Apr 7, 2011

Coachella Look Book '11: Pin-up Cowgal

First off, I am not going to Coachella.  I wish I was, but a girl can dream right?  However, I should have booked my accomodations a long time ago if I wanted to go -- word is that every hotel in Indio is sold out, and most camp grounds are getting snatched up as well.

For those of you wondering how everything in the area can be sold out, let me remind you all that Indio is not in Los Angeles.  It's closer to Palm Springs, and is about a two hour drive from the City of Angels -- three with traffic.  I overheard some people at work talking about how they're going to be driving to and from the festival, every single day, so they don't have to pay for lodging.  With the gas money they'll spend (and the lack of drinking), they might as well have footed the bill for a hotel room!

Also, this is common knowledge but take care of your wristband.  If you lose it, you'll have to buy a new one -- if there are any available.  That's right.  You can even show them your bank transaction for the ticket, but you won't be let in.  You'll have to buy another three-day pass.  So don't get so ridiculous that you rip it, soak it or destroy it to the point that it falls off.

Anyway, here's another look for the festival: Pin-Up Cowgal

If you don't mind showing off your gams, you'll be happy and cool during this year's festival wearing this adorable suit!  Be sure to bring a pair of pants to throw on for the later shows in case it cools down.  The suit is from Anthro and is the perfect color for spring -- and it keeps you ventalated.  It's perfect for those mist tents (if they decide to have those this year). To keep yourself modest, but not overly-so, throw on an eyelet cover-up which is breathable and will look fantastic on top of the seafoam green suit.

This Fedora includes the feather trend, which is going to be necessary to block the sun. I don't know how badly you'd want to wear socks to the festival but if you decide to, these boots are adorable! I personally perfer the cowbody studded pair, because, well, I'm a Texan.

Also, this bag from Urban is considered "medium sized," the size allowed inside the grounds.

Here are a few other items for inspiration:

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