Apr 6, 2011

Coachella Look Book '11: Rock-a-Billy

My style is nothing close to Rock-a-Billy, but I'm totally inspired by the look (and those that can pull it off)!  Hence why this is more of a bohomeian/rock-a-billy outfit.

It's going to be hot in Indio next weekend, so bust out the jorts and bikini tops! I love these wedges by TOMs and of course, my personal favorite: cateye sunglasses. I love the shape of these, but would prefer them in black or a bright color, just to add a retro-feel.  Everyone has gotten all fancy and has bought the $300 pairs, however, I found mine at a vintage shop on La Brea for $9.00 and everyone always compliments them!  They're authentic, were cheap and look the best style-wise... it's a real cateye and not this pansy crud that designers have been pushing.

Add in a funky manicure with arrow-french tips (mine were done at Wynn Nail Spa on Wilshire), a small shoulder bag and you're set!  As far as bags go, there are limitations to what you can bring in to the festival, so be sure to check the website before going crazy.  I like this small heart pouch because it fits all your essentials and travel sizes of sunscreen and rose water (if you want to bring some).   
Hair-wise, braids will be huge this year, whether they're fishtail or wrap-around, but be sure to bring a hat to protect your mug from the harsh sun and a cover-up in case it gets chilly at night.
I'm doing a few stories for Examiner.com on beauty and hair trends expected at Coachella and I'm super excited about it!  Saturday I have an appointment at Studio Alexandria to try out their sugaring treatment, and Sunday I'll check out Fred Segal salon in Santa Monica to learn more about the new feather extension craze and get one myself!  Be sure to check back to see those articles next week. 

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Unknown said...

Hey Kirbie!

I adore your outfit suggestion for Coachella and thanks so much for including the Carry Your Love Bag! Keep the inspiration coming!

Have a great day : )

Emily @ModCloth

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