Apr 4, 2011

Conversations with Mom

If I ever have a reality show,  Janet is going to be a huge part of it.  The woman says the darnest things.  Last night during the ACM's, she was giving me advice on how I should handle men who touch me inappropriately in public (aka squeezing in an off limits area):

"You don't have to make a big scene, Kirbie.  When they do it, just get up real close to them and whisper in their ear, 'If you touch me like that again I'm going to kick you in your balls.'  And make sure you do it all with a smile on your face."  You'd swear the woman was born and raised in Texas.  Guess those Ohio gals have some bite in them after all...

Then, she's texting me throughout the whole awards show.  We start talking about how Taylor Swift actually sounded great live, and The Band Perry did not.  Here's some more of her two cents on the girl in The Band Perry's legs:

And as Martina McBride sings about teenage daughters, she texts me, "This song by Martina is awesome!"  when this exchange occured:

I promise she knows proper grammar but let me just say all GSP is thrown out the window when she texts me.  

Furthermore, I'm sitting here watching the ACM's and see a familiar face sitting next to Carrie Underwood (my idol).  Oh, what do you know, IT'S MY AUNT.  Homegirl and my Uncle were both at the ACM's in the front row, thanks to Toby Keith -- he asked them to join him for the awards and gave them his two seats.  So Debbie Clemens was all over the TV last night.  She's so hot it's unreal!  And I am of course jealous with envy, as she was sitting right next to Carrie the whole show.

I also hear there is a super video of Uncle Rog dueting with Toby at his bar after the awards.  Can't wait to see that one!  I'm obviously living vicariously through both of them tonight.  Le sigh.  Someday...

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