Apr 6, 2011

Make a grown woman cry

Whomever made this trailer deserves a ROUND OF APPLAUSE.  The music?  Well played.  It gives the jist of the movie without giving it all away and it shows an ample amount of Ryan Gosling's SEXY BODY.

I know I sound completely boy-crazy as I oogle over men on my Facebook, Twitter account and this blog, but really -- how can you not oogle over RG?  The man has worked hard for that body!  We might as well make it a shrine give credit where it's due.  He's all tan and clean cut... for the love.  I kid you not, I've watched this trailer like 100 times already.  I didn't know eight packs actually existed... I thought it was just some fantasy women created to motivate their boyfriends.  But nope.  It's real alright.

And who doesn't adore Steve Carrell? Emma Stone?  What a lucky hoe (I use that with the utmost respect... love her)!

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