May 2, 2011

Question Box

While I might seem like the most unlikely, out of control, un-together person on the planet, I do happen to get quite a few emails from people asking for advice.  75% are about beauty related blunders or what my nighttime skincare regimen consists of (take a seat if you want to hear that one), and the other 25% are people asking me to help them with their blog.

First off, cheers to that.  I appreciate that you find me as someone who knows what they're doing with my blog.  Fact of the matter is I don't.  I know how I like it designed and I know how to write... and I suppose that is all you need.  The fact of the matter though is that I cannot teach you these things.  If you cannot write, if your posts are dull and hard to follow, if you have no "voice" to your writing, you're pretty much doomed when it comes to a blog, because let's be honest here, we read blogs to be entertained or feel connected.  If we are reading something and within the first paragraph we're like, "What the hell are they talking about?" or "That pun didn't even make sense," or we can't comprehend the general gist of what they're saying... you can count us as someone who won't loyally follow, or someone who only reads to see what kind of disaster has been posted.  

Now about design.  Well, templates are great dates, but HTML is the one to marry.  If you can teach yourself HTML or CSS and have some idea about graphic design, you can go really far with how your blog looks and feels to your readers.  If you have no idea about color templates and what looks good/what looks heinous, stick to those trusty templates provided to you by Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumblr.

I can go on and on, but I'll also just send you to this post that I put up in December.  It seemed to help a lot of you because it wasn't just how to write or what colors to make your blog.  It gives (rather good, thank you) information about social media and promoting you blog.  Great example?  If you publish a post at night, don't start promoting it until the next day.  (If you're trying to make a living off your blog, this is a no no.  If you want to potentially make a living off your blog, it's still a no no.  If your blog is therapeutic and you don't give a rat's who reads it, ignore this.) I see this all the time when I'm on Twitter and I'm thinking in my head that impending doom for the post is around the corner.  Your readership will not be as great at night because most internet users spend their time online during the peak hours of 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. and then maybe around 7:00 p.m.  If you promote a blog post more than once, it's irritating and you can lose followers and readership.  I learned that lesson real quick when I first started!

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