Apr 8, 2011

Coachella Look Book '11: Men's Style

Guys, because I had *one* request to dress you all for Coachella, I decided to give it a stab.  I'm going to be honest... it's going to be quite hard to make suggestions that won't make you look like a raging douchelord.  Sorry.  But let's be frank, there's going to be a lot of immitators and men who are from Los Angeles -- which, if you've read any of my MENterventions, you'll know that a majority are radically seasoned in the field of douchebaggery (or they're the minority that do a pretty good job of giving the rest of the men a bad name).  However, I'm going to try to create some outfits that will have you looking good for the festival.

Let's say you're coming from Texas (for example's sake...).  You want to fit in to the whole "Coachella vibe" because, well, Coachella isn't just about the music.  It's about making a statement.  I mean, I wouldn't be shocked if a few people decided to throw on a feather headdress and call it a day. 

So, how do I dress non-douchebags for Coachella, so that they fit in?  I think a majority of you are going to have to get out of your comfort zones. The best advice I can give is to find a plaid pair of shorts, head over to American Apparel for a v-neck, and buy a pair of Jesus sandals. That sounds pretty safe.  And lightweight, which is essential.  Oh yeah, and grow a molester moustache, you'll be among many other men who have one.

Here are some outfits from previous years:

Shia has the right idea.  It's going to be hotter than a crotch in Indio, so if you decide to wear jeans, throw on a tank or a lightweight tee (with some kind of vintage logo, Indian motif and preferably in a v-neck cut).  And pack some SPF 30.

I'm not sure how Scott Speedman is still alive.  I give him credit for the 3/4 sleeves and jeans but wow,  that has to be painful in the scorching Indio sun.  He looks good though!

Now for my recommendations. (Ed. note: Shopstyle updated their format, so you weren't able to see the widgets. These are screenshots of those widgets and can be used as inspiration. Sorry that I don't have a shoppable links!)

I love baby blue for spring, and since v-necks and plaid are all the rage, you're good to go.  These white shoes are actually by FitFlop, but they look pretty snazzy, right?  Also, I love these sandals.  Purchase a hat like the fedora to block the sun along with some Wayfarers to shield your eyes.  If you get a hat, make sure it matches the color of your shoes (i.e. don't mix brown with black, as shown in the photo).

I adore these Steve Madden shoes!  I wish they were for women.  Heck, I'd probably buy them anyway if they were my size.  But as you can tell, comfort is key, and these can easily slide on and off as necessary.  The light wash of the jean shorts match well with either of this plaid shirts, or, if you dare, throw on some jeans.  Just mentally prepare for the heat.

I applaud any guy that can wear these shorts -- and roll them up.  I mean really, you have to be a real versatile kind of guy to do it.  I picked the shirt because it's breathable and it's called "Indian Wells," so if you aren't going to balls-to-the-wall with the Indian theme, you can at least sport it in some fashion.  The backpack is from Urban and is small enough to be let into the festival.  The shoes are by Speedo and my uncle has a really awesome pair in white.  I highly recommend them!

These laceless boat shoes are odor-resistant!  Hello?  BUY THEM. 
Again, another v-neck and jorts combo.  Sunglasses are a necessity at Coachella, so if you're not into a really loud outfit, try going with some statement shades, like the Carnival Wayfarers from Urban.  Also, the tank is very "Indian-inspired," so you can always wear that with a pair of cargo or jean shorts and some sandals. 

Hope this gives you guys some inspiration! Have a good time and remember it's going to be HOT!

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