Apr 14, 2011

Coachella Look Book '11: Short and Soft

This entire look is inspired by the need to keep cool at the festival. I just got a shirt from Seer Outfitters, Kyle Korver's clothing line, and it's UNBELIEVABLY soft!  I own a hoodie and now this tee called the Love Boatneck and they're both really comfy to wear.  They're made with the softest materials and the best part is that the money from the sold shirts goes to fund handicap ramps for those in need.  The line of shirts are all based around biblical principles and moral goodness, so if that's your kind of thing it would be a great shirt to purchase. 

Last night, when I tried it on, I was like, "This would make a great Coachella shirt," because it's lightweight.  Thus a new look was born.

The shirt would go great with denim, obviously, either in a pale blue or with something bright, like these fuschia cutoffs from J Brand.  I thought the PRPS Heirloom R.S. shorts with the fringe screamed "COACHELLA!"  so I had to include them.  Pair the oufit with a simple necklace, a feather headband (if you don't have feather extensions... or, even if you do!) like this blue one from Three Hearts, and my personal favorite, wedges. 

Hope everyone has a great time at the shows!

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