May 20, 2011


Well guys, if tomorrow is the end of the world... that sucks because I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do before then. But let's be honest, none of us know when that really is going to happen. And most of these people holding up signs on interstates and berating you in the mall are certifiable, if not harmful to themselves and others. Bless their hearts.

One of my favorite things, in life, however, has to do with the end of the world. It's called "END OF WORLD." Fitting, huh? This viral video was all I quoted for about three years straight. I love it so much that for Spring Break 2007 I did my own rendition in a cab on our way to attempt to illegally drink in a bar in Florida. (To any concerned parties, aka my parents, it didn't happen.)

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Edward said...

Not gonna lie. that's all kinds of awesome that you now and quote that video. And a bit a sexy.... Spent pretty much all of college quoting and requoting that video. That video is a classic Powered by Blogger.
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