Apr 16, 2011

Friends in low places

This past week, several people I care about have been having a hard time.  It's so hard when a friend or family member hurts, because you never want to see those people in any pain, agony, discomfort or harm. 

One part of life is helping others grieve, get through tragedy and allow them to feel good about themselves.  Sometimes, we're too caught up in what we feel we're lacking, not achieving or hurting from, but if we turned our energy to helping others in need, we'd be satisfied and wouldn't be draining ourselves on, well, ourselves.

Do you guys hurt when you hear your friends or family in pain?  Of course.  For me, this is something I struggle with because I can let it consume me.  I am working on worrying, and sometimes I worry too much, when I know I should keep good faith that God will take care of myself and others.  Sometimes unexpected things happen that we have no control of, but we have to take it in stride and know that God had this plan for your life and knew it was all going to happen before you did.

The best thing about any difficulty, trial or tribulation we go through?  It prepares us to help others.

I know four people in my life that have been struggling.  One has struggled almost her entire life; one for almost year, another since the summer, and once just a few days ago.  One seems to keep having trial after trial. I haven't communicated with one of them in awhile, but I know that they are anxiously awaiting the day they are free from stress and exhaustion.  The other is financially struggling, and the last is going through heartache.

It hurts me to know these people are hurting.  But what's great is God has prepared me to deal with these things and to help them.  My grandmother was ill for the last 10 years of her life, but my interaction with her taught me to empathize.  

I was overworked with school, activities and a full-time job my senior year, so I can offer a shoulder to lean on and provide love and understanding, although it took awhile for me not to be hurt as a result of their actions.  

I know what it's like to struggle financially -- believe me.  And I have been through heartache, where I felt so fearful and lost that I wasn't sure how I'd bounce back.  These things, while I wasn't aware while I was going through them, helped me to be a better friend to those in need.

For the record, I did bounce back.  We all do.  Throughout life's failures, wounds and sorrow, you will always bounce back and be better for it.  It's all happening in the first place thanks to God.  

Just keep on the lookout for those in need and remember to follow your intuition.  A lot of the time, the people that need the most are the ones who won't ask for help. 

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