Apr 26, 2011

This post is all over the place*

*I don't know how I got from one subject to the next, but there are videos.  Turn the speakers up!

Now this video is why I love Carrie Underwood.  My friend Caitlin posted this on her wall for Easter and I wish I would have seen the actual performance when it aired on Friday!

She sang "How Great Thou Art" with Vince Gill and it's absolutely beautiful.  Vince is an old favorite, I'm a sucker for the guitar solo, and Carrie (as per usual) is amazing.  I have seen my fair share of Carrie's performances, but I haven't seen her look so happy to be singing like she is in this video.

This is why I love her!  She's such a great role model.  Not just because she is living out her dream and has a fancy rock on her finger (and an adorable husband), but because she spreads The Message.  Brings little tears to my eyes to watch it (it does to her too!).

Check out Carrie praising the good Lord with her God given talent.

Also, check this video out: a guy hired a video production company to create a fake movie trailer for a proposal!  He somehow got a theater to play it before a movie and proposed.  Credit where it's due: this is  super creative and unique.  However the 'trailer' is pretty crappy, minus the whole "it's the key to my treasure" part.  Super cheesy but who cares!  I'm sure every proposal has some cheeseball line in it.  And I don't know if I'd be too thrilled that he was proposing in front of a bunch of strangers -- I'd be to worried we were pissing off the movie patrons -- but I love what he says about while he proposes! "But most importantly..."

You have to watch to find out!

Now that I'm on a proposal kick, here are some more proposal videos.  No, I'm not looking to get married folks.  I'm just giddy over other people's happiness.  (Throwing more cheese out there for everyone.  It's true though).  

You've probably heard of the Disney Proposal by now.  Actually, probably not.  I'm just a weirdo who likes to look at marriage proposals between complete strangers.  Apparently, the Disney Proposal is a fake.  Here is the original video, followed by the vid that points out that it's simply a Disney marketing tactic:

Womp womp.  You win, Disney.

Have you seen this one?  Probably.  I cannot get through this video without crying.  It's SO SWEET.  I really hope Robbins Bros. isn't pulling a Disney, making this whole thing a fake, because it's just SO awesome.  I think I'd be concerned as to why my boyfriend was spontaneously busting into choreography, but once the little cue cards started I'd be a mess.  By the way, I don't know this dude's name, but NICE TOUCH on the Polaroid before the proposal.  Such a great moment to capture and have as a keepsake.  I'm pretty sure he got laid that night.  Can't be positive.  Actually, I can because I think it's like the law of humanity to do it when you get engaged.  (Yes, I said do it.  Yes, I know it's not the law of humanity -- ever heard of saving yourself for marriage?)

Enough about proposals.  

Let's hit up receptions for a second.  I have posted this video an inappropriate amount of times... but let's face it, it's my favorite YouTube video (after Baby Monkey riding backwards on a pig).  This will be happening at my wedding.  You better believe it -- I had this huge choreographed ordeal planned out to Enya's "Book of Days" as I walk down the aisle (chapel doors swinging open, when my bridesmaids would walk down the aisle -- the whole nine), but figured that was a tad bit dramatic, so this will have to do.  I'm already sold on the song: "My Humps."  By the way, let's forget that I've actually thought about walking down the aisle or any of that crap at all because it's 100% embarrassing, considering there needs to be a man involved for any of this to transpire.  DON'T MIND ME.  I'm an idiot.  :)

This video cracks me up every TIME because Adria is so into it and Alvin is such a great sport.  And the song selection brings it to another level. I personally hope all my friends take a hint and incorporate a choreographed dance in their weddings for entertainment value.  

I've successfully gone from God to wedding receptions featuring 70s R&B funk music.  Go me.

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