Apr 12, 2011

Ghost-faced killaaa

Tonight (last night?) I got to go to the Scream 4 premiere.  I have some thoughtful friends who know my deep affection for scary movies, so huge thanks to them!

I know everyone thinks I'm a freak since I enjoy watching scary movies... but sue me.  This one was more suspense than anything; I'd consider it a hor-omedy.

By the way, download my two favorite songs from the soundtrack:  "Something to Die For" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah" by The Sounds.  "Something to Die For" will be on my Halloween playlist this year FO SHO.  It was perfect for its timing in the movie.

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you all the gory details or divulge any plot lines.  What I will say is this: the shiz has hit this fan yet again in Woodsburo, and at this rate Sidney is going to need few extra therapists.  
  • It stays true to the original Scream franchise -- it has you jumping, is filled with suspense, and mostly is hysterical.
  • The beginning of the movie had everyone rolling.
  • There are a ton of cameos that I think everyone will enjoy.  (Adam Brody, anyone?)
  • It keeps you guessing.  Just when you thought you knew who was killing who, you were outsmarted.
  • It was a lot gorier than the other films, I thought.  
  • It has great music!  One of the things I remember most about the first Scream when I was in 5th grade?  The soundtrack.  I loved it and this one doesn't disappoint either.
  • The ending is just as hilarious as the beginning.
  • You have to go into the movie keeping in mind the first three, otherwise you won't enjoy it.  If you're going in to strictly be scared to death, you won't like it.  It's a "laugh 'til you die" kind of thing.
  • THERE IS A CHARACTER WITH THE NAME "KIRBY."  This was interesting because I have never seen a movie where there was any kind of character with my own name.  So hearing "KIRBY(IE)!" a million times freaked me out a bit.  
  • Even though I love going to scary movies, I instantly regret it while I'm laying home, alone, in bed.  Cue my nightmares for the next three months...
  • There's an overbearing similarity to the world we live in today, which was (obviously) intentional..  The movie makes some sincere (yet hilarious) social commentary on what people thrive on in our generation (and those younger than us), which at first seems a little dense and weird, but makes sense as the movie progresses. (You'll just have to see it!)
There is a total babe in this movie named Marielle Jaffe.  She looked amaze at the premiere!  I predict she will be blowing up pretty soon.  Emma Roberts looked gorg as always and was spectacular;  I really enjoyed Hayden Panetierre's performance the most (I really loved her dress at the premiere as well!).  Of course, Courteney Cox lives up to the infamous Gale Weathers persona from the first three films, and the chemistry is still there between herself, Dewey (David Arquette) and Sidney (Neve Campbell).  

Two thumbs up.  A movie that is surely entertaining and gives the fans of the series what they want (and deserve?).  I highly recommend it if you won't vomit at the sight or blood, don't have issues with sleep after watching scary movies, and love to scream.  (Sorry, I had to!) 

Afterwards we hit up the after party at The Redbury, where we enjoyed some Crumbs cupcakes with ghost face on them... they were delish! 

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