Apr 5, 2011

What I learned from Terry Shanahan -- Black rice?

Does anyone get really excited about food?  I do.  Specifically foods that aren't "normal" colors.  Purple kale, purple cabbage, and black rice to name a few. 

I was reading Self magazine a few months ago about dark colored foods and how they not only look cool but are great for your diet.  One of them was organic black rice... and wouldn't you know that Terry Shanahan (my favorite metabolic typing advisor on YouTube) made a meal including the wonder food!

Don't lie: doesn't that black rice look awesome?  And not to get too girly, but it really makes the presentation pop with all the colors -- the pink salmon, the green asparagus, the black rice.  Looks delicious as well!

Check out Terry in action in the video below, and be sure to visit his site to see how he can help you kick your diet into gear!  He follows and recommends as strict Paleo diet. 

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