for vacations, overnights and work... or even Coachella!  Celebs like Kelly Ripa, Kristen Bell and Adam Sandler all use Supersmile products.

To enter, just leave a comment on this article (click the link to see what the kit includes) with your preferred email address. The winner will be selected at random on Thursday, April 14th at 12:00 PM PST.

Good luck!

Dear John Steigerwald

If I'm writing this based on apperances or the need to match the original article's format, I should call this post, "Know when to lose a molest mustache."  Apparently John Steigerwald's editor took a vacay or overlooked the headline.  Who am I kidding?  He probably doesn't have an editor (like moi).  That, or the editor can't stand to read his lame garbage articles either. (He's since changed the headline to read properly.)

Cliff Notes on the backstory: A Giants fan, Bryan Stow, was beaten within inches of his life by two Dodgers fans  at the home opener here in Los Angeles.  He has a wife and children and is currently in a coma, suffering from brain swelling. 

John wrote an article (linked above), that starts off as a slap on the wrist to the two neanderthals that performed the violent act, but then turns into an off-base and ridiculous commentary about how grown men shouldn't wear jerseys of their favorite player or team if they don't want to risk getting injured by the home team's fans.

Here's my Dear John letter: 

John, bless your little, miniscule (non-existing?) heart.

You really pinched a nerve in me, Mr. Steigerwald.  I can't decide what's worse: A) that you, more than likely, wrote the article for publicity, B) if you didn't, you actually think wearing a visiting team's jersey condones violent behavior, or C) that you're writing an article about what men shouldn't wear to baseball games.

I know you were probably trying to put a unique and comical spin on this particular incident, but give it up.  It wasn't either.

"Maybe someone can ask Stow, if he ever comes out of his coma, why he thought it was a good idea to wear Giants' gear to a Dodgers' home opener when there was a history of out-of-control drunkenness and arrests at that event going back several years."

John, you're right.  Why would any fan think it was a good idea to wear their team's jersey to a baseball game they're playing in?  I don't know why anyone would do that.  Shame on him.  He should be put in a coma for that type of nonsense! 

I'm not the first and not the last to say this, but you are an first class idiot.  

Just because there are other nimrods roaming around without any class, morals or common decency doesn't mean the majority of upstanding humans are supposed to give in and not do things we enjoy,  things as simple as wearing our team's jersey to a game.  You refer to this jersey like it was a death wish, or better yet, that Bryan was walking in to a Crips gang with a Bloods t-shirt on.  Basically, you're saying that a child deserves to be beaten for putting on mis-matched shoes or that a woman with a low-cut top on deserved to get sexually assaulted.  Neither of those have merit, just as this incident does not. 

Hilarity really ensues when you try to be funny, or to use your term, "cute," in the article, because really you aren't either one of those.  In fact, reading this article made me lose a few brain cells.

"Here's tip for you if you actually think that wearing your team's jersey makes you a part of the team:
It doesn't."

Really John?  Really now?  You are scraping the bottom of the barrel for material at this point.  Nobody wears jerseys to feel like a part of the team.  They do it to show support.  If anything, it builds bonds with other fans and creates a feeling of camaraderie and unity among each other.  No one is wearing a jersey and thinking, "I love that I'm wearing my Giants jersey because now I'm like I'm in the big leagues!" unless they're a child under the age of 10.

I'm a die-hard Yankees fan.  Granted, I probably wouldn't bust out my array of jerseys as a visitor (try wearing a Yankees jersey with Clemens on it to a BoSox game.. I heard profanities I never knew existed), but I would be sporting pinstripes or a hat.  I have seen Boston fans come to Yankees stadium with full-on Red Sox gear and have seen the same of the Yanks at Fenway Park.  Sure, those people got heckled, but being a Boston fan wasn't a reason to bludgeon them to near death.  It's a rivalry that will withstand the test of time.  Rivalries are a huge component of the game -- it makes a slower sport like baseball more exciting and creates an additional atmosphere of competition.  Everyone wants their team to win, to beat their opponent, especially their rival.  Wearing fan gear is the main avenue to show support.

I believe in treating others how you'd want them to treat your loved ones.  I wouldn't want my brother, Mom or Dad to be beaten into a coma for supporting their team, whether they were asking for it or not.  Even is Bryan was yelling at the top of his lungs, "PUT ME IN A COMA," literally asking for it, it wouldn't be a reason to almost take his life.  Would you want your father in the hospital without any assurance he'd wake up, just for wearing a Giants jersey to a Dodgers game? 

The point is that he wasn't beaten for wearing the jersey.  He was beaten for supporting the opposing team, which is unacceptable, juvenile and pathetic.  You should really be writing an article entitled, "Know when you've outgrown chauvinsitic idiocracy."

The incident was asinine and unreasonable , and so was your article.

Coachella hair trend: Feathers

One of my feather extensions

You know what they say: beauties with hair feathers flock to Coachella!
When it comes to Indio, California, everyone fondly knows it as the homeland for hot music, hot weather and hot fashion.  Coachella isn't just a festival for those who are musically inclined, but also those who enjoy wild style and unique beauty.
The question is this: what is the hottest hair commodity out there?
Look no further than the birds.  That's right, feathers are all the rage and are arriving in flocks at the festival this year.  

Apr 12, 2011

Thank you to everyone who reads this.  I am constantly uplifted by the positive comments and "likes" on Facebook, even the eight retweets the blog has gotten, haha!

I have a lot on my mind this week and want to write about it all, but I'm also writing several stories for Examiner.com.  Hope you all will read those as well!


Ghost-faced killaaa

Tonight (last night?) I got to go to the Scream 4 premiere.  I have some thoughtful friends who know my deep affection for scary movies, so huge thanks to them!

I know everyone thinks I'm a freak since I enjoy watching scary movies... but sue me.  This one was more suspense than anything; I'd consider it a hor-omedy.

By the way, download my two favorite songs from the soundtrack:  "Something to Die For" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah" by The Sounds.  "Something to Die For" will be on my Halloween playlist this year FO SHO.  It was perfect for its timing in the movie.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you all the gory details or divulge any plot lines.  What I will say is this: the shiz has hit this fan yet again in Woodsburo, and at this rate Sidney is going to need few extra therapists.  
  • It stays true to the original Scream franchise -- it has you jumping, is filled with suspense, and mostly is hysterical.
  • The beginning of the movie had everyone rolling.
  • There are a ton of cameos that I think everyone will enjoy.  (Adam Brody, anyone?)
  • It keeps you guessing.  Just when you thought you knew who was killing who, you were outsmarted.
  • It was a lot gorier than the other films, I thought.  
  • It has great music!  One of the things I remember most about the first Scream when I was in 5th grade?  The soundtrack.  I loved it and this one doesn't disappoint either.
  • The ending is just as hilarious as the beginning.
  • You have to go into the movie keeping in mind the first three, otherwise you won't enjoy it.  If you're going in to strictly be scared to death, you won't like it.  It's a "laugh 'til you die" kind of thing.
  • THERE IS A CHARACTER WITH THE NAME "KIRBY."  This was interesting because I have never seen a movie where there was any kind of character with my own name.  So hearing "KIRBY(IE)!" a million times freaked me out a bit.  
  • Even though I love going to scary movies, I instantly regret it while I'm laying home, alone, in bed.  Cue my nightmares for the next three months...
  • There's an overbearing similarity to the world we live in today, which was (obviously) intentional..  The movie makes some sincere (yet hilarious) social commentary on what people thrive on in our generation (and those younger than us), which at first seems a little dense and weird, but makes sense as the movie progresses. (You'll just have to see it!)
There is a total babe in this movie named Marielle Jaffe.  She looked amaze at the premiere!  I predict she will be blowing up pretty soon.  Emma Roberts looked gorg as always and was spectacular;  I really enjoyed Hayden Panetierre's performance the most (I really loved her dress at the premiere as well!).  Of course, Courteney Cox lives up to the infamous Gale Weathers persona from the first three films, and the chemistry is still there between herself, Dewey (David Arquette) and Sidney (Neve Campbell).  

Two thumbs up.  A movie that is surely entertaining and gives the fans of the series what they want (and deserve?).  I highly recommend it if you won't vomit at the sight or blood, don't have issues with sleep after watching scary movies, and love to scream.  (Sorry, I had to!) 

Afterwards we hit up the after party at The Redbury, where we enjoyed some Crumbs cupcakes with ghost face on them... they were delish! 

Apr 11, 2011

Have you seen a finer specimen?

My mom has a saying when it comes to really attractive people.  "Isn't (he/she) a fine specimen of a human being?"  I have to admit that she is usually saying this about me, but isn't that what Moms are supposed to do?  Make you feel absolutely beautiful?  I'm pretty sure she's biased, but she also taught me the importance of accepting (not rejecting) a compliment.  :)

The phrase is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this photo of Dianna Agron on the cover of Marie Claire.  WOW.  Now that is a beautiful person.  Amber and Lea look gorgeous as well, but I want to frame this cover of Dianna!  And it makes me want to get those bangs she has going.  So chic and sexy.

I'm all about giving credit where it's due and these three look phenomenal!  Can't wait to pick up my copies.

MENtervention: It's not okay to borrow...

This is a MENtervention for the ladies, since one of my favorite books-turned-movie will be out soon!

Gals, listen up.  If an ex starts dating your friend... that's pretty sh*tty.  Yikes.  But what's worse is that the friend is dating him in the first place!

This is all stemming from one of my favorites books: Something Borrowed.  Just to recap, the book is about Rachel, who ends up sleeping with her best friend Darcy's fiance.  In the book, you actually start to side with Rachel, when under normal circumstances that would hardly be the case.

Look... if I'm thinking outside of myself and looking at the big picture, it would be like this: if an ex and your best friend (or any close friend) are going to date and start a relationship together, neither of them  cared for you in the first place, and you weren't meant to be with either of them.  I know there are circumstances and sometimes things happen for a reason; sometimes a person brings two people together.  Sometimes that person is you, bringing together an ex and a friend.  Yeah, it's hard to swallow, but that's how fate works.  It wasn't meant to be, and there is someone else you'll be lead to.

CLARIFICATION: I'm not referring to a friend that went on a date with a guy you casually saw once or twice.  If you break things off with someone and it wasn't serious, don't be greedy!  Let others find happiness... don't get all territorial.  I'm talking about serious relationships and serious friends.  You all know the difference, no need to explain.  A "Darcy and Rachel" situation, if you will.  I love the book, but don't agree with anything that happens in it... well, maybe some parts. (You have to read it because it's so much more complicated than I can divulge.)

Let's be honest though: if you are a girl that is willing to date someone's ex-boyfriend, you have severe self-esteem issues.  No self-respecting person finds it okay to get down with their friend's exes!  It's a mediocre lifestyle and definitely not a good look.  There is something called a conscience missing from your head.  Unless you're positive the dude is the love of your life, I'd be careful about ruining a friendship to feed selfish motives, because you know what they say: karma is a b*tch... and who says he won't do the same thing to you?  Sometimes you know when they're Mr. Right, and then there's times when you know they're Mr. Right Now.  Differentiate between the two before detonating that atomic bomb.

I read somewhere on Twitter this statement: "If guys would stop being slutty and girls would be more loyal, the world would be a better place."  Amen!  Ladies, we have to stick together and be a support system, not tear each other to shreds.  While it feels good to have someone court you, be aware of who that person is.


Something Borrowed comes out May 6th and includes Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin, John Krasinski and Colin Egglesfield.

Apr 10, 2011

The Right Connection


One thing I hear consistently?  Networking is essential.  That meeting that "one right connection" can change your life, your career, your relationship.  Like most 20-somethings, we're on this so-called journey of life trying to find peace at home, peace financially and peace within.

And it's true.  Sometimes it takes meeting that one person that can change your life in an instant.  A lot of it has to do with timing, but a person can make such a huge difference in your life.

“I will send my messenger ahead of you, 
who will prepare your way”— 
“a voice of one calling in the wilderness, 
‘Prepare the way for the Lord, 
make straight paths for him.’”
Mark 1:2-3

One connection I've had, personally, is one with God.  It's such an interesting relationship, but a very satisfying one.  One thing I enjoy most about it?  It's not a bunch of talk.  Actually, none of it is talk.    It's all action from Him, which is something very important to me.  I've met a lot of people here in Los Angeles who make promises that they will not keep or fulfill, whether it be submitting a resume, getting me on-camera or even introducing me to that "right" connection.  

It really is hurtful when people say things and don't follow through, no matter what part of your life it comes from.  I'm all about accountability, so personally, I have trouble maintaining relationships with people who are "flakey" or whose actions aren't consistent with what say.  

Even when I'm feeling alone or distant from people in my life, I'm comforted by the fact that God knows everything I'm going through and is making plans for me behind the scenes.  He knows everything I've gone through and am going to go through, and it's all to help me live the life He has planned.  Isn't that cool to think about?  When you're down, you're feeling broken or lost or maybe you can't pinpoint how you're feeling, there's someone there who feels the pain or complacency with you and reassures that it's all going to be okay.  Very neat.

I'm not saying it's not a struggle.  There are times where it's really, really difficult to remain at peace when things go on in your life that you don't understand, or that are hurtful.  Really difficult.  But I like this verse in Mark (1:16-20):

"As Jesus walked beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. 'Come, follow me,' Jesus said, 'and I will send you out to fish for people.' At once they left their nets and followed him."
"When he had gone a little farther, he saw James son of Zebedee and his brother John in a boat, preparing their nets. Without delay he called them, and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men and followed him."

Simon and Andrew didn't ask Jesus why.  They just did as he said and followed him.  James and John even left their own father, alone in a boat, to follow Jesus.   No questions, no concerns.  They just hopefully and confidently followed Jesus.  

The rest of the book goes on to describe how Jesus rid a man of impure spirit, healed those with disease; how he knew what others were thinking in their hearts (good and bad).  He also says something that should resonate with everyone, Mark 2:17: "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."  He helped those in need, but he also helped those who welcomed them in their heart.

Before healing a 12-year-old girl, whose fate seemed dismal, he told those worried, "Don’t be afraid; just believe.” (Mark 5:36)  Everyone thought she was dead, but Jesus commanded her to rise and she did.  She was "just asleep," according to Jesus.  Everyone else saw her one way, but Jesus saw her another.  

Mark is such a great chapter because Jesus does so many amazing things in it.  He walks on water.  He heals a man with leprosy,  he raises someone from the dead.  But remember that John, James, Andrew and Simon were all summoned by Jesus, and Jesus said that they would "fish for people."  They did fish for people, as they went out and tried to reel others in with the gospel. 

Eventually in the chapter, Jesus feeds 5,000 with simply two loaves of bread and two fish.  The 5,000 people ate until they were full and even had leftovers!

These people that he interacted with were all satisfied and then some.  They gave their faith to God and He provided.

If you're worried about finding and making that right connection, hopefully you'll realize you have the right One on your side already.  The rest is just a cherry on top.

Apr 8, 2011

Coachella Look Book '11: Men's Style

Guys, because I had *one* request to dress you all for Coachella, I decided to give it a stab.  I'm going to be honest... it's going to be quite hard to make suggestions that won't make you look like a raging douchelord.  Sorry.  But let's be frank, there's going to be a lot of immitators and men who are from Los Angeles -- which, if you've read any of my MENterventions, you'll know that a majority are radically seasoned in the field of douchebaggery (or they're the minority that do a pretty good job of giving the rest of the men a bad name).  However, I'm going to try to create some outfits that will have you looking good for the festival.

Let's say you're coming from Texas (for example's sake...).  You want to fit in to the whole "Coachella vibe" because, well, Coachella isn't just about the music.  It's about making a statement.  I mean, I wouldn't be shocked if a few people decided to throw on a feather headdress and call it a day. 

So, how do I dress non-douchebags for Coachella, so that they fit in?  I think a majority of you are going to have to get out of your comfort zones. The best advice I can give is to find a plaid pair of shorts, head over to American Apparel for a v-neck, and buy a pair of Jesus sandals. That sounds pretty safe.  And lightweight, which is essential.  Oh yeah, and grow a molester moustache, you'll be among many other men who have one.

Here are some outfits from previous years:

Shia has the right idea.  It's going to be hotter than a crotch in Indio, so if you decide to wear jeans, throw on a tank or a lightweight tee (with some kind of vintage logo, Indian motif and preferably in a v-neck cut).  And pack some SPF 30.

I'm not sure how Scott Speedman is still alive.  I give him credit for the 3/4 sleeves and jeans but wow,  that has to be painful in the scorching Indio sun.  He looks good though!

Now for my recommendations. (Ed. note: Shopstyle updated their format, so you weren't able to see the widgets. These are screenshots of those widgets and can be used as inspiration. Sorry that I don't have a shoppable links!)

I love baby blue for spring, and since v-necks and plaid are all the rage, you're good to go.  These white shoes are actually by FitFlop, but they look pretty snazzy, right?  Also, I love these sandals.  Purchase a hat like the fedora to block the sun along with some Wayfarers to shield your eyes.  If you get a hat, make sure it matches the color of your shoes (i.e. don't mix brown with black, as shown in the photo).

I adore these Steve Madden shoes!  I wish they were for women.  Heck, I'd probably buy them anyway if they were my size.  But as you can tell, comfort is key, and these can easily slide on and off as necessary.  The light wash of the jean shorts match well with either of this plaid shirts, or, if you dare, throw on some jeans.  Just mentally prepare for the heat.

I applaud any guy that can wear these shorts -- and roll them up.  I mean really, you have to be a real versatile kind of guy to do it.  I picked the shirt because it's breathable and it's called "Indian Wells," so if you aren't going to balls-to-the-wall with the Indian theme, you can at least sport it in some fashion.  The backpack is from Urban and is small enough to be let into the festival.  The shoes are by Speedo and my uncle has a really awesome pair in white.  I highly recommend them!

These laceless boat shoes are odor-resistant!  Hello?  BUY THEM. 
Again, another v-neck and jorts combo.  Sunglasses are a necessity at Coachella, so if you're not into a really loud outfit, try going with some statement shades, like the Carnival Wayfarers from Urban.  Also, the tank is very "Indian-inspired," so you can always wear that with a pair of cargo or jean shorts and some sandals. 

Hope this gives you guys some inspiration! Have a good time and remember it's going to be HOT!
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